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go all oh my and hide behind a bush and watch
get all nervous and think you might get killed if you move
The fans pick: Pick 2 (original anime style)
Pick 2 (original anime style)
Pick 1 (looking as he does in the manga)
The fans pick: Passes out instantly from the Sexiness^_^'
Passes out instantly from the Sexiness^_^'
Respects his privacy and leaves him be.
The fans pick: I think it can be a mixture of both.
I think it can be a mixture of...
he is cold-blooded but is not a bastard !!
The fans pick: A caring Sesshomaru
A caring Sesshomaru
An indifferent Sesshomaru
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Sesshomaru Wall

mephilesrocks said …
I'm a big fun of Sesshomaru but idk if I am a fangirl of him so I dont promis anythink but is sure that I will join in the clab Posted over a year ago
sesshyswind said …
I've begun to clean up a LOT of my old posts and stuff, mainly pics that I posted back in the day that were never mine... yeah, somehow I feel it's the right thing to do. :/ So if you happen to notice less happenin material, this is probably why. Posted over a year ago
sesshyswind commented…
It's all coming down little by little. over a year ago
LotusTheFox said …
Is some wants to fight me to the death to have Sesshomaru.... It was VERY nice knowing ya. I WILL kill for him, even though he's a demon. Posted over a year ago