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Serena and Nate Videos

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Gossip Girl-Nerena or Serenate

You are so beautiful; a mega fancy serenate!

The Best of Brucas, Chair & SereNate Contest! Results are in!!!!

Gossip girl : serena and nate

Serena and Nate - Your eyes

I belong to you//Serena+Nate (for contest)[MSC]

Serena & Nate

Serena & Nate Did you miss me

Serena/Nate/Blair-You Belong With Me

serena & nate * your love's a drug

Serena and Nate Can Really Use a Wish Right Now

Serena and Nate Lovestory

Serena and Nate-I'm Waiting Here

Serena & Nate {LoveLikeWoah}

Serena And Nate-That's why i love you

Dawson and Joey//Serena and Nate-The last Goodbye(collab with Alicia)

Serena & Nate-Are you gonna be my.........

Serena and Nate (and Dan) - Unfaithful

Nate or Dan for Serena

Serena and Nate Apologize (Must Watch)

Nate/Serena - Pretty Girl (The Way)

Serena & Nate Drop in the Ocean

Nate and Serena

Nate and Serena [hottest scenes together]

STOLE MY HEART [serena/nate]

Nate & Serena- Just stay with me


Lucas - Peyton // Nate - Serena

Collab Mash-Up Vol.3 [contains ns]

Nate&Serena - The Only Exception!

Multi-Fandom || Meant to be (23 couples)

Multifandom-Couples // May I ♥

Under the gun│Multicouples [contains NS]

Serena|Nate vs. Blair|Chuk Testing

NS test/preview

Nate & Serena || Love You Forever [lea's wish]

Serena/Nate - Powerful love story

Nate & Serena - You know I'd always come for you

Multifandom Collab || Your Love Is A Song [contains NS]

Nate and Serena - "Of course I loved you..."

Nate & Serena || Even Angels Have Their Wicked Schemes

Nate & Serena//you know i love you

nate & serena | bedshaped

Nate&Serena ♥ Teenage Dream


Gossip Girl 4.09 The Witches of Bushwick Promo

Nate & Serena || Even Angels Have Their Wicked Schemes

multi-fandom | teenage dream [contains ns]

Gossip Girl - Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore Preview Clip

Gossip Girl 4x07 | War at the Roses | Nate offers to chaperon Serena at Blair's Birthday