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Opinion by StarFireGirl4 posted over a year ago
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10. 3 is a magic number

It's a nice song and very helpful too, but It's just a little too laid back for my tastes

9. Mother Necessity

This was a nice song and very educational but I just didn't find it as interesting

8. Figure 8

This is a very pretty song and it did teach me a few tricks, but like I said I'm not a huge fan of songs that are calmer

7. Great American Melting pot

It was a very nice song and I really liked it,
but it also made me feel kinda sad because of the lesson it teaches. But it is still a good song.

6. Interplanet Janet

This really is a fun, interesting song and I really enjoy it

5. Telegraph line

This song is very fun to listen to and it has an interesting way of demoing the nervous syestem

4. Dollars and Sense

I have a liking for country music and this song was so catchy and upbeat it really helped me learn a little more about interest