Cox and J.D helping a patient
Scrubs has many unique personalities like the sex-obsessed Todd, The needy J.D or the protective Carla. However, there are two characters that everyone loves but they shouldn't because the make fun of J.D, the main character. They are Janitor and Dr. Cox and even though they are similar, they have different ways of teasing J.D.
Dr. Cox teases J.D by calling him girls names, ignoring J.D affection to him, such as never giving him a hug or denying that he is his mentor although he acknowledges it and saying how he doesn't care about J.D's personal life. The reason this seems O.K is that he does this to everybody on the show but he seems to be harsher on J.D than everybody else. One thing that is hugely different between these two people is J.D publically likes him. Cox likes him too although he doesn't want to admit it. For example, when Cox was in a devastating depression because he killed three patients. J.D comes through and tells him that he is proud of him because he takes it this hard when a tragedy occurs and thats the kind of doctor he wants to be. This was interesting considering that even Carla, which is Cox's closest relationship of the major characters, couldn't get him out of his depression. At the end of the episode he thanks J.D by calling him by his real name.
However Janitor thinks up of clever ways for his enjoyment to prank J.D and despise him deeply. My favorite prank he did was when he offered J.D pie and J.D was suspicious, not knowing it was a laxative. So, Janitor ate it himself to prove nothing was wrong, so J.D would eat the pie. we then see a scene where Janitor and J.D are in the stalls and Janitor saying it was worth it. Ever since J.D notice there was a penny in the door in the first episode, Janitor has got his revenge for the rest of the seasons. But every episode, he pranks differently sometimes he tells J.D how insulting he is or other times he makes long thought out plans just to pranks him. You never know what you will get with the Janitor.
Besides their ways to amuse themselves by making fun of J.D, they are actually pretty similar. I remember when Janitor met Cox at a bar and they find out they both don't like Kelso and J.D which the viewers know. Then when they are in the hospital, Janitor implies that being friends-friends aren't the same as work-friends when Cox tries to make conversation with him. but that's beside the point. As well, they both have the same sense of humor: crude and witty but they use it in different way. Janitor uses it for pranks and Cox does it verbally. But beside their techniques they clearly love to hate oJ.D
Janitor talking to J.D