SHINee's Minho gets half naked for "SHERLOCK" Teaser

SHINee’s Minho got half naked for the teaser of their upcoming mini album “Sherlock.” Their 4th album “Sherlock” will be released on March 21. For the album jacket, the SHINee members are going with the concept of French boys. Starting from today teaser images will be released on their official homepage.
In Minho’s teaser image, he is sporting a wavy hair style and revealing his chest he shows off his toned body.
SM Entertainment is confident that the new album will be succesful. A representative stated, “The members will show you unique and stronger vocals. The album contains a variety of songs. With the start of Minho who has transformed into a French boy, each subsequent teaser image will show a member transformed into a new image.”
Currently SHINee is filming a music video for the new mini album.

SHINee Taemin's "SHERLOCK" Teaser images are revealed

Not long ago SM Entertainment revealed news regarding SHINee’s long over-due comeback. Soon after the announcement teaser photos of Minho were released online. Now photos of the group’s maknae Taemin have surfaced.

The photos are similar in concept to Minho’s as Taemin is also topless and sitting in a fancy armchair with the album’s title, “Sherlock” across the top of the image. The youngest member of the group certainly has grown up as Taemin’s photos are quite alluring. In one he is seductively eating a grape while sporting long, kept hair. In the other he is lounging across the chair with his head tilted back.

With the concept for SHINee’s upcoming album the group hopes to give stronger performances and display a different side of each of the members. The album is slated for a March 21 release.

After seeing Taemin and Minho’s teaser images which one do you prefer?