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chaos blast
Shadow The Hedgehog
Sexy shadow the hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog Picture Frame Horizontal
Shadow the Hedgehog Picture Frame Vertical
Somebody ate Shadow's Cookies
Will you control Shadow
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The fans pick: i'd see it the day it came out XD
i'd see it the day it came out XD
i'd go see it when i could  :)
The fans pick: Yes, but like a sister or very good friend
Yes, but like a sister or very good friend
Yes, she was the love of his life
The fans pick: alone
The fans pick: both
young shadow
The fans pick: a few times he has
a few times he has
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Shadow The Hedgehog Wall

alphawhitewolf said …
After Sa2, do you guys think that's how Sonadow started? Posted 4 days ago
Legithedgehog commented…
No.... 4 days ago
alphawhitewolf commented…
I think that some yaoi fan that it was so hot to pair them up -____- (sorry Sonadow fans) 4 days ago
Legithedgehog commented…
Don't worry sasha just keep holding on is a song. 3 days ago
alphawhitewolf said …
I will rule this fanbase just like the Sonic fan base >:D (lol jk) Posted 5 days ago
Legithedgehog commented…
OOOOk. 5 days ago
alphawhitewolf commented…
Mwhahahahahahaha >:D 5 days ago
shadow354 commented…
hey guys how are you doing and whitewolf you got jobs today for the pack so i want you to go hunting for more food 5 days ago
pinkarray said …
FRACK THE PICTURES OF SILVER WHEN HE WAS LITTLE!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID 4 YEAR OLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted 13 days ago
pinkarray commented…
GROW HIM TO A FRACKING TEENAGER ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13 days ago
scougesgirl commented…
Silver is 16 just saying 13 days ago
pinkarray commented…
The site says Silver is 14 but I think he's 15 now despite looking older in the comics because he's changed to look like Sonic more. Oh, and 16 is still a teenager. 13 days ago
scougesgirl commented…
Okay, that's what the wiki said. 13 days ago