As we previously reported, Selena Gomez got inked this week and the 19-year-old chatted with Celebuzz about her new body art last night at the Women in Film cocktail party in West Hollywood. Not only did SelGo clear the air on what she actually got tattooed on her right wrist (it turns out it’s not a heart!), but she also dished about her experience going under the tattoo gun.

So was it painful for the singer?

“Yes and no,” Selena told us about the tattooing experience. “I was really scared but I got a little one.”

“I was a pansy so I’m good for now for a while,” she added.

Selena also explained about her new tat, which is actually a small music note than what shop owner Louie Gomez previously reported on his Twitter.

“It’s a music note,” she told E! Online. “Everybody thought it was a heart, but it’s a little music note.”

“I was named after a singer and music obviously is a big influence for me,” Gomez explained. “And there’s music stuff with my mom that means a lot to me, too.”