Gunther ran his hand down Cece's body while Cece's head lay on his shoulder and her eyes twitched with pleasure. " Do you really want to do this?" he asked her. It felt so good to her she didn't care at all about the aftermath. They went into his room and the rest was history. All Tinka could here was moans and flapping sounds coming from his room. The next morning Cece snuck back home in her robe where she pretended she just woke up when Rocky came into her room."Hey Cece!" Rocky said when she woke her up."Oh hey Rocky." she yawned.

Cece began to panick. She missed her period and just slept with Gunther wich results in an obvious situation."Rocky OH MY GOD I MIGHT BE PREGNANT!!" she yelled from the bathroom holding 5 pregnancy tests in her had."Relax take the tests before you assume anything.So Cece took them.Test after test said +. She was pregnant. Oh no!