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Fan fiction by scarxtardis posted over a year ago
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God, John Watson thought. Why is he taking so long? He was leaning up against a lichen ridden wall, manky with damp and mildew. John looked at his silver watch. Eleven oh three. God, Sherlock! Hurry up! He was getting impatient now. Soft padding footsteps came up behind him, along with panting. “Sorry, John. I was just checking out the...” Sherlock gasped for breath. “Ok, ok. Come on then.” John interrupted, and dragged him back to the apartment, grinning.
John tossed and turned in between his sheets, which were drenched with sweat. He gasped as he sat up in bed, breathing shallowly in what felt like convulsions. Something was wrong. He waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. He swings his legs over the edge of the thin bed, trying to figure out what’s missing. Sherlock. Why can’t he hear his audible mumbling of the insomniac consulting detective? He switches on the light and stumbles out his bedroom door to Sherlock’s room. John stands in the doorway and smiles. Sherlock’s bed is made up neatly, the crisp blanket looking as clean as the day it was bought. Then his smile fades. Where is he? He rakes a hand through his shaggy, sand coloured hair. He’s...
List by criminalminds15 posted over a year ago
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You know that you are a sherlockian when:
1. …you are bored (BORED. Bored!!).
2. …you are on FIRE!
3. …you ponder the best way to destroy all self-check machines for the sake of your sanity and mankind.
4. …you hate those bloody self check out machines.
5. …body parts in your fridge, microwave or other kitchen appliances is just de rigueur.
6. …the idea of body parts in the fridge/microwave doesn't seem like a deal-breaker for a flatmate.
7. …you do experimentation's using your microwave and your fridge as part of the methodology.
8. …flogging a corpse with a riding crop just seems the thing to do.
9. …you scour the net/high street looking for a riding crop.
10. …safety Orange trauma blankets have become the new "black".
11. …your text message notification is Sherlock saying "What now? I'm in shock - look I've got a blanket."
12. …you don't see anything wrong with hacking your flatmate's laptop just because you can't be bothered to get your own out of the bedroom.
Opinion by criminalminds15 posted over a year ago
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I get an email informing me that Sherlock Holmes's coat is now available to buy. It's the one Benedict Cumberbatch modelled to excellent effect in the BBC series Sherlock; it's by Belstaff, it's called Milford and it costs £1,350, which is a hell of a lot of money. But then, it's a hell of a coat. Sharp, yet swishy. Dramatic. Dandy/manly. I really love that coat. I'd buy one for all my lovers, if I could afford to.

Admittedly, I could be somewhat influenced by the fact that I fancy the – well, the coat – off of Benedict Cumberbatch. My crush on him is vast, unlikely, and completely undeniable. It's also shamefully common; half the female population of the UK is similarly afflicted. Cumberbatch is fast becoming the thirtysomething bird's Robert Pattinson. "They should call us Deer Stalkers," texted my friend V. "Shut up, I've got ep three on iPlayer again," I responded. "I really like his nose, don't you?" It's getting a little out of hand.

I would have thought of nothing other than Cumberbatch, if I hadn't suddenly been overwhelmed by a desire to own a leather skater skirt.......[she goes onto discussing fashion]