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The inveriable beeps coming from my alarm clock bounced off the walls of my tiny room. As soon as the sounds reached my ears, I was wide awake. Honestly, I didn't mind the abrupt wake-up call. Actually, I've always enjoyed waking up in the morning. I haven't had a good dream in almost ten years.

I involuntary replayed the events of last night's dream in my mind as I attempted to lift my head off of my fluffy pillow.

˝It would have been better ... if a kid like you was never born.˝

I pushed that memory to the back of my mind. Or rather, I tried to. My thoughts were never good at knowing what my heart wanted to hear, so painful memories I'd much rather forget always lingered, meandering and useless.

Trying to erase the past five hours of my life from my brain, I switched on my bedside lamp and gradually got up out of my bed. Strolling over to my closet, I took my time undressing and putting on my school uniform before going to the kitchen to get a bite of breakfast. On the way down the hall, I passed my father's room. I pause in front of his door.

I should tell him I'm leaving, shouldn't I?

Hell, I don't even know if he's still alive.

He never gets out of his goddamn bed anyway.

I shake my head, mentally telling myself to leave him be.

He wants nothing to do with me, his own son, so why should he care if I'm leaving the house?

Forget it Taemin, you'll be late for school.

Since when did I start caring about school?

Walking away from his room and slowly out of the front door, I held the twin straps of my backpack with lose fists as I slowly made my way down the front steps and onto the empty sidewalk.

The vibrant colours of the rising sun mixed with the early morning fog casted a pleasant shadow over the sleeping neighborhood. I turned to look at the door of my tiny apartment and smiled weakly and healf-heartedly.

I may never see this place again.

The only other person awake at this hour, my next-door neighbor Mrs. Park, was watering her chrysanthemums as I passed by her house. She smiled and waved once she saw me, and immediately initiated conversation.

˝How's your mother doing?˝ she inquired, her tone a little worried, yet sincere. Even in her old age, she was always concerned about other people and their health. I've always admired that about her, so I just smiled back, continuing to walk in the direction of the bus stop.

I wish I could answer you.

But I haven't spoken a single word to anyone since I was six years old.


˝Taemin, sweetheart, why won't you talk to anyone?˝

Key, my best and only friend at this school, gave me a worried look as he interrogated me about my lack of social interactions. If anyone else had asked, I'd just write my answer on a piece of paper and tell them I'm deaf, and if they don't ask, then they assume I'm just shy. But Key's the only one who can see right through my ruse. He knows my hearing is just fine and that this has nothing to do with me being naturally reserved.

I go to pull out a piece of paper and a pen out of my desk to answer his question, but he grabs my wrist, hindering me from doing so. Now, his expression is more serious, though the worry never faded from his eyes.

˝I want you to tell me, not write it down. If it's the large crowd, we could go out in the hall and talk, because I know how nervous you can get,˝ I didn't correct him about me not being nervous, so saved myself the possible trouble and nodded. ˝We can go talk in the hall. I just want a straight-forward answer from you, Minnie.˝ I nodded again, this time getting up from my seat and walking to the door of the classroom, Key following suit.

No one seemed suspicious of us, so I kept on walking towards the door. Not even the all-around athletic jocks, Choi Minho and his group were interested in what the out-casts were up to. As I was about to push the door loose with my open palms, it opened in the opposite direction as my teacher strolled into the classroom.

He addressed Key and I will scornful looks. ˝Mr. Lee, Mr. Kim. Please take a seat, as class is about to begin.˝ he looked at us over the rim of his glasses as if to say ‘Well, go on then‘ and we hastily complied, shuffling over to our desks.

Kim Jonghyun and the anirexic girl laughed under their breaths, as they always did when Key and I looked like fools in front of everyone else. Which of course, was a regular thing.

Key looked over at me from his desk and shrugged, and then he gave me a we'll-talk-later look before focusing his attention back to the front of the class.

Halfway into class, as I was drifting off into boredom, I could feel someone's gaze on the back of my neck. I turned around when the teacher wasn't looking, and for the briefest moment, Choi Minho and I's eyes met. He hastily looked away, focusing on the empty handout that lay on his desk, twirling his pen in and out his fingers.

Why is he always staring at me?

He's probably thinking of ways to torture me after class, like he and Jonghyun always do.

Little did I know, he actually was torturing me. And in an indescribable way, a little more than I'd care to admit. I idly smiled to myself as my daydreams took over for the remaining duration of class. I didn't even notice when someone was screaming my name.

I dream too much.


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