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Shadow the Hedgehog is Happy

All hail Shadow ~Lyrics~

never turn back~shadow~

Shadow buys a haunted mansion part 2 of 2

Shadow buys a haunted house part 1 of 2

shadow~ somwhere i belong

Silver & Shadow Watch Shadow The Hedgehog Intro

shadow calls sonics mom a bich

loL shadow the f word

too sexy! XD


Shadow unleashed part 3

Shadow unleashed part 2

Shadow unleashed part 1

Shadow The Hedgehog- His World

Shadow The Hedgehog All Hail Shadow

Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow - His World

Shadow The Hedgehog Dance

Shadow The Hedgehog - All Hail Shadow!

Shadow It's My Life

Shadow The Hedgehog - It's My Life

Shadow the hedgehog-Break your destiny


ShadAmy- Listen To Your Heart

his world R I R

live and learn

i was bored u will laugh

Shadow the hedgehog for the )FanGirls)

Shadow the hedgehog all of mz ROCK!

New Sonic Game Teaser

Shadow the Hedgehog Black Arms Workout Video

shadow vs amy vs sonic

Shadow the hedgehog-Paralyzer

Shadow the Hedgehog - Don't Touch It!

Funny ass pic of shadow

Shadow's Black & Black (Tribute)

SHADOW TRIBUTE (over 9000 exist. No anime pun intended. DIE ANIME!!!!)

Shadow The Hedgehog - Broken

Shadow the Hedgehog opening with Who I am

The Problem With Head and Ear Spasms.

Shadow + Chaous Blast = BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

shadow & freacken chao

Shadow The Hedgehog - I Am... All Of Me

OMFG, Shadow can FLAI. D8

For the fangirls (NOT MINE)

The Shadow,Sonic and some others funny

shadow-i will not die

Shadow The Hedgehog - It's My Life

Shadow the Hedgehog- Thriller