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Guide by BlackSunshine posted over a year ago
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Michael Cera - Scott Pilgrim
Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Ramona Victoria Flowers
Kieran Culkin - Wallace Wells
Ellen Wong - Knives Chau
Alison Pill - Kim Pine
Mark Webber - Stephen Stills
Johnny Simmons - Young Neil
Chris Evans - Lucas Lee
Brandon Routh - Todd Ingram
Mae Whitman - Roxanne "Roxy" Richter
Jason Schwartzman - Gideon Gordon Graves
Satya Bhabha - Matthew Patel
Anna Kendrick - Stacey Pilgrim
Brie Larson - Natalie V. "Envy" Adams
Thomas Jane - Vegan Policeman #1
Clifton Collins Jr. - Vegan Policeman #2
Erik Knudsen - Luke "Crash" Wilson
Aubrey Plaza - Julie Powers
Tennessee Thomas - Lynette Guycott
Jean Yoon - Mrs. Chau

Review by BlackSunshine posted over a year ago
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[Waiting outside Knives' school.]
Wallace Wells: I do not want to be here at all.
Scott Pilgrim: This school has boys too.
Wallace Wells: [rolls eyes] Hate you. Even I would think twice about dating a seventeen year-old.
Scott Pilgrim: Well, she's only allowed out when the sun is up, so I wouldn't call it dating. It's more like...
Wallace Wells: Playtime?
Scott Pilgrim: That doesn't sound so good either.
Wallace Wells: No.
Knives Chau: Scott!
[Knives runs up to them both.]
Scott Pilgrim: Hey, Knives, this is Wallace Wells, my cool, gay roommate. He's gay.
Knives Chau: Hi. Do you want to know who in my class is gay?
Wallace Wells: Yes. Does he wear glasses?
Scott Pilgrim: Wallace, you go now. Begone.
Wallace Wells: [seizing Knives by the hands, intensely.] You're too good for him. Run. [walks away.]

Guide by BlackSunshine posted over a year ago
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I'll take you for a ride
On my garbage truck
Oh, no

I'll take you to the dump
'Cause you're my queen
I'll take you uptown
I'll show you the sites
You know you wanna ride
On my garbage truck
Truck, truck, truck

We'll pass the mansions by
Drive right through the needle's eye
Oh, my
My, my, my, my

I've got a stereo
You've just got to turn the knob
And maybe we'll go
As far as we can
I'll be your garbage man
I'll take out your junk
And I'll crush it down

Jesus in the rear view
And the highway patrol is up ahead
In my garbage truck

I'll never throw you away
When you're old and grey
We'll just roll it away