People have been wondering all over the internet if 'Sekirei' will be continuing their progress on the Anime with a Season 3. Well, I have done some research and this is what things look like:

This problem happened with the transition between Seasons 1 and 2 when the anime caught up too quickly to the manga itself, and Sekirei had to post-pone production on the series in order for the Manga to keep ahead.

On a Note, on average, it takes 6 Months in order to produce 10 Chapters of the Manga version of 'Sekirei.' Now because the anime skipped a few chapters, there was a long wait between seasons. It took TWO YEARS for Season 2 to be release, so by the same logic, it will most likely take the same amount of time for Season 3 to come about.

We're looking at a time of about 1 to 1 1/2 year(s) for the next season to come out. I know this is bad news, but at the very least you can keep reading the Manga enthusiastically until it is released!

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