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Article by zutaradragon posted over a year ago
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UFO after crash?
many conspiracy theories have been said about this particular event....but that's NOT what i mean when i ask...
not at all. my question is...do u believe in this simple fact....paranormal activity sparked and jumped around 9/11
Mothman was sighted and before, during, and after the attack. now....Mothman shows up before many tragities. most notibly, before the silver bridge collapse but also before, during, and after a few major tsunamis. Mothman, in this case, was called the "Shifting Bird" but anyone who knows it will tell you it was him there. he's not the cause....on the contrary, he was the warning.
Bigfoot sightings went through the roof around the time of 9/11 as well.
there were many phsycic predictions as well....from all over the world, in fact, all saying this would happen. in fact.....i had a dream the night before (and i was 5) that there was a huge fire and a plane crash. i woke up in a sweat....cos i could feel the fire around me.
UFOs were spotted constantly around the WTC and even the Pentagon.
Article by Emmett4ever posted over a year ago
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10 Years. 10 long years have passed since that fateful day. 10 years filled with pain, sorrow, anger and sometimes even fear. It started with one person and one group. Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. It started with trying to "knock America off it's high pedestal". To show us we were not invulnerable. But all that did was bring us closer. It didnt matter what age you were, what race, the religion you belonged to, on that day we watched as loved ones perished and others survived. We heard the horrifying and chilling phone calls from the planes and from the towers. Our bubble was broken and reality began to set in. We went to work and to school with tears in our eyes and fear in our hearts. We were pushed down but now 10 years later we are standing back up. We are showing the world that America though injured badly will recover. Maybe not fully but we have recorvered. 10 years later we are standing on our feet showing we are stronger than we appear. 10 years later we still mourn the loss of our loved ones. 10 years later the two bright lights signify that we may fall but we will rise. On September 11th of this year all of us will stand at Ground Zero, watching the tears of family...
Opinion by Emmett4ever posted over a year ago
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This is the end of Americas' innocence, and a loss in all of our hearts.
With all of our grievings this is where the war starts.

The whole world stopped on the 11th of september.
With all of americas' victims we always shall remember.
We are a whole nation that is in mourning.
Those who took part in this deplorable act should heed our warning.
We always will remember what happened to the world trade towers.
Those who perpertrated this horror messed with the strongest world powers.
We will not go quietly into that good night.
As for all of us Americans we have to unite.
We can not be pulled apart by our petty differences any longer.
We have to pull together and then that will make us stronger.