This is just my opinion, but I really think that Dan and Serena cannot be in a plausible relationship in the future and thus cannot possibly be endgame by the time this show wraps. I ship Nate and Serena, obviously, but let's get down to rational points about why I am making the above discernment.

Dan and Serena, I have to admit, were semi-epic and sweet in season 1. As much as I hate to say it, I did enjoy a lot of their scenes as they really echoed what it is like to be in love in high school. To have that kind of relationship that is young and tender and all-comsuming but also blind and irrational at times. The star-crossed theme to their romance and the build-up to their most memorable moments were pretty exciting and well-written, from a non-shipper, purely for entertainment point of view.

But, that was high school. This is now. Dan and Serena no longer have those feelings for each other and it is quite obvious. They may have dormant emotions lying under the surface, but that is purely because they were each other's first real relationships and they seem to keep each other in the back-burner as an interim between other people.

It seems that most people that ship Dan and Serena are stuck in the past and have not come to realize that these two, and the circumstances surrounding them, have changed and these changes have resulted in major barriers that no relationship can possibly overcome. Even on a nonsensical and outlandish show such as Gossip Girl. Case in point, Rufus and Lily being together. Though, they are not siblings by blood (as is the argument of DS shippers) they are still considered family because their parents are married. They are step-siblings. They share an actual brother. Even if Serena may not have the best common sense in the world, even she should be able to see how intrinsically gross that is.

The fact that Dan has not only had feelings, or still has feelings, for Blair, Serena's best friend, and was briefly, or is still, embarking on whatever it was he was trying to do with Charlie, Serena's cousin, shows that he does not really care about Serena. Also, who can forget the sex-thing he had with Georgina? Even after he knew what she did to Serena and how she tried to worm her way into his life by pretending to be someone else, he still slept with her. From the beginning, Dan has been the moral compass of the show and has seemed to be the voice of reason. Though he may have become embroiled in the dalliances and schemes of the UES as of late, he would still have some sense of this character and if he really did care for Serena, the ladies I just spoke of would have been completely off limits to him.

Though I know that Derena shippers, if they were to read this article, would suggest arguments to the contrary, my points are still logical and rooted in fact. Although Gossip Girl tends to sway on the side of the unrealistic, if all these things are considered, there still be would be no way that Derena can be endgame.

Though NS may not be endgame as well, as it seems that the shows writers only really care about Chair and none of the other characters so who knows what will happen with these two, at least I can rest assured on the fact that if Derena were to end up together, that it would have to be by some extremely convoluted and nonsensical chain of events that would completely undermine everything they have done through all these seasons. Thus, undermining their relationship as well. If I can’t have NS or even van der Baizen (my second choice for GG endgame), I would be happy enough with this.

Though, like I said, this is GG and who knows what the writers will come up with next season...

Anyway, just my two cents. Thoughts?