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Opinion by BreShawn posted 1 month ago
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Do people have to look at this?
Here's the pic morph.

Selena was cute! Justin needed improvement in some categories.

After dating for a while, the bad begins

Justin got tired of angelic Selena and tried to mold the sweet dough.

It didn't work, so he decided to punish her.

Sorry, Justin Bieber fans! But, it's just my opinion. I don't mean to offend others.
News by snehashis posted 4 months ago
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Review by PandaBear1799 posted 5 months ago
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Justin before dating Selena and dating her he was a good man, caring,sweet,etc! After dating Selena he turned bad! WHO DID THE! SELENA! He grew up to be honest.! Keep thinking.... Justin is bad? Think about him before dating her.... Think about how she dresses...... Think about what I said. Why is the boy the bad guy! It can be girls too! Let's think back when he wasn't dating her.. Amazing,good,caring,sweet, etc! So think about it... What do you think about it know?
Answer these:

1) Have you change how you think about Justin?

2) Have you change your look on Selena?

3) Is it Justin really the bad guy?

Aswer in the comments!! ~PandaBear1799