Johnny, and the British spies returned to the building where Commander Kane was waiting.

Narrator: With the flash drive I found from the guy I killed, me and everyone else could hopefully learn more about what we were about to face.

Episode 8: The Mole

Johnny: *Walks into a big room with the British spies. There are thirteen other people, including Commander Kane*
Commander Kane: Johnny, glad to see you're safe.
Johnny: Thank you sir. *Hands him the flash drive* Hopefully we'll figure out what that guy wanted.

Special guest stars

Daniel Radcliffe as Mark Henderson
Jeremy Clarkson as Lewis King
Rhys Davies as Derek O'Rourke

Commander Kane: *Puts the flash drive in a laptop, plugged into a projector* Let's see what we got. *Looks at the screen, and sees a list of names*

Monica Cruz as Debbie Alameda
Eddie Redmayne as Benjamin Jefferson

MI6 Agent 95: Good god, that's a list of our agents!
MI6 Agent 73: What did the person look like? The one that you were chasing?
Johnny: White skin, black hair, and blue eyes. I believe I saw a security camera when we were doing our training. It was close to the area where he stole the car with explosives.
Commander Kane: Let's go take a look.

The four of them walked into a room where they could replay the footage from the security camera.

Johnny: *Looking at the man* Does he look familiar to any of you?
MI6 Agent 73: No.
MI6 Agent 95: Afraid not.
Johnny: There's gotta be something we can find that can give us a clue. What brand is the flash drive from?
Commander Kane: I believe it was from a new company in Spain called Gran Memoria.
MI6 Agent 73: Gran Memoria?
Johnny: That's Spanish for Big Memory. Now I maybe wrong, but something tells me that we can find a couple of clues over at their company.
Commander Kane: I'll get some documents set up for you.
MI6 Agent 95: You can't go alone. The question is, who can go with you?
MI6 Agent 73: It'll be difficult to find someone we can trust.
Johnny: Not quite. If you're suggesting to send someone from your organization, I know a few guys you can count on. I've worked with them in the past, and I know they can be trusted.

2 B Continued