Seohyun Girls Generation &* Picture Hunt Game Hyun Version *& ~!! Ready for hunt 1 !!~

ary_aunova posted on Dec 02, 2011 at 10:50PM
I've seen this game in other clubs in wich I'm part of and they are very cool.
The game is something like this:
I request a picture, for example: a picture of Seohyun in Oh! and the first person to found it posts it, requestin' for another pic. Makesure that every picture you post MUST have Seohyun.

Lets start the game!!
Now, i request Seohyun wearing a hat!

1. Everytime you participate you get 1 prop.
2. Best picture(s) will get 3 props.
3. Best hunter( the one who participate the most) when the game closed and i will award him or her additional 13 props + props for his/her times of participation.
4. I'll also participate.

Current ranking :

1. yen_snsd9 (6 props)
2. seomates_s0ne9 (4 props)
3. princess89, eM0_snsd9 (3 props)
4. kippyGirl, Misaki-Chan-x33, eyna_snsd9s0ne, _boiceluvsone_ (2 props)
5. sooyoungsters09, winkyGirl45, snp5454 (1 prop)

*correct me if i'm wrong!!
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