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Fan fiction by sariia14 posted over a year ago
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(that the begining,Sariia will met Scourge)
Sariia: *sit in dark alley and cry*
Scourge: *sees Sariia and walks to her* Hey sweet thang~ why are you crying?
Sariia: M-My boyfriend cheaed on me....*cry*
Scourge: *eyes widen* Woah! say what?! Come with me.
Sariia: *walks after Scourge*
Scourge: *picks her up and runs to a hotel*
in hotel
Sariia: *staring at him*
Scourge: So...see ya later babe~?
Sariia: See ya...wait...what is your name?
Scourge: Name's Scourge the hedgehog. Your's beautiful~?
Sariia: *blushes*My name is Sariia.....
Scourge: Well Sariia...*kisses her cheeck* See ya~ *winks at her and runs out of the hotel*
Sariia: *blushes and touch her cheek*Oh God......
Midnight: *flying and singing Running from this nightmare* Darkness strengths once again. I'm all alone it feels like the end...
Reala: *walks in town*Wow....hi there beautiful~
Midnight: *blushes and looks at Reala* uh...h-hi....
Fan fiction by Havanahedgehog posted over a year ago
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scourge:thoughts:hope everythin goes all right..ive been in this hospital for 3 hours come on monique u can do it.....*ears prick up*huh

dr.hamilton:welcome scourge as u can seee ive got news.....

scourge:*sweats a little*

dr.hamilton:congratulations u hav now becomen a father

scourge:OH MY FUCKING GOD PRAISE THA LORD*runs to the room*

dr hamilton:wha?????

scourge:*pushes nurse*get out of mah way bitch!!!


scourge:omg hey sexy!!!!*kisses monique*

monique:hey scourgey

scourge:whers the baby???

monique:shhhhh *puts her finger 2 his lips*he's sleeping

scourge:awwww he looks like u

monique:he has ur eyes blue as the clear sky

scourge:thought of name yet babe??


scourge:yea jakkob it is *kisses jakkobs forehead*

Fan fiction by Havanahedgehog posted over a year ago
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scourge:i cant belive its been six months now since uhhhhh
monique(massie):since ive been pregnat wit u
scourge:and we havent told anybody....
silver:hey momo and scourge
monique:hey silvy
silver:scourge told that ur pregnat
*sonic and shadow come in*
scourge:silver can u stay wit monique 4 a little bit...
silver:ya scourge
scourge:blue and black(not racist)come over hr
sonic:r u going 2 rape us???!!
scourge:hell no bitch
shadow:sooo wat were u going to tell us
scourge:*clears throat*six months ago me and monique wr doing our "buissnazzz"
sonic:not one of ur rape stories again
shadow:dam sonic y wanna feel momo's sexy body and.....
scourge:shut ur asses its not one of my rape stories its that monique is..... pregnat
Shadow:*jaw drops*HOLY SHIT U HAVENT TOLD US YET!!!!!!!!!!!DAMn SCOURGE
SCOURGE:YES ITS 4 REAL..and im happy