Dear Diary,
Today is like any other day. Wake up, brush teeth, shower, get ready for school, do hair to look nice and neat, go to school and learn, come home.
But on this particular day of Feb. 11, I lost my cookie. My ONLY cookie. My cookie as in my virginity. We call it our cookie because there is only one cookie in the jar, and once it is gone, it NEVER returns.I lost my "cookie" to Ty Blue. My BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER! I know, I know, it seems wrong. But It was so passionate and lovely and unexpected. He kissed me softly and ran his hands everywhere on my body. I was so panicked but I got even more nervous when the clothes came off. He directed me on what to do he gave me a little kiss on my cookie jar (vagina) before going in. It felt like an elephant in a small cup. The elephant doesn't fit, but somehow it gets in. I felt a sudden pain and then a little pleasure. I gasped and moaned lightly as he slowly began his journey in and out. Afterwards, since it was a Friday night, I was sleeping over at Rocky's and her mom was out of town, so she went on a little date night with Deuce, was cuddling him like a bear. He hugged me tightly and I kissed him softly. My first 'climax' of feeling my muscles go out of control. In the morning, at about 11. 45pm Rocky had returned because she didn't stay out too late with Deuce, and hated to come home after midnight. She didn't realize I wasn't in her room, because she w as too tired. In the morning when she came in to ask Ty what he wanted for breakfast, she noticed me then. I stared at her for a while before she said "Okay, I have to make 2 plates. So you guys had fun last night huh?" and walked away with a wink. I felt a little embarrassed but she seemed okay with it. But I wad worried a little inside because we didn't use any rubber (protection) and I had heard some schoolgirls say that as long as he didn't squirt anything in you you'd be fine and wouldn't get pregnant. But a week later I made a huge mistake. Gunther asked me to help him after school to clean the art room. I didn't like cleaning but I stayed anyways, I don't know why.We ended up making out and then we got to the ladies bathroom and he went under my skirt, and I felt his tounge licking me softly, causing me to moan a lot. He thrusted inside me and he and I were both moaning. I was pulling his hair and he was pulling mines too. It was perfect, and gentle and sweet, EXCEPT...... I did sleep with Ty. So I am screwed, literally, what should I do?