Translated K-Netizens comments taken from articles in Korea on yesterday's episode of WGM!

Nate Article 1: ‘We got married’ Son Naeun's tear flowing...'Taemin's hidden camera that has eaten the reality'

(+199,-22) Like this, like that, they have to do various things to be interesting. .. Every episode only shows lovely dovey scenes? Realistic couple are not like this

(+189,-31) Although they said it's hidden camera filming, it looks awkward. You will just feel angry watching it, just because you wanna see people cry so you did that?

(+172,-38) It's acting~ following someone's instructions, otherwise?

(+167,-27) If it's hidden camera, then it should be PD's arrangement

(+160,-27) Is it going to be lovely dovey and sweet everyday? If they are going to continue dating, these things are bound to happen. I also played the same prank before because i was curious, no big deal

(+144,-14) She really cried, it seems sincere...If it's not, her acting is brilliant.


Nate Article 2: Taemin's hidden camera,Naeun's trauma

(+269,-43) Naeun ah, while watching the show, based on my feelings, you are really kind-hearted to the extent that it seems foolish. But other than kind-hearted, we hope that you will have some realization. Actually what taemin felt is understandable; Guys are more upset when girls always try to suit them and are not able to express their true feelings/thoughts. Although yesterday was irritational, but we can take the hidden camera incident as an opportunity for you to learn. It’s the same when girls like guys who are honest and forthcoming; guys expect the same. They would also like it if a girl is able to be honest and expressive. While watching you cry yesterday, I felt your feelings for taemin. Try to step towards the other person a little bit more, if you keep showing how much effort you have input, then it wouldn’t be like yesterday’s incident. Wouldn’t (yesterday’s incident) it to be wanting a more wonderful love.

(+163,-31) Son naeun is too pure… pure like a fool

(+132,-34) Who say there aren’t girls like son naeun
*The commenter is trying to say that, all girls acts the same when they are in-love. Therefore they are all like Naeun


Nate Article 3: Taemin all sorts of skinship to make naeun cool down

(+210,-19) Naeun was fearful of taemin’s actions, she definitely likes him. When a girl really likes a guy, she will still cry whenever she thinks about the argument, Naeun was exactly like that. They are real.

(+191,-16) Explosive of skinshipㅠㅠThe 2 of them are too sweet ㅠㅠ

(+148,-17) Why does Naeun look so pretty even when she’s crying


Nate Article 4: Because of taemin’s hidden camera, Naeun cried “I thought Taemin has changed”

(+664,-91) If they are both acting, they’d have gotten acting daesang… Why does it make us immersed in itㅠㅠㅠㅠ

(+561,-105) Every time I watch taemin and naeun, it feels real… Their acting is super good. Even when crying, she is still pretty.


Naver Article 1: Taemin thinks that naeun is cute in his hidden camera prank

(+426,-30) What’s with these two. How can they be so pretty. Especially Taemin, Japanese smiley boy~ When Otaku sees Taemin, they will know why is there a walking CG. Son Naeun is pretty even when crying. It was really interesting. These two….how does Taemin find time to film all these ㅋㅋ I need to download it

(+397,-16) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Firstly, please do not set a scenario or instruct themㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

(+392,-65) Really, It will be good if taemin and naeun can date in real life

(+308,-20)ㅋㅋWe have been worrying for a week about them leaving WGM. Now we can be relief. Taemin ♥♥♥ Naeun

(+276,-16) KYAAAAA, AHHHHHHH really drove me crazy


Naver Article 2 Taemin - Naeun,Flying Cheekbones, really like this couple, they may really like one another

(+1315,-76) Taemin is so handsome.. During those BRI interview.
Naeun who doesn’t show her hardship or sadness, needs to be more confident in future. In this kind of circumstances, you should take this opportunity to express the emotions that you have been hiding inside all this while. Once you have gotten closer (with each other), you will no longer talk. I was heartbroken to see naeun cry but no matter who sees it, the most heart broken person has to be Taemin. Naeun, in future if you wanna complain or cry in front of taemin, please don’t hold in.. Taemin seems to be looking forward to you expressing yourself more to him. No matter what, in their inner hearts, both of them are very kind hearted.

(+1075,-118) It will be great if they are really dating! Having a real couple from WGM is the audience’s wishes!

(+962,-74) Naeun is really pure ㅠㅠSo pretty

(+944,-73) This couple seems to be leaving WGM, for the whole week I’ve been anxious like this. A lot has been said in that one room, and here I am, a person who treasures them. They are so beautiful, date and make it public later, can’t you do that?

(+822,-46) This couple is a great couple I kept on replaying taemin and naeun’s scene


Naver Article 3 Son Naeun cried because she was being tricked by Lee Taemin’s prank

(+8049,-901) WGM is totally only making Taemin looking like someone who suffers from character issue. Since it is a script, Taemin is something weaved in ㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㅋ And, jumping around to clear up all the mess, when Taemin finish it, he would be annoyed by then. Does it look like something he wants to do? When some random people sees it they will just think, why is his character like that, it must be scripted right~

(+6857,-1358) Son naeun is really pure and innocent …

(+5168,-873) Ahhh, what a tender heart

(+4696,-1045) Son naeun is really kind hearted and pure

(+3994,-725) Please start a beautiful love again from next week

(+1671,-72) PD-nims really too much

(+1625,-107) Lee taemin doing is just according to script…So pitiful

(+1496,-86) Just look like he was following the prepared script

(+1400,-70) Taeminnie isn’t this type of person.. this time the script is too obvious..

(+1310,-70) Although today episode was really interesting, but it’s obvious that it’s scripted.. Suddenly want to see how naeun will look when she cry! Whoever see it also will feel that it’s being forced out by PD-nims ㅋㅋㅋEven if so, the two of them are still perfect match.

Credits to ctrawberry for the translations!