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The ABC's of SHINee  snowflakerose 0 1650 over a year ago
New spot look suggestions  Ieva0311 3 1711 over a year ago
taem's mini album already out of stock at applemusic  MandyDeborah 0 3480 over a year ago
Taemin 's mini album already out of stock at applemusic  MandyDeborah 0 2904 over a year ago
"taemin solo debut" ranking 3rd on naver hot topic chart  MandyDeborah 0 3467 over a year ago
sнιηєє Cσɴтєѕт {CLOSED}  Ieva0311 177 25082 over a year ago
7 SM M-ARTIST MOST BEAUTIFUL CHOOSE BY LEE SOO MAN:  Kimchigae 2 3454 over a year ago
The 20 best dancers of Kpop Idol Mnet. Mnet has selected 20 best dance idols  SunShinesAmy 2 7694 over a year ago
Tumblr  Catytio 0 1102 over a year ago
Five Stars Who Would Be Great Dubbers For Animated Movie  ErzaLattina 0 1866 over a year ago
Male idols to receive the most love from mother in law, Taemin #2!!  OmoniOmo 0 1284 over a year ago
Top star has most fan (SHINee members rank)  Kimchigae 0 1992 over a year ago
Dating Agency Drama with Taemin is ranked on 15 top searched in naver  Kimchigae 0 1402 over a year ago
Taemin #5 in Top 10 Male Idols with Sexy Lips  Kimchigae 0 1691 over a year ago
[POLL RESULT] Favorite WGM couple: #2 Taemin & Naeun (29%) @SHINee_SHINe  Kimchigae 0 1502 over a year ago
Taemin's Bus Coming of Age for a month  Kimchigae 0 858 over a year ago
May 18, 2013 Taemin is trended #4, #8, #7 on naver, nate, daum for the WGM ep 4  Kimchigae 0 1162 over a year ago
Top 100 Popular Idols Monthly J-Chart #2 Taemin #4 Onew #8 Minho #9 Key #10 Jonghyun  maybee123 0 1520 over a year ago
Top 10 male idols K pop has SEXY lips - Taemin is # 5  maybee123 0 1470 over a year ago
Which Idol Looks the Most Different Before/After Eyeliner: #1 Taemin  maybee123 0 2929 over a year ago
[LIST] 15 richest Artists in SME : 4.♥Taemin  SunShinesAmy 0 1946 over a year ago
[LIST] Top 100 Popular K-Pop Idol Stars Japanese Chart for 3rd week of April 2013 # 2 Taemin # 4 Onew # 8 Minho # 9 Key # 10 Jonghyun  SunShinesAmy 0 2366 over a year ago
SHINee contest  huller 34 3335 over a year ago
The Heart Project  kpopcrown 0 679 over a year ago
Order of SHINee Member's popularity in Japan 12/02/13 1.Taemin  SunShinesAmy 0 1201 over a year ago
【RANK】 The idol you want to protect the most  SunShinesAmy 0 625 over a year ago
TOP 10 SM Artists with best aegyo:  SunShinesAmy 0 4698 over a year ago
Help me not being so obsessed!!!  shineeluver919 12 2406 over a year ago
need help to find a jonghyun picture!(:  xHappyTran 0 906 over a year ago
If SHINee make new Korea MV  SIHItee 6 3019 over a year ago
can i get a person say the all the names of SHINee albums ??  rekarmuhamad 2 1647 over a year ago
SHINee COMING TO AMERICA FOR FREE!!!!  shineeluver919 4 4187 over a year ago
Signed poster  sadie_sue 2 2056 over a year ago
What's your favourite SHINee music video and why?  Jenjen_bunny 0 1028 over a year ago
If.....  shineeluver919 2 1382 over a year ago
SHINING SHINee always  magicalfairy 7 2931 over a year ago
Fav Song? :)  SHINeebaby 2 2511 over a year ago
DO YOU FEEL CONNECTED TO A CULTURE “NOT YOUR OWN”?  CulturalDomain 0 766 over a year ago
SHINee's Korean Comeback  shineeluver919 2 991 over a year ago
SHINee FIGHTING!!!  shineeluver919 0 1118 over a year ago
Support shinee!  slurp 0 1212 over a year ago
Express your love on SHINee!!  KpopxCrazedxGal 38 22654 over a year ago
KEY OBSESSION. <3  SHIN_4ever 2 2370 over a year ago
SHINee Coming to America  shineeluver919 0 1427 over a year ago
Jonghyun?  shineeluver919 7 3027 over a year ago
Minho's autograph(1)  teeaxe 17 3075 over a year ago
SHINee In Paris  shineeluver919 0 1488 over a year ago
WHY I LOVE TAEMIN SO MUCH???WILL I GET HIM???  Ameno 3 3423 over a year ago
SHINee's ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!  shineeluver919 0 963 over a year ago
Upgraded Replay version (Japanese)  shineeluver919 0 1402 over a year ago
SHINee in EUROPE! Read it about more info!  rainboows 0 1429 over a year ago
14 December's onew's birthday! what's your wishes to onew?  crazy_music 4 4379 over a year ago
Help me!!!!!!  shineeluver919 2 1173 over a year ago
the relationship between SHINee's members..What is your opinion..?  sky_sparkling 4 10618 over a year ago
Say, am I the only one who find Taemin really creepy?  SuperUkeChan 8 3528 over a year ago
Bling bling birthday  minhonguyen 4 900 over a year ago
Bling bling birthday  minhonguyen 1 860 over a year ago
Bling bling birthday  minhonguyen 0 917 over a year ago
Bling bling birthday  minhonguyen 0 834 over a year ago
Buying SHINee merchandise in the U.S.  sadie_sue 2 5785 over a year ago
Help wanted..for someones life...  Ameno 0 982 over a year ago
SHINee Is Coming to Cambodia  kiki_jam 24 10585 over a year ago
9 December 2009~ its Minho birthday..!! what is your wishes to Minho??  sky_sparkling 5 9490 over a year ago
is it really that onew broke his front teeth ?  anisSUNG 0 1079 over a year ago
Shinee Concert Singapore 2009  SHINeeyongwonhi 15 3898 over a year ago
shinee on hollywood bowl <maybe may 9,2009>  shinee4eternity 2 887 over a year ago
shinee on hollywood bowl <maybe may 9,2009>  shinee4eternity 0 769 over a year ago
shinee on hollywood bowl <maybe may 9,2009>  shinee4eternity 0 940 over a year ago