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All I can think about is that, "Shadow can't be my brother. He just can't." Yet I've stayed with him so long I felt as if he was my only family. "Ann?" He said interrupting my thoughts. "Is something wrong?" I could see a look of concern on his face. "No Shadow I'm just fine!" I said a little bit too quickly, which I could see had upset him. "Alright." he said giving me a weak smile. Wait what-? "SHADOW LOOK OUT!" I yelled pushing him. But I was too late. A lightning bolt struck him and he fell to the ground. "Shadow!" I said desperately sitting next to him. "Please wake up!" I cried trying to rouse him. "Ann." He whispered sitting up. "What happened?" He said holding his head. to be continued
“ It happens every year…” Shade walked over to her couch in the rec-room and sat down, “a beautiful, eventful, bad ass summer, then the one horrible day has to come and ruin it all. The first day of school.” Shade rested her head on her arm and flicked on the TV, only commercials about back to school sales and short TV show’s on school appeared to fill the screen, “I can’t even watch a decent channel without seeing something to do with the damned place!” She shut off the TV angrily and sighed, “and to make it worse… I’m not even in any classes with my best friend, Mina.”...
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posted by kammy40
Um i need help on my sonic dating sim game. I have a total of 10 charaters but I havent thought of a story line yet for them. My only story line is that you have 30 days left to find true love and at the end you will be boyfriend and girlfriend. Prime the fox is tails big sister but she needs a story line. Shes grey and has a purple dress.Amy needs a story line. Blaze needs a story line. Tiny the fox needs a story line shes 9 and is creamy yellow. Shes smaller than Tails but has two tiny fluffy tails that cant fly yet.Bonnie the dog needs a story line. Shes brownish gold and has a random outfit on. (Havent thought of any cloths yet.)Monnlight the wolf needs a story line.Hese white and grey has a very long tail that can be very useful for gliding since hese a power type. Has yellow eyes. Silver needs a story line. Tails needs a story line. Sonic needs a story line. And shadow needs a story line. That is all.
STOP! If you haven't read chapters 1,2,3 and 4 this may not make sense, so read them all 1st!

Rocha's POV:
I finally got settled into the warm, cozy bed under the red blankets. I closed my eyes for a few moments until I heard footsteps then felt Shadow crawl onto the bed beside me. He must have thought that I was sleeping because he didn't even take the blanket from me. "It's okay Shadow... I'm awake." I saw him gladly take the blanket in the bright moonlight, then we just lay there staring at eachother. "Shadow..."
"Yeah." he said, bringing his hand under his head.
"I need to talk to you."
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posted by shadowlover3000
Shadow kept running through the woods until he came upon a small cave. It had started to rain when he got there he was soaked from head to tailtip. "Look's dry in there, guess I'll sleep here tonight." he said to himself. When he walked in it was cold and dry. He shook the water from his fur and looked for a place to sleep. He found a flat rock and curled up on it. Before he closed his eyes he saw a glow come from a curve in the cave. He got up to see what it was. Shadow walked to where the glow was coming from, and when he turned the corner he couldn't beleive his eyes. It was a room full...
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STOP! Read chapters 1,2,3,4, and 5 (part 1) before reading this chapter or it may not make sense!

Note: Faron belongs to shaylyn, she is her fan-character and I do not own her. Credit of Faron goes to shaylyn.

Name: Faron Soleanna Soulwing the second
Age: Immortal (like Shadow technically ageless)
Race: 1/2 hedgehog, 1/3 bat(she makes her wings grow out of her body to fly,) 1/3 wolf (has a long tail but it gets shorter when her wings grow out), and 1/3 echidna (has no features of an echidna though)
Persontality: Silent ever since her father's death, she likes dark grey clothing, she is very protective...
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posted by silvershady
Shadow says: Bring it on!
Shadow says: Bring it on!
Shadow's POV:
Rocha and I walked out to the yard and saw a large robot towering above us. Where was the second one? I wondered as I motioned for Rocha to stay behind me. I stared at the robot, scouting out where I would plant my first attack. "Dont attack until I tell you to okay?"
"Okay Shadow." I decided that if we could knock the robot's arms off, then it would be easier to attack. I narrowed my attack zone to the pieces that conected the long, deadly pieces of metal to it's body and began to spin-dash aiming myself straight at my target. I let myself fly forward in my destructive stance only...
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posted by SkyHedgehog
Shadow isn't real. And even if he was, i'm sure he would be hiding from you weirdos that are freaking obsessed with him and want to rape him. e_e

God that was one fail of a first paragraph...but onto my rant!

*takes a deep breath*

You fangirls are fucking crazy. CRAZY. I know how that is, too. I used to be fucking crazy. Fuck. XD First off, Shadow the Hedgehog is an anthropomorphic hedgehog created by SEGA, the owners of the Sonic franchise. They unleashed a monster. A MONSTER. I think we'd all be better off with just Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman. And Amy, if you're a little adventurous....
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STOP! Read chapters 1,2,3,4,5,and 6 1st!!!

Faron's POV:
Even though I have lived with them for a while now, I still feel so insecure around the others... I only really trust Shadow, Silver, Espio and Rocha. I will live in the shadow of Mephiles' death forever. I sat in Espio's bed, consumed in the depressing memories of Mephiles' last moments. I looked at the lazy purple chameleon as he slept soundly behind me. It was morning and rays of sun shone through the window, casting my shadow over his body. I jumped as the door creaked open and the majestic, grey-white hedgehog walked in, "Oh good, you're...
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posted by darktheheghog
Dark: hehe Shadow looks like a sissy in a dress Shadow: IM GONNA KILL YOU DARK *chases* Dark: AHHH *runs* Nick: will you guys cut it out *tries to end the fight between Shadow and Dark*
Dark: hehe Shadow looks like a sissy in a dress Shadow: IM GONNA KILL YOU DARK *chases* Dark: AHHH *runs* Nick: will you guys cut it out *tries to end the fight between Shadow and Dark*
Dark: awww Nick why do you haft to go
Nick: well i have a misson ok and its something for big boys dont worry your big brother Shadow will take care of you *glares at Shadow* right Shadow
Dark: *looks at Shadow*
Shadow: yes i'll take care of you Dark
Dark: ok *folds arms*
Nick: well i'll be back tomorrow ok see ya guys *walks out the door*
Shadow: well now that thats done *walks to the couch and watchs TV*
Dark: Shadow wanna play Dress up
Shadow: no
Dark: awwww but why
Shadow: because i dont want too
Dark: *glares at Shadow after he turned his head then smirkes and walks to my room*
(6 hours later)
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posted by shadria
Here comes pt4
On angel island
Knuckles:u have to go alone now
Master emerald:what do u wish for
Shadow:i wish for maria to come back
Master emerald:well she has been dead for 50 years i will make her age every decade (10years)
Shadow:ok as long as she comes back
then teenage maria came out and fell on shadow's arms
Shadow started to cry and hugged maria.
Maria did the same.
Maria:u cried for me?
Shadow:*blushing*yes i did
Maria:lets go meet and greet ur friends
Shadow:wait!i just got u back i don't want to share u right away.
Then they sat down and started to chat.5minutes later shadow introduced maria to everyone and the all got on the x-tornado to go home
To be continued
Shadow: Hmph...
Me: Are you ready?
Shadow: As long as it's not as bad as Sonic said...
Me: Come on, it's not bad. Just a few boring questions, that's all.
Shadow: Fine... Let's get this over with.
Me: Ok! First question, Would you date a fangirl? And you better choose your answer wisely... I'm not the only fangirl that's gonna see this...
Shadow: Wait, this is going to be viewed by the public? Screw this! I'm outta here.
Me: Shadow! Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase? It's just a few questions.... You don't wanna make me sad do you?
Me: .................... You also don't wanna...
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posted by cutiepie101010
*Knock-knock.*"Hello?Hey Maria,oh-hi Krystal."-me."I was wondering if you wanted to come to Twinkle Park with me and Krystal."-Maria.I think to myself-Krystal,Maria's twin that looks nothing like her. All they have in common is their personalities."Uh,sure.Why not?"-Me."Let's go!"-Krystal.We get to Twinkle Park."I'm gonna go to the playground part."-Krystal."Be safe this time!"-Maria."Aren't I always?"-Krystal says with a smile and runs off."Twins...Shadow let's go to the swings."-Maria."Ok."-Me.We swing for 30 minutes."Uh,Maria-"-I get cutoff by a scream."Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!""That's...
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posted by shadria
Here comes pt2.
Sonic:Shadow misses maria so much he can't stop thinking about her.
Tails:Yeah he is in a self induced acoma
Sonic:to him its like if maria died yesterday he thinks he can just wake up and maria is back.
Knuckles:well that is possible.
tail and sonic:what how!?!
Knuckles:if he wants maria back so much the master chaos emerald can grant his wish.
Sonic:well when shadow wakes up we'll take him to angel Island but now I'm going home tails knuckles rouge u coming?
All:yes.except Amy
Amy:I'm going to stay with shadow and tell him about the master emerald ill call u when he wakes up.
Sonic:ok bye
To be continued
posted by silvershady
Shadow's Point of View:
Even though I had been trapped again in this awful pod, I sensed that something was wrong. The Doctor was once again attempting to harm an innocent soul. Once i get out of here, I will make sure to stop him dead in his tracks... no matter what.

Rocha's point of view:
Dr. Robotnik and I had been walking for a few hours before we reached his base. It looked so small from the outside, "that's it?" i asked with a puzzled look on my face. "Oh ho ho! You haven't even begun to see the genious works of Dr.Robotnik." he laughed evily and held the door open, "ladies first!" I walked...
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Once there was a poor millar and his beautiful daughter Meiko. He was so desperate for money that he boasted that Meiko could spin straw into gold. However King Kaito overheard this and took Meiko to his castle. She was then taken to a room with heaps of straw, a spinning wheel and a spindle. "You are to turn all this straw into gold by morning or your head shall roll." Once he had left she sat down and weeped. "How am i to spin straw into gold if i don't know how?" She thought about her sword, but then realized the guards took it earlier that day to prevent escaping. Then suddenly a little...
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posted by silvershady
Shadow's POV:
Silence. Pain. The throbbing that pulsated my head. The burning fever that coursed through my weakened, broken body. Struggling. I knew that I was alive, but did those who were around me know... what had happened? Did Rocha and Faron survive? Was everyone else okay? Some of them had to be okay... unless this was the sensation of death, my final moments, someone had to be alive. I strained, I wanted to open my eyes, to see. Nothing. I strained again, this time my mouth. I wanted it to open, to make a noise. Perhaps say something. Nothing. That was when I heard the softness of Rocha's...
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The next day Moonlight went to see Brianna. On her way there she heard somebody fireing gun shots and shouting bad words. Moonlight went to see what was going on. And you know what she saw? Brianna trying to shoot a boy.
Boy: C'mon i know you want me cutie!! ;)
Brianna: GRRRRRAAAA!!!! *Still trying to shoot the boy* GET AWAY FROM ME YOU ASSHOLE!!! >:(
Boy: *Zooms around and scoops Brianna up and kisses her on the lips*
Brianna: *Blushing madly* GRRRR!!!! PUT ME DOWN YOU STUID HEDGEHOG!!!!! *High kicks to the front and hits...
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posted by kimmy_wolf
shadow and i were filaly togather after that night i was sooooooo happy.when he said he was crazy for me i mean you read it right! I know im in love now lick what other thing could it be right. Ok shadow and I are at wallmart and he says "im not useally in publick often." "its fine just calme yourself." he siged and went on. we went back to his house and i sat on the couch and he tered it to teen mom 2 "i tough you hated this show?" i said, "well you like it dont you?" he said back. i gigeled and watch the show it was late and he asked "comeing to bed dear" he said with a smerk. "look who made...
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posted by SmileyStar33
Last time......
Raven landed in mobious cause the plane blew & raven told vanilla what happened & vanilla takes raven to meet the others...

Raven:*walks in Sonics house with vanilla*
Sonic:Hey vanilla who's this mysterious creature beside u?
Vanilla:this is raven
Raven:Hi sonic
Sonic Wait minute *confused* how did you my name Raven....
Raven:I just do
Sonic:BUT HOW?!?!?!
Raven:I just did
Sonic:But how did u?
Raven:I just know
Sonic:GOd she's a bit annoying
Raven:Just like the people say on my planet
Sonic:That's not nice!!
Amy:Stop SONIC FAKER!!!!
Raven:Okay amy i'm not in love with him he's all urs!
Amy:Thank u!!! What a minute!! *mixeed up* HOW DID U KNOW MY Name???
Raven:I just did
Raven:I just know
Raven:I just do
Sonic:That's not the things i like about her!

To be continued....