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Article by victoria475 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
When i was younger, I developed a fondness of mermaids and so did my best friend (Claire aka Brenna). We decided to do a little home movie about how we magically turned into mermaids when we touched water because of a star(we used one of those video camera's where you can't delete or edit scenes). When we made this film, we didn't have real tails or anything, just a sheet of green fabric. A while later, my sister (you may know her as Tess) got bored so she decided to see if she could find a mermaid tail for sale. She couldn't find a cheap one though, so we decided to make our own. After we made the tail (which took a couple of tries until we finally got it right) my sister wanted to find an underwater camera so we could film it. After she purchased one, we filmed the tail and put it up on youtube. I then got a comment from someone saying that I should make a series. So I filmed a short, badly produced episode calling the series "Secret Life of a Mermaid". I didn't think much would come of this show, but I kept getting comments asking if there was going to be more episodes. So, I produced more and then I decided to get my friend from the original movie to co-star in my series. We...