THEODORE: Based on the Life and Case Files of Serial Killer Ted Bundy. Sounds like it has been done before, doesn't it?

...well, never like this!

THEODORE is the whole package, it has everything! It's a Historical Biography, a Psychological Thriller, a Detective Murder/Mystery, a Courtroom Drama, a Human-Interest Piece, and a Tragic Love Story.

Jan. 23rd, 1989 - the Florida State Prison. Dr. JAMES DOBSON, 50s, sits down for the interview of his career with infamous serial killer TED BUNDY, 40s, hours before his scheduled execution.

THEODORE is MONSTER meets ZODIAC with a slice of FROST/NIXON. Formed from the case files of Ted Bundy after extensive first hand location and archival research; THEODORE gives a true and comprehensive look at both the monster behind the man - and the man behind the monster. Woven within the spoken words of his last testament lies the true story of Theodore Robert Bundy. Together, James and Ted unravel the mystery through a lifelong journey. From conception, to rejection; bloodlust to rebirth. THEODORE follows Ted Bundy from his origins in Seattle, through Utah and Colorado, to his freak defense trial against the state of Florida.

All packaged tightly within an intricate web of deep personal truth: THEODORE gives a real look at Ted's vicious mortality count, and how a fatal addiction ultimately led him toward his own fractured demise.

THEODORE is currently being promoted for development and theatrical release. Contact for manuscript or promotional material.

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(Production Portfolios Available OCT. 2012)
A Storyboard Concept from the upcoming thriller, THEODORE.
'Who is Ted?'