Sesame Street Nabisco gets to have an advertising contract with Sesame Street!

DDD1988Redux posted on May 20, 2015 at 07:24PM
HEY, GUESS WHAT! Nabisco gets to have an advertising contract with Sesame Street for at least 12 whole years: July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2030; everyone can't wait to see that, because of The World's Grand Revival, which is being created by the government around May 25, 2015, due to the announcement on almost any local news channels everywhere in the United States.

The following three of Nabisco's advertising characters are being created, one for each product line and the following are: "The Ritz Mouse" (Ritz' mouse mascot whose squeaks are the word "Ritz" in various forms of expression), "Miss Honey Maid" (Honey Maid's lady honeybee mascot who speaks in human language using a queen bee voice), and "Mr. Cheese Nips" (Cheese Nips' mouse mascot who speaks in human language instead of squeaking, as its look-alike and equivalent to The Ritz Mouse).

Also, Sesame Street Muppet characters are finally becoming spokes-Muppets for almost many of Nabisco's product lines to compete against Ernie Keebler and the Keebler Elves, who are Keebler Company's spokes-elves; the following are Cookie Monster for three product lines: "Nabisco Fudge Cookies", "Chips Ahoy!" cookies and "OREO" cookies, Bert and Ernie for five product lines: "Nabisco Flavor Originals" crackers, Premium Saltines, "Ritz" butter crackers, "Honey Maid" graham crackers and "Cheese Nips" cheese crackers, and Big Bird and Elmo for "Barnum's Animals" animal crackers; they, along with all of the other Sesame Street Muppet characters are finally going to star in these commercials, starting in July 1, 2018.

The following Sesame Street-themed snacks to be introduced in January 1, 2019 are: "Cookie Monster OREO Cookies", "Cookie Monster Chips Ahoy! Cookies", "Cookie Monster Pinwheels Cookies", "Cookie Monster Fudge Shorties Cookies", "Cookie Monster Fudge Sticks Cookies", "Sesame Street Ritz Butter Crackers" (in original flavor only), "Sesame Street Cheese Nips Cheese Crackers" (in classic cheddar flavor only), "Sesame Street Honey Maid Graham Crackers" (in classic honey flavor only), and "Sesame Street Fudge Sandwich Cookies" (which comes in almost two varieties: "Original" and "Double Stuffed"); they will be available in almost any retail stores everywhere across America until June 30, 2030.

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