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All hail Shadow ~Lyrics~

never turn back~shadow~

Shadow buys a haunted mansion part 2 of 2

Shadow buys a haunted house part 1 of 2

shadow~ somwhere i belong

Silver & Shadow Watch Shadow The Hedgehog Intro

shadow calls sonics mom a bich

loL shadow the f word

too sexy! XD


Shadow unleashed part 3

Shadow unleashed part 2

Shadow unleashed part 1

Shadow The Hedgehog- His World

Shadow The Hedgehog All Hail Shadow

Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow - His World

Shadow The Hedgehog Dance

Shadow The Hedgehog - All Hail Shadow!

Shadow It's My Life

Shadow The Hedgehog - It's My Life

Shadow the hedgehog-Break your destiny


ShadAmy- Listen To Your Heart

his world R I R

live and learn

i was bored u will laugh

Shadow the hedgehog all of mz ROCK!

New Sonic Game Teaser

Shadow the Hedgehog Black Arms Workout Video

shadow vs amy vs sonic

Shadow the hedgehog-Paralyzer

Shadow the Hedgehog - Don't Touch It!

Funny ass pic of shadow

Shadow's Black & Black (Tribute)

SHADOW TRIBUTE (over 9000 exist. No anime pun intended. DIE ANIME!!!!)

Shadow The Hedgehog - Broken

Shadow the Hedgehog opening with Who I am

The Problem With Head and Ear Spasms.

Shadow + Chaous Blast = BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

shadow & freacken chao

Shadow The Hedgehog - I Am... All Of Me

OMFG, Shadow can FLAI. D8

For the fangirls (NOT MINE)

The Shadow,Sonic and some others funny

shadow-i will not die

Shadow The Hedgehog - It's My Life

Shadow the Hedgehog- Thriller

This is not related to Shadow at all! :DD

Even Shadow Needs to Have Fun. :3