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How did the Series End? I never got to see those last six episodes.

 courtorbin posted over a year ago
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tushtush said:
Here are the key points from the last six episodes.
My Full Moon:
Elliot and Turk spent a night in the hospital together, scaring the interns. Elliot says that if she gets married and has a secure home life, she will leave medicine.
My Soul on Fire Part 1:
Janitor invites everyone to his wedding in the Bahamas to Lady. All of the couples get into fights. Elliot tells JD she loves him.
My Soul on Fire Part 2:
Janitor marries Lady, Bill Lawrence guest stars as the priest. The couples make up. JD tells Elliot he loves her.
My Cuz:
Sean is dating Kim. JD gets jealous of his connection with Sam, so decides to move to where Kim lives to be near his son. Turk fights with Perry to become Chief of Surgery, and gets the job.
My Chief Concern:
JD buys his house, 37 minutes away from Sacred Heart. JD gets offered a job as residency director at his local hospital, Saint Vincent's and he accepts. Turk and JD get into a fight, but make up. Turk deals with becoming Chief of Surgery, Ted and Gooch move in together, Dr Kelso decides to become a locum tenant (travelling doctor)
My Finale:
JD is saying good bye to everyone, but is upset when no one seems to care he's leaving. Dr Kelso leaves the hospital for good. JD and Elliot move in together. Carla and Turk give JD very emotional good byes. Perry finally admits he respects JD and thinks of him as an excellent doctor and a friend. He and JD hug. We find out that JD did put a penny in the door on his first day. Janitor's real name is Glen Mathews (though there is still some doubt about that one, as an orderly calls him Tony after he reveals his name.) As JD walks down the hallway for the last time, he sees the faces of all the people he has come to know, then sees a fantasy of his future projected on a screen outside the hospital. He sees himself and Elliot getting married and having a baby, Perry, Jordan, Carla, Turk, Elliot and him celebrating Christmas together in his old apartment. He sees Carla and Turk's new baby, he and Perry hugging again and Sam and Issy getting married. Then a man pulls down the screen (played by Bill Lawrence), and JD walks to his car and drives from Sacred Heart for the last time.
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posted over a year ago 
Oh my goah thank you!! that was a lot to type! thank you for taking the time!
courtorbin posted over a year ago
courtorbin posted over a year ago
thanks missed it all
kerouac posted over a year ago
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