1.    Call him Snap.
2.    Post Lily and James pictures, videos, picks, links, etc...
3.    Remind him it was always going to be James
4.    Ship Snape and James
5.    Ship Snape and Wormtail
6.    Ship Snape and Voldemort
7.    Ship him with male characters
8.    Poke him and say "bother" for a really long time.
9.    Call him Snivellus.
10.    Ask him how his latest plot to get the Defense Against the Dark Arts job is going.
11.    Tell him to wash his hair, the slime ball
12.    Call him the Half-Blood Prince.
13.    Use Snape’s potion book.
14.    Ask him if he's ever tested a potion on himself. Be sure to wink.
15.    Make him watch A Very Potter Musical.
16.    Ask, "What the devil is going on here?"
17.    Ask him to be your mustache buddy
18.    Wear round glasses.
19.    Ask him if he loves Harry for his eyes.
20.    Mention Lily in casual conversation.
21.    Keep reminding him over and over that he called Lily the "m" word.
22.    Call him a Lily stalker
23.    Tell him Lily only like him for Sympathy
24.    Tell Lily, Snap is gay.
25.    Dress up like Lily to get him to kiss you
26.    Do everything on this list.
27.    Be "creative" in Potions class.
28.    Mention that ghosts are transparent.
29.    Hate on Twilight
30.    Kill Edward.
31.    Light his robes on fire.
32.    Call him a coward
33.    If he's teaching you Occlumency, mention mind-reading.
34.    Tell him that you can read his mind.
35.    Be the only person that knows the answer to a question.
36.    Disagree with him
37.    Set off a Dung bomb under his chair.
38.    Relate him to his father.
39.    Hate on Slytherin
40.    Tell him they made a mistake when he got sorted into the Slytherin house.
41.    Tell him he doesn't deserve to be in the Slytherin house
42.    If you play Quidditch, beat Slytherin

43.    Do something gross in class. Make sure it's during an awkward silence.
44.    Go into his office
45.    Steal things from him.
46.    Say that you're under orders to search his office in the middle of the night.
47.    Offer him a piece of candy. Don't tell him it's from Wesley’s Wizard Wheezes.
48.    Tell him he's a virgin.
49.    Hug him.
50.    Make him babysit someone.
51.    Ask him to take a shower.
52.    Offer him a jar of grease and ask if he needs to "clean up a bit."
53.    Stare at him with a blank look. If he asks, tell him you were admiring the shine in his hair.
54.    Clutch your forehead and yell every time he gets near you.
55.    Tell him how beautiful life is
56.    Try to be his friend
57.    Flirt with him
58.    Whisper in his ear.
59.    Tell him he's sexy.
60.    Tell him you love him
61.    Try to kiss him
62.    Try to dirty dance with him
63.    Ask him if you could lick his large nose
64.    Tell him he's fat.
65.    Tell him to wear pink.
66.    Ask him why he never smiles.
67.    Tell him he's a bad cooker.
68.    Make him breakfast.
69.    don't pay attention in his classes.
70.    Hum "Hedwig's Theme" in the corridors.
71.    Dress up like him, follow him around, and mimic everything he does.
72.    When he talks, make rude noises. Be sure they drown him out.
73.    Scream whenever you see him.
74.    Remind him how beautiful he looked as Neville's Boggart
75.    Ask him what his boggart is.
76.    Tell him he was only a death eater because he was the "party piece"
77.    Tell him his Dark Mark is just a fancy Tattoo
78.    Tell him Harry, Ron and Hermione are doing extra level Potions
79.    Sing "I am making evil plans" near him.
80.    Pretend to smell him from across the Great Hall. Complain loudly about it. At breakfast.
81.    Call him a pedophile
82.    Wish him a happy birthday
83.    Make fan art of Hermione/Snap, and send it to him as a birthday card.
84.    Tell him you should be sorted in Gryffindor.
85.    Wash his Teddy bear.
86.    Tell everybody about his Teddy Bear
87.    Follow him to the bathroom.
88.    Dumbledore only like him because he "Fancied Him"
89.    Relate him to Dumbledore
90.    Relate him to his father
91.    Post a photo of him on Christmas party on the internet
92.    Mock everything he says.
93.    Show him affection
94.    Be extremely cheery around him ALL the time
95.    "Accidentally" bump into those jars in his office. Make sure they break.
96.    Get him drunk then give him a makeover.
97.    Tell him McGonagall was always a better teacher then him even as a cat.
98.    Remind him that he was SUPPOSED to die years ago.

-By "Snape's Family and Friends" FanSpot