A boy lost to the darkness, who turned away from the light.
The sallow skinned youth stood in the shadows to fight.
He lost his love to the darkness he was in
He's biggest regret, his greatest sin.
...It was then he made the switch, he was a changed man
Working against the wicked one and his evil plan
He made a promise to protect the child with her eyes
No one was to know, he would live in disguise.
A double agent, a secret spy, undercover
All because he had loved her
The darkness fell, the good had won
yet it wasn't over, it had just begun
His path was set he had settled had found his way
It was peaceful until he was tested on that faithful day
The evil Mark on his arm, it burned
For once again his malevolent master had returned
It wasn't done he had to go back and do his part
Once in you don't leave, tied forever to the Dark Art
He found himself working for the dark side once more
But his true loyalty had lied now with Dumbledore
His eyes as black as coal, his hair as black as night
He was a hidden hero, the demon of the light
He fought the darkness he had once adored
He was a dark knight, with a shinning sword
A traitor to the darkness he once served
In the end, what he got he didn't deserve
He played his part well, no one knew until the end
That he did what he did for the love of a friend.
He knew what to do, a hero, not afraid, he was brave
No one should forget the sacrifice, the life he gave.
His allegiance was to the good forever, he swore
He was the bravest man, a true GRYFFINDOR