Title: Please...

Type: Yaoi ;) (Taemin x Minho)


Disclaimer: I only own the plot!



Chapter 1

It was late one night in the dorm of the 5 SHINee, a big and loud thunderstorm was alert as well, but all were fast asleep. Key, Onew, Jonghyun, even Minho. But one of the 5 were not. The youngest of them all, Taemin, was terrified of storms, especially thunderstorms. The poor boy couldn't fall asleep. Taemin decided to get up and walk around the dorm.
The young boy exited his room with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, a clash of thunder hit and Taemin jumped and looked at the streak of lightning flash outside of the window. Then, in fear, went to go knock on Onew's door. The boy couldn't sleep by himself, he knew it sounded stupid but he just couldn't do it.
Once Taemin reached Onew's door, he knocked and he heard a groan. He didn't like bothering his friends at the hour but this time was different.Onew answered the door, his eyes not completely open yet,"Nnn...Taemin?" he said rubbing his eyes, then looked at his alarm clock "It's 2 in the morning! What in God's name is so important?!". At his tone, Taemin jumped slightly "W-Well, O-Onew.." he said a little sacred another clash of thunder would strike or Onew yelling again "Th-The storm....I cant sleep..so..can I..". Onew looked blankly at him for a moment then shut his door and wen't back to bed. Onew usually wasn't like that...but when you wake him, that's a different story.
Taemin looked down some and then looked over at the other's doors. He then walked over to Key's door, and he didn't even have to knock before Key was in the doorway, almost wide awake. "Key?" Teamin looked at him with his head cocked to the side "What...how did you know I was out here?" the thunder than rumbled and Taemin looked uneasy. Key chuckled "Umma ninja senses" Key joked doing a quick ninja pose. That made Taemin let out a little laugh. "Now..." Key started "Lemme guess..your scared of the thunder?" he smirked slightly. Taemin nodded shyly. Key patted Taemin on the shoulder leading him into his room "C'mon now, you can sleep in here with me for the night." Key said smiling calmly. Taemin went to lay his blanket on the floor and sleep there but Key stopped him. "Nahh," he said "you can sleep in my bed with me." Taemin looked up at him and nodded shyly once more "Alright.." he said. Him and Key have known each other sense they were little so it shouldn't be awkward should it? "Hop in." Key said climbing into his bed.Taemin carefully climbed over the other and laid down by him.
All was well that night until about a half hour later when Taemin started to squrm and move in his sleep, kicking Key. Who which did not sleep. Key, who was scared he'd wake up with a bruise somewhere got up out of bed and dragged poor Taemin out by his long hair (which was up in a ponytail so it was easy to get a hold of.) "Ow, ow, ow! Umma!" Taemin shrieked , "Sorry Tae," Key said "it's for your own good, and mine." Key dragged Taemin to where he was once outside his bedroom door once more and then closed the door.
Taemin was now sitting there in front of Key's door like a little child.He took down his hair and rubbed his head. "Ow,..Dang Umma.." Teamin said then put his hair back up in a ponytail like it once was. He then looked over at Jonghyun's door and waled over and knocked once. It took a while but Jonghyun answered the door, looking tired and drowsy. "Jon--" Taemin started to speak but was cut off by a "No." and a slamming door. Taemin looked down then looked at his last hope, Minho.
"Hyugn..." Taemin whispered. "Please let me in..." The boy walked over to Minho's room and knocked on the door. Shortly after, Minho was standing in the doorway he looked tired too but not as tired as the others. Taemin looked up and down at the other quickly, 'Woah,...h-he's pretty..hot.' Teamin thought then shook his head slightly.
"What is it Taemin?" Minho said looking down at the other. Teamin looked up at his Hyung and blushed slightly. "U-Uhm..."Taemin started a little nervous to ask, "Th-the storm...it's...I can't.." Teamin's shyness made Minho chuckle slightly. Teamin's blush darkened, thank god it was dark. Minho was about to stepped out of the way to let Taemin in but all of a sudden, a clash of thunder and lightning struck and Taemin jumped twards Minho, which caused Minho to hold the other tightly. Taemin looked up at Minho, so innocently, it was adorable. Minho held Taemin in his strong arms still then smirked and got an idea. He picked up the other bridal style, and that made Teamin let out a small little squeak. Minho chuckled at that and then carried him to his bed and laid him down carefully, then laid by him.
Another clash of lightning hit and Teamin squeezed his eyes shut in fear then found himself in the arms on Minho once more. "Better?" Minho asked, "Better..." Taemin replied smiling softly. Taemin and Minho then fell into deep sleep with Minho's arms still around the other.