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chaos blast
Shadow The Hedgehog
Sexy shadow the hedgehog
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Somebody ate Shadow's Cookies
Will you control Shadow
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The fans pick: a few times he has
a few times he has
The fans pick: sonic
The fans pick: Maria Robotnik
Maria Robotnik
Lisa Cooper
The fans pick: Shadow
The fans pick: Shadow the hedgehog
Shadow the hedgehog
Shadows  Best!
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2 fans have answered this question
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pinkarray said …
FRACK THE PICTURES OF SILVER WHEN HE WAS LITTLE!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID 4 YEAR OLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted 7 days ago
pinkarray commented…
GROW HIM TO A FRACKING TEENAGER ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 days ago
scougesgirl commented…
Silver is 16 just saying 7 days ago
pinkarray commented…
The site says Silver is 14 but I think he's 15 now despite looking older in the comics because he's changed to look like Sonic more. Oh, and 16 is still a teenager. 7 days ago
scougesgirl commented…
Okay, that's what the wiki said. 7 days ago
scougesgirl said …
If silver is shadows son why do they fight Posted 1 month ago
Legithedgehog commented…
Why is because son and father fight sometimes too. 1 month ago
CheetahGirl5147 commented…
>.< 8 days ago
scougesgirl commented…
>.< 3 days ago
rougethebat21 said …
this my point of shadow he love rouge and their mired so why not have fun it just their in love and that fine he save rouge alot becuase of that they are team drak it ture so why not i mean hello love drr it was love at frst siet umm it ok beacuse they have echer more then they saved them self. Posted 1 month ago
Legithedgehog commented…
I respect your opinion but in SA2 no one not even rouge can get through of Shadow amy is the only one can wasn't for her the world and everyone including Sonic would be destroyed. 1 month ago
katkat57 commented…
I like Shadaze. 9 days ago
Legithedgehog commented…
I respect your opinion to be honest I like shadaze too i'm not like the other Sonic fans who hates them. 9 days ago