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Requiem for Elvira

a real contribution to human history.

Scarface Tribute

Scarface trailer / tribute video

Al Pacino On Receiving the Italia Legend Award

StarCam was at the Los Angeles, Italia Film, Fashion & Art Festival, and we chatted with Al Pacino about being honored by the Italian film community, and his new movie “Stand Up Guys”, and what his favorite moment from his career so far has been.


Its a Robot Chicken style animation and a cross between Scarface and Toy Story.

Greatest Quotes

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george lopez tony montana impersonation

"good evening ladies & gentlemen, or as tony montana would say, "fuck you! how's that? ok?" LOL

memorable scenes

scarface fuck

pelican fly

"pelican fly! come on pelican!"

no fucking kids

"well, you stupid fuck! look at you now!"