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AkiUsagi said …
Ah! Happy late birthday Se7en Oppa! Posted over a year ago
Nima9 said …
*****HAPPY BIRTHDAY SE7EN***** 11/9/2012 Posted over a year ago
girlygirly45 said …
everyone hands up everyone hands up digital bounce digital sound digital x welcome digital world Posted over a year ago
niny_5 said …
900 fans! Posted over a year ago
chawrash said …
hi fans please vote for seven or the best

Posted over a year ago
sasuke106 commented…
se7en is the best he rocl guys better tohether over a year ago
chawrash commented…
i know .. he is just so awesome over a year ago
big smile
chawrash said …
niga saranghaneun somebody else....nan yogi soinneunde..yeah
love that song Posted over a year ago
Kang_YoungMi said …
I'm glad se7en is back..
His 4 year hiatus was just unbearable! ><
Posted over a year ago
sweetbee35 said …
Hey >_<
I have recently found a new K-pop site called Gurupop.
They had a well made separate fan club for SE7EN,
and when I joined it, I have received a really cool fan club card.
LOOOOOOL I think you guys should go check it out too.
link lol !
Posted over a year ago
DrumsNBassBaby said …
Love you Choi Dong Wook! Posted over a year ago
yoon_hak9 said …
sooooo HOT <3 Posted over a year ago
MIZU-LUV commented…
ikr over a year ago
gaaralover101 said …
YAAAAAAAY I <3 SE7EN HE DA BEST EVER :) <3 Posted over a year ago
botdflover523 said …
the weird thing is tht i always thought that se7en was japenese but hes really mexican Posted over a year ago
gaaralover101 commented…
lolz he is korean over a year ago
shammie commented…
Cala108 Oh really i want to meet him he's hot over a year ago
MIZU-LUV commented…
lolz me 222 over a year ago
DrumsNBassBaby commented…
Mexican??? LOL oh boy.... it's ok, everyone makes mistakes. over a year ago
gaaralover101 said …
se7en is the best artist ever!!!! love the song i know and better together Posted over a year ago
fivers said …
Posted over a year ago
Shunron said …
I've made a new spot for "YG Entertainment"... Do you like Big Bang, 2NE1, SE7EN, 1TYM(Teddy), ect. Then join! =D
link Posted over a year ago
no0ona said …
I have a new spot ^^
for a new cool korean group !! ^o^
called "Touch" !!!! =)
thats the link..
check it out and join if u like ^-^
hope u like it ... Thaaanx ^^ <3 (= Posted over a year ago
Minami-zan said …
Se7en...., what a talented and good-looking guy you are!...., I have watched some of your performances! OMG... congratulations for your comeback after three years...., good luck to your new songs, I like it! Posted over a year ago