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Where does Shaggy live?

 boomo posted over a year ago
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Melvin_Doo said:
According to my Scooby Doo trivia game, Shaggy lives on Maple Street, Coolsville.

Fred lives on Tuna Lane, Coolsville.

Velma lives at 316 Circle Drive, Coolsville.

I don't know where Daphne lives...=:p
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posted over a year ago 
I just found Daphne's address in my Scooby Doo trivia game, she lives on Easy Street, Coolsville. All the gangs' addresses are in Coolsville, ohio, USA. lol!
Melvin_Doo posted over a year ago
Wherever Shaggy lives Scoobyl lives. Shaggy lives on Carmal ST. in my Scooby Doo Book and Velma lives on Maple ST.
Harold342 posted over a year ago
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