Sel In pool<3
Here's My 1st Article!!!
Part 1!
In This You'll See Rare Pics About Her(Really rare pics!!) & Stuff Like:Her Fav Colour etc.....
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Selly's #1 Fan,

Fav Things:

1)Fav Colour:Digital green
2)Fav Snack:Pickles
3)Fav Shoes:Converse
4)Fav Candies: Snickers and Good & Plenty
5)Fav Bands:Paramore,Fall Out Boy
6)Fav Song To Sing:Rockstar by Hannah Montana
7)Fav Pizza Toppings:Cheese,Mushrooms & Jalapenos
8)Fav Sport:Basketball
9)Fav School Subject:Science

(I'm Not Sure If Some Of These Are Her Fav Things & Now,If They're Not I'm So Sorry)

More In The Next Part!!!!

(Sorry If You Have Seen The Pics)
And Now The Pics:
Sel Screms(She Is Selena)
Sel & David<3
Sel & Friend<33
Sel & Fans<3
Sel & Taylor<3
Sel With A Boy (So Luckyy)
Sel With The Scene<33