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new website  scrubsmaster69 1 715 over a year ago
countdown to 9000 Fans !!!  rockandroll89 30 542 over a year ago
turk's t shirt  rypofosho 1 8471 over a year ago
Awards Ceremony  kathleen951015 3 312 over a year ago
LAST DAY TO VOTE!  kathleen951015 0 264 over a year ago
Robert Maschio (Todd) Interview  daramu 0 376 over a year ago
Countdown to 8000 Fans  rockandroll89 27 1379 over a year ago
Looking for Season 6 episodes 21 and 22  Artzilla 2 322 over a year ago
Vote! * Nominees also check this*  kathleen951015 2 262 over a year ago
Writers dropped the ball?  Khaled 29 3472 over a year ago
Scrubs Re-arrange Game (Props for 1st right answer)  Rock_Smurf_77 24 835 over a year ago
chat room  eric_eric 11 460 over a year ago
Last chance nominations (Scrubsies)  kathleen951015 12 370 over a year ago
hope no one minds  eric_eric 4 394 over a year ago
HUGE SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!  eric_eric 3 453 over a year ago
After Scrubs  DalekSec 5 480 over a year ago
The ABC website  DalekSec 2 359 over a year ago
Where's Turk?  kathleen951015 2 436 over a year ago
Anyone else happy Ed is fired?  MM_Waffle 2 1267 over a year ago
never mind lol  kathleen951015 0 224 over a year ago
Gleeful spammage of Quoi - Cartoon (funny)  Hidenothing 0 295 over a year ago
Re- Arrange Game  hamishblakefan 2 211 over a year ago
Help, autographs!  DizzyMcEgg 1 519 over a year ago
My scrubs fanfiction (Season 8 episode 1) Written by Me  oorosco 6 3513 over a year ago
CountDown to 7000 Fans  rockandroll89 37 562 over a year ago
Are ABC not showing unaired episodes of scrubs? :O  siss95 1 1178 over a year ago
does any one know where i can watch the new epi of scrubs?  kakajd22 2 283 over a year ago
Scrubs music  soundtrackfan 1 416 over a year ago
nickname game  eric_eric 30 768 over a year ago
"My Cookie Pants"  DalekSec 0 367 over a year ago
Lifesize cutout  jdrolls 0 1848 over a year ago
Am I the only one?  weah 4 464 over a year ago
So Scrubs is back....  shoom 4 486 over a year ago
Countdown to 6500 fans  scrubslove93 33 932 over a year ago
NEW SEASON TOMARROW!!!  l3371 3 256 over a year ago
What would J.D. do?  kathleen951015 12 1060 over a year ago
JD and Elliot  benji 30 7743 over a year ago
Elliot is hot! Vote now!  bartje006 1 419 over a year ago
Do You Have Plans To Watch Other Shows After Scrubs Is Over And What Are They  eric_eric 7 1684 over a year ago
Contribution - Helping each other  nandacavalieri 112 1533 over a year ago
The Janitor : The Greatest Character  eric_eric 2 382 over a year ago
Merry Christmas Everybody  eric_eric 0 409 over a year ago
Scrubs By Numbers  hooch-is-crazy 11 624 over a year ago
Jack Cox  janitorsrox 4 832 over a year ago
why don't people comment on guestiojns, imean if you are taking a quiz and you find a good question you should comment on it  eric_eric 0 203 over a year ago
Best Episode  tvman 34 8230 over a year ago
Perry's Perspective  scrubslove93 4 2797 over a year ago
What were your best moments in medicine: Favorite scrubs moments  eric_eric 0 354 over a year ago
After a Scrubs clip (With JD)  Sgray 2 521 over a year ago
If scrubs makes it to season 9  kshay_panda1 9 443 over a year ago
Do you play?  mrjake2002 1 312 over a year ago
J.D.'s getting way too girly for me  scrubsfan12345 3 390 over a year ago
Your Opinions on the other Dimensions of Scrubs...  jDorian 0 356 over a year ago
Scrubs Role Play Game!!!  kathleen951015 80 3023 over a year ago
funny deleted scene  vilenadonton 0 371 over a year ago
Possible Scrubs convention....  DougInman 1 1027 over a year ago
JD and Elliot. Meant for each other or not?  snoznoodle 15 2294 over a year ago
When you can find scrubs on tv  scrubslove93 1 230 over a year ago
A place to grieve....  tushtush 3 337 over a year ago
Watch Every episode of scrubs online  shoom 0 1383 over a year ago
Watch online Scrubs - The Complete 2nd Seasons  minhleu 0 4298 over a year ago
SEASON 7!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!....please?!  iluvtheoffice12 0 220 over a year ago
HELP ME!!!!  patrickf220 3 360 over a year ago
And the network censors missed...  tdawgpb 5 11642 over a year ago
Scrubs Music  soundtrackfan 0 434 over a year ago
Season 3 Episode 16 - My Butterfly  rwonc 0 7170 over a year ago
What would Perry do?  kathleen951015 3 339 over a year ago
who is your favorite charecter and why  denny 15 1030 over a year ago
HOLY COX!  DalekSec 0 365 over a year ago
Scrubs Forum  superjake2004 2 466 over a year ago
What would Bob-O do?  kathleen951015 5 381 over a year ago
Funzee  furryewok 0 766 over a year ago
Who said that?  hooch-is-crazy 107 3535 over a year ago
Bonus Scrubs episode- to pass the time.  tushtush 37 2506 over a year ago
Three word game  emuu 24 663 over a year ago
Episodes you didn't care for? (shocker i know)  kshay_panda1 3 318 over a year ago
Who wants to visit the set of Scrubs?  darlenelieblich 0 450 over a year ago
Countdown to 5000 Fans  rockandroll89 97 1855 over a year ago
Carla and Turk's baby  jenbidois 2 2212 over a year ago
Scrubs Helps me through my depression  supercybergeek 2 439 over a year ago
Ask Zach, Sarah or Donald anything!  alicelattey 12 425 over a year ago
Top five episodes?  kshay_panda1 4 363 over a year ago
The name of the second dog?  babybell 2 1545 over a year ago
Is It Just Me?  goalstopper 2 1015 over a year ago
SPOILER!!!!!!! EW Ausielllo Files: Live Press Tour Diary Day 2: Scrubs Panel  babybell 2 614 over a year ago
DOWNLOAD ALL SCRUBS EPISODES -HERE-  arjiparji 0 724 over a year ago
Couples Game  kathleen951015 6 421 over a year ago
Season 8!!!  Legenda 17 3098 over a year ago
Plea to all scrubs fans  dwarfega 7 613 over a year ago
PEOPLE VISIT THE SCRUBS SET AND GET AN AUTOGRAPHED SCRIPT!!  superfanscrubs 2 462 over a year ago
Scrubs vending machine game  cara-girl 40 1362 over a year ago
I'm searching for dedicated photographies (friend's birthday)  Jul436 0 281 over a year ago
For UK fans mainly! but if you want to come from afar, feel free!  DougInman 9 472 over a year ago
the ways that scrubs can scare you  ElLoWmOnKeYaY 3 359 over a year ago
scripts season 7  andre85 0 1382 over a year ago
The Scrubs Survival Game  R-S-Lee 71 6051 over a year ago
Mystery epidode?  evo8 6 456 over a year ago
Job decider  mega-boy39 3 1701 over a year ago
callbacks  amalthia67 3 759 over a year ago
They cant let it end  Josh028 11 619 over a year ago