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Fast Forward to the second clip.. LOL!

lol this video poor Sonic and Shadow and Big and Amy

Hey Brother ^_^ *O.O um never mind

Who I Am


shadow the hedgehog lost souls

shadow the hedgehog immortal

shadow all I am living for

shadow who hates who I have been

shadow the hedgehog last story ritual of prosperity

Shadow Is Indestructible

I don't like your girlfriend Shadow

shadow sing your pitiful

shadow is haunted by maria

Shadow The Hedgehog - Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin

......I feel bad for ya Shadow..........

Shadow's got a jar of DIRT!!!

Shadow flips out over Tails! MUST SEE!

shadow figure skating

Sonic has a heck of a nightmare!

for all those fangirls

Shadows hawiian punch

Shadow And Silver Pizza Hut Adventure

EVAN DUB! :D Shadow the hedgehog Redo

L4D2 trailer RANDOM!!!!!!!!

sonic want WHAT!?

shadow the Hedgehog- Eye of the Tiger

charlie the unicorn sonic style

yoshi's huge!!

silvers nightmare

Shadow the Hegehog game trailer

Red Sonic says

shadow and maria-my immortal

shadow in a wierd music video

Shadow the Hedgehog- It's my life

Sonic's Gotta Feeling

tails gets owned

shadow punches tails

Sky the hedgehog's Theme Song (with lyrics)

Shadow the hedgehog: Here I stand

how terrible is it

ask Sonic and Shadow episode 3

ask Sonic and Shadow episode 2


Silver eats a banana again


Everone's Gonna Love, Love, Shadow!

Sonic at the Convenience Store

Bad Religion-Supersonic

Sonic finally snaps

Knuckles finally snaps

Knuckleduster feat. Sonic

Welcome to Angel Island


Silver eats a banana...nice and slow...just for you

sonicand friends love waffles


Destiny Sonic Version

Not fourkids: Sonic X: Molly Dies IN ENGLISH

Not fourkids: Sonic X: Shadow attacks Chris IN ENGLISH

M-flo: TRIPOD BABY LOVES Shadow the Hedgehog (2005)

Sonic X Poop - I'm Busy Right Now!!

Shadow vs Silver

Shadow the Hedgehog Intro

"Chaos Blast!!!!"

Sonic X episode 34 - Shadow Knows

Sonic X - Shadow's Sacrifice

Shadow's Infiltration

shadow the hedgehog angel of darkness

Shadow the hedgehog

Concrete Angel


The best episode of Ask Sonic or Shadow ever!!!!!!!

Shadow the hedgehog:Break you open

Sonic, Shadow, and Silver dancing to random Japanese song (i give shadow five stars!)

Shadow is HAPEEEEEEE!!!!!!! X_X

Need you now

for all the shadow fangirls

M-flo, Tripod baby (Shadow the Hedgehog mix)

Love, Love Shadow <3

Shadow the ultimate hedgehog

Shdow the Hedgehog (Japanese, No Subtitles)

Shadow Falling Inside The Black

Shadow and Cream Thug story

Shadow's 7th Anniversery

Shadow the Hedgehog Ending Parody

shadow the hedgehog wants his money back

Shadow's Fatality

Shadow the Hedgehog Ending Parody

Shadow Hates Waffles

What Shadow's Done

Shadow The Hedgehog Last Story Part 3 Devil Doom

Shadow Savior

Shadows A Loser

silly songs with shadow and silver (cheeseburger)

A Shadow Trbuite


I Got a Jar of Dirt!

Shadow's CD Player

All Hail Shadow