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Season 1, Episode 1: My First Day
On his first day at the Sacred Heart Hospital new Intern J.D realizes that being a doctor is a whole lot different and harder than he actually thought. At the end he finds out that people are not always what they seem to be at first, for example Dr Kelso who did act nice is actually a complete Jerk and mean Dr Cox is actually a good guy.
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Season 1, Episode 2: My Mentor
J.D. tries to get to know Dr. Cox, but is rebuffed. Turk actively pursues Carla and succeeds through candor where swagger and machismo have failed. Elliot gets on the wrong side of Carla. J.D. tries to convince his patient to quit smoking.
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Season 1, Episode 3: My Best Friend's Mistake
J.D, convinced that one of his patients is sick as a result of misconduct on Turk's behalf, questions not only his (Turk's) abilities as a surgeon but their friendship also. Elliot feels disrespected by Dr. Kelso after he refers to her as 'sweetheart' during rounds. In the meantime, J.D. misses his chance to kiss Elliot after being interrupted by Dr. Cox, leaving him 48 hours to get the kiss, in the fear that they will end up as just friends. Will he make it in time?
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Season 1, Episode 4: My Old Lady
The whole crew learn their share about death when JD takes care of an old woman ready to die, Elliot and Carla watch over a woman who can't speak English, and Turk becomes too close with a patient.
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Season 1, Episode 5: My Two Dads
While J.D. continues to misinterpret Dr. Cox, Elliot discovers parts of her body may have magical healing properties. Turk tries to woo Carla but she may not be as impressed with his gift as he thinks she should be.
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Season 1, Episode 6: My Bad
J.D. is assigned to look after a difficult, but beautiful, member of Sacred Heart's Board. Her ties to the hospital may not be the only thing that makes it difficult to treat her. Meanwhile Carla freaks out after her mother in injured when she left her to spend the night with Turk.
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Season 1, Episode 7: My Super Ego
J.D. has a nemesis, Dr. Murdoch. Turk lies to Carla about freezing in surgery.
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Season 1, Episode 8: My Fifteen Minutes
J.D. and Turk save local TV cameraman and become local heroes. J.D. embraces it, but Turk finds all the attention uncomfortable.
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Season 1, Episode 9: My Day Off
It's Thanksgiving at Sacred Heart and J.D. is diagnosed with appendicitis. Dr. Cox tries to gain the attention of his former mentor, and former chief of medicine, Dr. Benson. Meanwhile, Elliot tries to become a 'warmer' doctor towards her patients.
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Season 1, Episode 10: My Nickname
J.D. and Carla struggle as cracks appear in their friendship. Turks battles Kelso for a prime lunch spot and Cox and Elliot disagree over the discharging, or not, of a patient.
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Season 1, Episode 11: My Own Personal Jesus
It is Christmas time and no one except Turk feels like celebrating. Cox gets J.D. to video the birth of a friends baby, and once again, nothing seems to go right!
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Season 1, Episode 12: My Blind Date
J.D. is helping Cox reach a 24hour goal without losing one patient. Trouble is, a woman slipped in the hospital and Kelso demands J.D. give her personal attention so she won't sue. Cox is also busy with his record breaking attempt to give Elliot the attention she craves.
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Season 1, Episode 13: My Balancing Act
Between the ever increasing pages from the Hospital, J.D. and Alex can't seem to find a moment to be together, stifling their growing romance.
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Season 1, Episode 14: My Drug Buddy
Some pain killers have gone missing and Alex and Elliot argue over where they may have ended up. Turk discovers Cox may have inappropriate feelings for Carla.
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Season 1, Episode 15: My Bed Banter & Beyond
After spending a glorious day in bed together, J.D and Elliot expect to be able to keep their new romance a secret. But this is Sacred Heart and nothing is as it seems.
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Season 1, Episode 16: My Heavy Meddle
Carla makes it her mission to give a coma patient his wishes. Turk tries to get J.D and Elliot back together while J.D. looks after Cox as he loses control.
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Season 1, Episode 17: My Student
JD, Elliot, and Turk each get new students, and they each face difficulties.
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Season 1, Episode 18: My Tuscaloosa Heart
J.D. struggles to treat a horrible patient. Elliot tries to confirm her suspicions that Kelso might be a rock and roll star. Cox finds himself torn between 3 women.
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Season 1, Episode 19: My Old Man
The parents of the interns descend on Sacred Heart. Elliot is embarrassed by hers and Turk worries over how well his Mom and Carla get on. J.D. wishes his father was more of a father.
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Season 1, Episode 20: My Way or the Highway
Elliot falls for a patient who won't take the hint and ask her out. J.D. is frustrated by Turk's competitive nature.
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Season 1, Episode 21: My Sacrificial Clam
Elliot finally has a boyfriend, but her relationship starts to get in the way of her internship. J.D. gets stuck by a needle and worries he may have contracted Hepatitis B.
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Season 1, Episode 22: My Occurrence
When Jordan's Brother, Ben, comes in for a medical exam, Dr. Cox reveals his more compassionate side and J.D. must reluctantly deliver the bad news about Ben's health.
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Season 1, Episode 23: My Hero
Ben's diagnosis sends shock waves throughout the staff at Sacred Heart. Surprisingly Cox is the man keeping everyone afloat.
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Season 1, Episode 24: My Last Day
It is the last day of J.D., Elliot and Turks intern year. Elliot makes a big decision while everyone else tried to get a patient without insurance a life-saving operation. Jordan takes it upon herself to let everyone know exactly what has been going on this year.
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