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True Facts About The Mantis Shrimp

Killer Whales Have An Emotional Layer To Their Brain That Humans Do Not-Carol Ray/Samantha Berg

Our Most Emotional Moment With A Killer Whale by Carol Ray & Samantha Berg

We'd Like SeaWorld To Improve Living Conditions For Their Killer Whales-Carol Ray/Samantha Berg

How You Can Make A Difference In The Lives Of Killer Whales by Carol Ray & Samantha Berg

BLACKFISH Is Easier To Watch Than THE COVE by Gabriela Cowperthwaite & Jeffrey Ventre

The First Time I Looked Into The Eyes Of A Killer Whale by Gabriela Cowperthwaite & Jeffrey Ventre

SeaWorld Repeatedly Declined Invitations To Appear In Our Movie BLACKFISH


Giant Pacific Octopus

Giant Clams

Whale and Calf

Humpback Whale - Hunting Technique

Great White Shark in Hawaii

Shark Swimming Towards Scuba Divers

Plush Seal at CuddleWorks

Stuffed Animal Shark

Cuddly Plush Penguin

A day at Kemah Boardwalk: Stingray feeding

YouTube - A walking scorpionfish

YouTube - Eagle vs. Sea Snake

YouTube - Fast Focus on the Environment - Recent Ban on Caviar

YouTube - free sturgeon

YouTube - The little mermaid series - Aqua we belong to the sea

Coral Garden, Tulamben, Bali

YouTube - Shark vs Octopus

YouTube - Diving Sipadan

YouTube - NOVA | Kings of Camouflage | Meet the Cuttlefish | PBS

Blue Lagoon Bali

YouTube - Discus fish eating from my hand.

YouTube - discus fish breeding part 1

YouTube - (New) Scooter Dragonet breeding behavior

YouTube - Tiger Jawfish Eating

YouTube - Baby Sea Turtle Hatches

YouTube - Baby Sea Turtle Hit the Blue


YouTube - An Eye-Opening Look at the Manatee

Ocean Rescues: Risso's Dolphin Rescue

YouTube - Pilot Whales Feed Calf

YouTube - Dolphin birth at Vallarta Adventures

YouTube - Amazon Brasil

Save the Grey Nurse Shark

YouTube - Nurse Shark Marathon Florida Keys

YouTube - Baiji Dolphin: Extinct

YouTube - Captain Paul Watson debates Céline Hervieux-Payette (Part 2)

YouTube - Captain Paul Watson debates Céline Hervieux-Payette (Part 1)

YouTube - Shark walking

Feeding Habits of the Giant Stingray

YouTube - Flying Fish

YouTube - Global Warming Documentary from (2007)

YouTube - Smart Orcas

YouTube - Orca slaps the crap out of a Seal

YouTube - meeting a wild seahorse

YouTube - Seahorse gives birth

YouTube - Belize Giant Turtle

YouTube - Tierney Thys: Swim with giant sunfish in the open ocean

YouTube - Leopard sharks at Byron Bay

YouTube - Leopard Shark

YouTube - Whale Shark

YouTube - Great White Sharks

YouTube - BBCWorldwide: Born/Wild Outhwaite:Swimming with Dolphins

YouTube - Underwater Creature Camouflage

YouTube - Bottlenose Dolphins Are Mean