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why.......... really?

.i mean how can anyone hate them.not whole group but any of can.they are so cute and best group sm ever made
 Princess_seki posted over a year ago
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Keyminnie said:
I have no idea, and I just don't speak abot SHINee in school becase one friend doesn't like Asia. Or any other country. Seriously, every other country that mine (Denmark) she's like: "eww.. speak danish for Gods sake.." Im like: "NO."
I really don't like her when she's like that.
Anyway, i love everything about Asia. And nobody, even my un-k-pop-lovers-friends can take that away from me.
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posted over a year ago 
yes i know i hate when they say they are ugly.i mean they are so cute how can you say like this
Princess_seki posted over a year ago
Bernadette05 said:
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posted 11 months ago 
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