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Shirō Fubuki/Shawn Frost Question

People feel differently about Fubuki. Explain your feelings about him.

My feelings

The way you appear, the way you smile, the way you talk, the way you care, the way you play soccer... All these things are what make me love you.
Why is it that every time I see your face, your perfect smile appear, my heart skips a beat and gives my whole body a signal that I have a hurting longing for you? Why is it that every time I see your sad face, I want to touch you and make you feel better... Why is it that I love you so much?

I see you kick a ball into the goal with all your heart and soul. I see you protect the goal with all your might and will. Your heart for never giving up is what makes you strongest.
I see your loving smile, your never ending will and fall in love with you ten times over, but i know deep in my heart that I will never physically be with you. Never feel your warm touch. Never see your loving smile. Never know how you smell. Never get to be completely with you. But one thing I know for sure, is that you will always be in my heart no matter what happens. Even though I can never be with you physically, I know, deep in my heart, that I will be with you mentally. You will always be with through the good and the bad times; Never leaving me at my most needed moment. Always supporting me through my toughest decisions. Your never ending love will surge through me as strength till the very end of my days. I love you Fubuki Shirou with all my heart. Nothing in my life would change the feeling I have for you. Never.
Tottemo anata wo aishiteru... <3
 satsuki09 posted over a year ago
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Shirō Fubuki/Shawn Frost Answers

3mzo said:
Words cannot explain how much you mean to me Shawn, you are just so cute, handsome, talented and an all round gentlemen. just watching playing soccer makes all my problems go away, because i to busy crying over yours! I don't like telling people this but, the first time i heard about your story with Aiden and your family, i cried! i have never cried over an anime characters back story before until yours Shawn! I felt so sorry for you and I'm glad that you have so many people who care for you!
I know you have a lot of fans and you probably wouldn't really care about me if your real or not! but i love you Shawn and, and (oh god i'm crying why me!?) and you're a really great guy, your family are very proud of you i know it! (you can lift a full grown bear! who wouldn't be proud of that!?) but if you ever see this, I love you Shawn Frost more than anyone else! I'm in your debt you are my insperantion, you know when i was on about my problems. well people make fun of me at school and bully me. I tried to commit suicide but i didn't because i hadn't finished watching season 2 of Inazuma Eleven, i hadn't seen if Shawn had sorted his problems out with Aiden! So i promised myself that if Shawn can sort out his problems with Aiden, then I'll sort mine out to! and you know what, I'm still alive right now! It's all thanks to you Shawn! Thank you! <3 <3
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posted over a year ago 
janel4298 said:
We have the same feelings, Satsuki. :)

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posted over a year ago 
Asaniwa said:
We have the same feelings Satsuki.

I edited this because I wasn't satisfied by last answer because I was a bit scared about what you might think cause here,Inazuma Eleven season 2 just started so I merely know Fubuki,that's why I'm a bit shy.But I really like the way he smiles,it's really innocent and pure and charming.And he cares about people,like so much,even I can't manage that.And he the way he talks is just so sweet and nice and soft.The most important reason is that because of him I found my true self that I once lost under pressure and misery and nobody gave support,they just made it worse.And my love to my friends isn't strong enough to bring back the me I was once before.But I dunno how this happened,but for some reason my love to Fubuki is just strong enough to bring back the real me,not the sarcastic,miserable me that I hate.Yeah,now I'm much more happier.And I could,finally forgive my ex-bully for bullying me.And I could see the point of living and moving on.All I could say is...
Thank you,Fubuki Shirou...<3 <3 <3
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posted over a year ago 
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