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Sebastian and Claude
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian Michaelis
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The fans pick: SEBASTIAN!!!! no one can be a better servant
SEBASTIAN!!!! no one can be a better servant
A beautiful maid...
The fans pick: Sebastian!!!
The fans pick: SEBASTIAN
The fans pick: I'm a Sebastian Lover XD
I'm a Sebastian Lover XD
I'm a Sebaastian fangirl
The fans pick: Sebastian
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Sebastian Michaelis Wall

KissKissHannah said …
I feel awesome. I liked him before I even liked Black Butler! <3 Posted 1 month ago
BLW said …
I am personally appalled by what I am seeing here on Sebastian's wall. In all the time that I have been here I have never once seen something that has made me so embarrassed to be a member of this club. The comments made by secretlife98 are abusive to the fans here and serve no purpose other than to illicit fighting. By responding to these comments, nothing is served but to offer attention and credibility to this ridiculousness. Posted 1 month ago
BLW commented…
Anyone who actually wishes to do something of true benefit, delete your comments and report these posts and potentially the user as well. Understand that in twenty four hours from this posting, I and others from this club will be doing precisely that to anything remaining. Enough is enough! 1 month ago
KissKissHannah commented…
I never did anything embarrassing. (I did on the Random club but not on here!) 1 month ago
blackpanther666 commented…
Because it's you, and I hate it when people act immature like that, I'm gonna add my support and agree whole-heartedly with you about this. Comments like the one below are nothing but a pointless bid for attention to a person with nothing better to do in their life but go out of their way to project their negativity and failure to understand others and their loves and likes. Shame on them! 22 days ago
secretlife98 said …
Justin bieber would beat Sebastian AnyDay! and hundreds of people agree with me Posted 1 month ago
SelenicSoul7 commented…
I don't and never will 1 month ago
ravissa commented…
Holy shit, wtf?! a beliber on Sebby's wall?! get lost! 1 month ago
IllusionDolls commented…
I consulted secretlife on their wall and requested their respect toward us fans of anime and, of course, Sebastian. Their response made it clear that not only will they not compromise, but as I suspected, are only here to elicit a negative reaction from us for their own amusement. (I thought there wouldn't be any harm in at least giving negotiation a try, though.) My proceeding action was trying to lighten the mood on this post right here with a silly and lighthearted jab toward JB and in Sebby's favor, and no one got the message. That being said, it has been established that attacking them will only do bad for your own reputation on this website and your proclamations are only giving them personal satisfaction. I think you should read what BLW said on the top of the wall. ~ 1 month ago