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Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 6: The Showdown

The epic showdown between Shock and Eric seems to be around the corner now. The alarms in the police station continued to blare loudly as the cops there rushed through the halls, trying to find Shock. Kyle had just riushed into the building to see what was going on, and noticed this.
"Where is he? Where is SHOCK?" he asked the cops.
They didn't answer, they were too busy at the moment. Kyle didn't have time to wait for their answer, so he went onward down some random hallway to find Shock before the cops did.
"I gotta find him FAST..." Kyle said, while running.
But as he ran, he felt that same evil presence from before, and stopped suddenly.
"Huh? There it is again...who's there?" Kyle asked.
He looked around and didn't see anyone.
"That's weird, I could have sworn I felt someone evil nearby..." he added.
Then he noticed a door, labeled "Erice's Offcier" right across the hall, and knew that that's where Shock would be. He ran to the door and opened it quickly. He saw Shock sitting Eric's office chair, waiting on Eric.
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 5: Unfinished Buisiness

Shock was angry--he had worked very hard in trying to complete Malice's plan's, but everywhere he seemed to turn, someone would mess them up. He was fed up with them at this point. He zoomed around the room, firing massive electrical blasts everywhere. Kyle, Kendix and Jackson were all trying to dodged the brutal attacks, while Eric and his partner stood there firing off bullets, hoping to shoot him down. But of course you know by now that Shock can't be taken down so easily. Shock saw the bullets fly past him, and shot out another blast of electricity--but this time at the two cops. Thinking fast, Kendrix came rushing over to them, tackling the cops away from the attack.
"Are you guys OK?" she asked.
"We're fine! Now let's get him before...." Eric said, pausing a moment.
He looked over at Shock who was now standing up on the generator, about to suck the power from it. They all saw this and Jackson shouted, "Duji, please don't!"
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 4: Shock's Fury

Looks like Shock had Kyle cornered! Shock had knocked out two cops and killed another, so Kyle is now pretty much on is own. Kyle tried to remain calm as he came closer and closer to him. Shock looked straight into his eyes as he approached him, still forming the red electricity around him.
"So...you think you can handle me? Do you know who I AM, little mortal?" asked Shock.
Kyle shook his head, still trying to hide his fear of Shock.
"No, but I know there's gotta be more to you than what these cops say...what kinda child does this sorta stuff?" he asked him.
Shock was offended by the "child" comment and growled a little in anger, and then came charging after him.
"I am not a child! I am the most powerful electrical-powered being in the universe!" he declared in anger.
Kyle's eyes widened as he ran away from him. He stopped and held his hands up.
"OK, OK! Whatever! Just calm down, OK? I just wanna talk!" Kyle shouted.
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 3: Kyle VS Shock

The next day at Freedom City Hospital, Jackson was starting to awaken. He opened his eyes slowly and saw another person standing over him--this one was another dog, but female. It was his wife, Kendrix. The very second he saw his wife's face, he pushed himself up--not realizing he had been seriously hurt.
"OWWW! Holy macaroni!" he screamed in pain.
"Don't get up to quickly, honey! Lay back down, you've been hurt BAD..." she added, gently laying him bad down.
Jackson looked over at himself, noticing his cast and how incredibly sore his ribs were. He looked all around the room and then at Kendrix and asked, "What happened, Kendrix?"
"What happened was: Duji nearly killed you. Luckily, you survived but you're gonna be in the hospital for a while...."
Jackson heard what she said, and then stood up in the bed pretty fast. He screamed as he felt pain in his ribs.
"Ken, I have to find Duji....he's in danger, I know it..." he added.
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 2: Kyle

Things are heating up as the tension builds between Shock, Jackson and the police that surrounded him. Jackson was all-prepared to help Shock any way he could--even if it meant his death. They all just stood there, silent and not knowing what to do. Eric came over to Shock, said to him, "Make your next move carefully, psycho. One mistake and you're dead..."
Jackson looked over at Eric and shouted, "You'd better watch how you speak to my grandkid, boy!"
Eric rolled his eyes and looked at Shock, still eager to await his choice. Shock was still hesitant--but why? What could be making him hold back this time? As he stood there, he stared hard at Jackson, like he was trying to recall why he seemed slightly familiar to him.
"Well? What's your decision, scum bag?" the officer asked.
Shock growled at the "scum bag" comment and fired a wave of lightning at him purely out of anger. The officer jumped forward to the left to avoid the attack, and fired several at him. Shock flew upward to avoid the bullets and looked at the generator with an evil glare. He then flew towards it, but suddenly--before Shock could suck the power from it,...
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Whenever you read a hero's story, it usually begins with the hero gaining powers and preventing a great Evil, along with saving those he loves and possibly ends in a huge sacrifice. Now...some of this may or may NOT happen, but the beginning of our hero's journey isn't quite as you would have expected. Believe it or not, our hero begins his story as a villain. Shocking right? Well, let's get started. Parts of Mobius have gone dark--millions of blackouts worldwide and no one seemed to be able to do anything about it. The sun was setting on Freedom City--the hometown of our hero. But as the sky darkened, so did the town. Shock, an 11 year old, black furred dog with white markings, was flying through the cool, night air as he used his electrical power to suck the power out of the buildings and power lines around him. But he wasn't alone--the police was on his tail, driving after him in their police cars, sirens blaring. Shock looked back and saw them, and growled.
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 30 - Malice's Punishment

Malice: *Wakes up and see's that he's in Hell* O_O No.
Demon: *Grabs Malice*
Malice: LET ME GO!!
Demon: *Throws him to a hole*
Malice: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *Lands and gets all tied up in chains*
Satan: Malice.
Malice: O_O Oh fuck no.
Satan: *Walks to him* I told you what happens when you lose this battle.
Malice: Lucifer! Please, this is not what you think!
Satan: Yes it is.
Malice: No. How could I lose? How could I lose to Shock and his stupid ass actor best friend Ferrari? HOW THE FUCK COULD I LOSE?! I AM MALICE THE WICKED! I CAN NOT LOSE!!
Satan: Well Malice, a lost is a lost. You are just a FAILURE!! *Opens the door to the Lake of Fire*
Satan: Goodbye Malice. *Rolls him down the door*
Satan: *Shuts the door*
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 29 - A Christmas Gift To Shock

Few months later...
(Everyone is at Ferrari's house for Christmas)
Ferrari: Ah, Christmas, the greatest time of the year. :)
Valor: *Sits next to Ferrari*
Ferrari: *See's Valor and is looking at his scars* Did you felt anything when they took them out?
Valor: No.
Ferrari: Ok.
Anotonio: *Is playing tag with Dyllon*
Aqua: *Holding July (Her's and Shock's newborn baby)*
Shock: She sure is cute. :)
Aqua: *Kisses Shock* I love you.
Shock: *Kisses back* I love you too. :)
Sonic: *Is getting chased by Amy*
Tails: *Is playing Mouse Trap with Davis*
Knuckles: *Is arm wrestling with Shade*
Nitro: *Blows an air horn at Ningizzida*
Ningizzida: O_O WHAT THE FU- *Hits the wall*
Nitro: *Laughs*
Cream: *Is making cookies with Charity, Alex, Lucy, Ferrari's parents, Kori, and Shock's parents *
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 28 - The Final Battle

*The 6 find themselves in a room and Antonio, Dyllon, Shade, and Silver get traped in cages*
Dylllon: Shock! Help us!
Malice: *Evil laughs and turns on the lights*
*Everyone that Shock and Ferrari saved are trapped in cages, including their parents and Shock's son, also including Nitro and Ningizzida*
Davis: Dad? What's going on?
Shock: O_O Son!
Malice: *Appears* Looks like you guys made it this far. :)
Shock: >:( If you even touch my son or my parents, I'll break your bones!
Malice: *Chuckles* What are you gonna do about it? You couldn't protect your mother and father, because you were too young and you didn't even know how to save them. >:) Besides, I'll be having fun with all these.
Ferrari: *Punches Malice* You're a monster!
Malice: *Chuckles* That's what you're gonna be. *Shoots a dark energy at Ferrari*
Ferrari: AHHHH!!!!!! *Is turning into a werehog*
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 27 - Save Your Parents/Shadow's Misunderstanding

*The 7 are at a room and lights turn on showing Ferrari's parents (along with his brother and sister) and Shock's parents (along with Kori) are in a room and they are on a balance board and is filled with acid*
Ferrari: O_O MOM! DAD! ALEX! LUCY!
Shock: O_O MOM! DAD! KORI!
Juiliet: Help us!
Malice on speaker: Ferrari, Shock, you have loved your parents so much. Both of you had a lot in common. The room they are in is filled with HydroFlouric Acid. This acid will flow between the body, and melt it. In order to save your parents and stop the acid from overflowing, there is a drain plug in the middle of the room. However, going in there will only be suicicde. In order to pull it out, all of you have to pull on the big switches beneath you and you need to do this as hard as you can. Good luck.
*The acid starts to overflow the room*
Ferrari: OH SHIT! *Starts to pull the switch*
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 26 - Save Your Friends/Allies

*Ferrari and Shock are in a room and the lights turn on 6 lights turn on showing Dyllon, Devilyn, Antonio, Shane, Shadow, and Silver are strapped to the wall*
Shane: *Wakes up and tries to move* HEY!! HELP!!
Antonio: *Wakes up* What the?
Silver: *Wakes up* What's going on here?
Shadow: *Wakes up* Who ever tied me like this is getting their ass kicked!
Devilyn: *Wakes up* What the? What's going on?
Dyllon: *Wakes up and see's Ferrari and Shock* Hey! Help us guys!
Ferrari: We'll find a way!
Malice on speaker: Shock, three of these you know helped you out, one of them thinks your a weak hero, one of them murdered you, and one of them you don't know. Shadow, he has helped you along, although you and him have a lot in common. Shadow died after you tried to use chaos controll, or so you think. Shane, one of your friends, who was your guardian. Dyllon's father Devilyn accidentaly made Shane shot you. That day, he didn't care. Antonio, your dark copy thinks that you're nothing but a pathetic hero. The last time I saw him, he wasn't acting like he was before. Silver, a hedgehog...
Article by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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I felt that the fans had the right to know about this, so...here goes:

Yesterday, someone let my dog Duji out and he got attacked by some stupid dog. He was fine, but then I woke up to find out that he had died. Right now, I should be crying my eyes out but...in a way, I already knew this was coming.

What's weird is that when I first got Duji 13 years ago, I hated him. I freaking hated that stupid dog and I even hurt him a lot. Over time, we got attached--basically for nothing. First my old dog Jacob died and now Duji is gone--I'm never gonna see him again.

And as for the Shock Series, I'm gonna take some time from it for a while. I can't even think about Shock without my heart being broken. I'm sorry, guys, I just can't write anything right now

That dog was my best friend. I hugged him, feed him, got mad and yelled at him. But If I could do it again, I would.

I miss you, Duji! ;'(
Opinion by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 25 - Save Your Loved Ones

*Ferrari and Shock are in a room and the lights turn on and Aqua and Charity are strapped to a table*
Aqua: Shock!
Charity: Ferrari!! Help us!
Shock: Aqua?
Ferrari: Charity!
Aqua: Get us out of here!
Ferrari: Don't worry, we're gonna get you guys out of here.
Malice on speaker: Shock, you and Aqua had been a great couple, until you braked up with her. You decided to let you and Aqua to be only friends, but you still loved her. You and Aqua later got back together and got married and had your first son. Right now, she is pregnant with a daughter and your daughter has lyncanthropy due that Aqua has lyncanthropy. If you save Aqua, Aqua and your daughter will be cured from their conditions. Ferrari, you have been with Charity for about two months. You and her are most likey a good couple. In order to save your loved ones, both of you need to find two keys. Ferrari, your key is in a room, but you need to face your fear.
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 24 - Julizza's Fate

*Ferrari and Shock are walking*
Julizza: Shock! Ferrari!
Shock and Ferrari: *Turns around* Julizza?
Julizza: *Pulls out a needle* I made it. :) *Gets stabed by Malice*
Shock: O_O Julizza!!
Julizza: *Falls on the floor and is groaning in pain*
Malice: *Takes the antidote and brakes it* Now that is no cure for Shock, there is no way to cure him. >:)
Ferrari: >:( MALICE!!
Malice: *Evil chuckles* Once you are dead, we'll make sure you will be a failure! *Disappears*
Shock: *Runs to Julizza* Stay with me Juli!
Julizza: I...how could... *Is trying to breathe*
Ferrari: Don't talk.
Julizza: Here. *Gives Ferrari a device* This will switch back your powers back...Malice...he must be defeated! You need to before it's too late... *Is dead*
Shock: Julizza! JULIZZA!!!!! :'(
Ferrari: Malice, that son of a bitch is gonna pay!
Shock: Yes. He is, for killing my friend! >:(
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 23: Knuckles?
Ferrari: *See's Knuckles laying on the ground bleeding and see's that his hands are gone* O_O Knuckles?
Knuckles: Help me..
Ferrari: *See's some robotic hands and puts them on Knuckles*
Shock: What happended?
Knuckles: I had to let my hands get cut off, I had to, or else I would've been shot with a gun at the back of my head.
Ferrari: You should find a way out of here.
Knuckles: Don't you need help?
Ferrari: No, me and Shock are fine.
Knuckles: Ok. *Goes to find a way out*

Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 22 - Save Tails

*Ferrari and Shock are in a lab*
Tails: Hey! Help! Somone! :'(
Ferrari: Tails!
*Tails is trapped in a machine*
Malice on speaker: Tails is the master of technology. He knows what he is doing with machiens. He is like an Albert Einstien. In his past, he was teased and bullied, but not until he met Sonic. He met a girl named Cosmo and became best friends, he also had a crush on her. He was dissapointed that he had to sacrifice her to save the galaxy from Dark Oak. That day he was sad, but we will see if you are able to save him before he is sacraficed. The machine he is in is a death trap. There are lasers in front of him, if you do not locate the code in time, the lasers will melt his eyes. There are numbers hidden in this room, the numbers are a 4 digit code, both of you need to find them. But do it quickly, you have about 3 minutes.
*3 minutes starts counting down*
Tails: Help me Ferrari! I don't want to die! :'(
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 21 - Save Sonic

*Ferrari and Shock enter a room where there is a swimmming pool and lights they see some stairs to a cage that is shaped like a "T" *
Ferrari: I'm guessing we should go in?
Shock: I guess.
*Ferrari and Shock go up the stairs and a door closes by it self*
Sonic: *Wakes up and is freaked out* O_O HELP ME!!
Ferrari: Sonic?
Malice on speaker: Ferrari, you and Sonic have been like close friends for each other, but sometimes he likes to tease you. This test is to save Sonic by holding your breath underwater. You must hold your breath for 30 seconds ten times. But you have to do this succesfully, if you fail, Sonic will fall, getting him eaten by a shark.
Ferrari: Ok.
Shock: I can't do this. You know my weakness is water.
Ferrari: Well Malice didn't mentioned you doing this.
Ferrari: Shut up Sonic and listen to me! I'm gonna hold my breath for 30 seconds so you can live, Ok?
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 20 - Ferrari Forgives Echo

*Ferrari wakes up in a dark room*
Ferrari: Help! Someone help me please!
*The lights turn on*
Ferrari: What the?
Malice on speaker: Hi Ferrari. You and Shock have only been best friends for like 2 months now. You lost your family for 2 years. After your parents, including your brother and sisters death, you were filled with rage, hatred, and vengenance. Vengenance against the police officer who killed your only family.
Ferrari: FUCK YOU!!
Malice on speaker: Vengenance against the police officer who was set free after a year in prison. Today is the day that you meet him again.
*Lights turn on showing Echo Storm Wolf in a cage with a bomb behind it*
Echo: Ferrari? Help me!
Malice on speaker: This is Echo Storm Wolf, a former police officer with 2 brothers. He is most likey responsible on the day your parents, brother, and sister were murdered. That day, he made a terrible mistake. So I'm giving you a decision Ferrari, either let him be free or let him die. There is a bomb behind the cage he is in, if you do not make a decision, then the bomb will go off, killing you both....
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 19 - I'm in trouble.

*Shock is walking through the woods, feeling dissappointed of himself for being a weredog*
Shock: Why? Why do I have to be a monster at night? Malice, I swear, I am going to get my hands on you AND SEE YOU PAY FOR THIS!!! >:(

*Where Antonio and Dyllon are at*

Antonio: *Sleeping*
Dyllon: *Sleeping*
Shock: *Wakes them up with an air horn*
Antonio: O_O You scared the hell out of me!!
Dyllon: O_O Shock? What are you doing here?
Shock: Listen to me guys, I'm in trouble. I need you to let me sleep here?
Antonio: Are you out of your mind?
Shock: I don't know.
Antonio: Why can't you just go to Rite-Aid and get a bottle of sleeping pills?
Shock: I killed Amy.
Dyllon: O_O You what?
Shock: I'm serious. It first started at the cemetary, then the woods, then the police station, and it's going to start hapening again.
Antonio: I think you are seriously losing it.
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 18 - Another Memory To Remember

Ferrari: *Is asleep in his room remembering another memory*

4 weeks ago..

Ferrari: *Is eating breakfast*
Shock: *Is playing Mortal Kombat (2011)*
Amy: *Comes in all soaked from the rain*
Ferrari: *Snickers* What's the matter Amy? Did you had another wet dream? *Laughs*
Amy: Shut up Ferrari. -_-
Shock: What's wrong this time, Amy? You can't find Sonic anywhere?
Amy: No. It's the rain.
Ferrari: Oh come on! How can a girl like you complain about a litlle few drops of rain? It's not the end of the world. I mean, water never hurt anybody.
Amy: *Squeezes her dress, letting water out and into Ferrari's breakfast*
Ferrari: Well that's very imature Amy!
Amy: I don't care.. -_-
Ferrari: ...
Amy: Wanna have a bet?
Ferrari: Alright.
Amy: If you lose, you get to park your 2012 Porsche in the field.
Ferrari: Alright. Call of Duty, be here at 6:00! *Laughs*
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 17 - Nitro and Ningizzida Are In Danger!

*After Ferrari saw footage of Nitro and Ningizzida getting kidnaped by Shock the Weredog and Malice, he and Officer James are going to an abandoned factory, cause that's where they are held hostage*
Ferrari: *Remembers a memory*


*This was a month ago. Ferrari and Shock are at Nitro's house to spend there for a few hours*
Ferrari: *Knocks on the door*
Nitro: *Opens the door and has a Michale Myers mask on and a fake sharp knife and acts like he's going to stab Shock and Ferrari* Boo!
Shock: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! :'(
Nitro: *Takes off the mask and laughs*
Ferrari: >:( You fucker! *Pushes Nitro*
Nitro: Sorry!
Ferrari: Sorry my ass! Everytime we come here, you always got to scare Shock to death!
Nitro: Sorry Shock for scaring you.
Shock: It's ok. :)
*Ferrari and Shock goes in*
Ferrari: Ningizzida!
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 16 - Family Reunion

*Ferrari and Shock are now at the cemetary where Ferrari's parents (including his brother and sister) lay*
Ferrari: *Speaks in Latin*

1 minute later...

*Ferrari's parents and his brother and sister come out of their graves*
Ferrari: Mom? Dad?
Thomas and Juliet: Son?
Alex and Lucy: Ferrari?
Ferrari: *Hugs Thomas, Juliet, Alex, and Lucy very tightly while crying* I MISSED YOU GUYS SO VERY MUCH!!
Thomas: We missed you too, son.
Ferrari: I'd like you to meet my best friend, Shock the Dog.
All 4: Hi Shock. :)
Shock: Hey. :) *See's the full moon* O_O You guys got to go now! *Feels pain* AHHHHHH!!!!
All 4: O_O
Shock: *Is turning into a weredog*
Ferrari: Lets go!! *Runs to his hummer and gets in it*
All 4: *Does the same*
Shock: *Roars and howls*
Ferrari: *Drives back to Freedom City*
Juliet: Is Shock always like this?
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 15 - Memories To Remember

*Ferrari and Shock are at a beach in Empire City*
Ferrari: I remember days like this, my mom and dad would take me to this beach.
Shock: :)

*Ferrari and Shock are now at a playground*
Ferrari: *Swinging on a swing set* My mom and dad would take me to this playground when I was young.
Shock: *Also swinging*

*Ferrari and Shock are now at Ferrari's old house. It's a house made out of logs*
Ferrari: Man, there were good times in that house. :) *Remembers of his parents murder* O_O NO!! GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!
Shock: *Pats his shoulder* Shhhhh......
Ferrari: *Looks at Shock*
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 14 - Ferrari's Nightmare

Ferrari: *Is singing to Last Dollar by Tim McGraw*
Shock: ...

2 hours later...
Ferrari: *Sleeping and having a nightmare*

*Ferrari's Nightmare*
Ferrari: *Is walking in the woods and see's a lake and walks to it* At least I need water to wash my face.. *Washes his face with the water and see's a reflection of Shock the Weredog's reflection, and not his* O_O HOLY SHIT!! *Backs up a lot*
Shock: *Is in his weredog form and evil laughs* Hello Ferrari.
Ferrari: O_O'
*The lake is full of pirhanas and catfish's*
Ferrari: O_O' Holy shit...
Shock: *Pushes Ferrari in*
Ferrari: *Lands in the lake and is getting eaten by the pirhanas and catfish's* AHHHHHHH!!!!! HELP!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
*Few minutes later*
*The lake is full of blood and Ferrari is now a skeleton of himself*

*Back into reality*

Ferrari: *Wakes up and gasps fearly* O_O Fuck...
Opinion by Agent-004 posted over a year ago
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Julizza's POV

Devilyn...the best man I have ever met. Ever since we first went out, I felt that..well, that he was a great choice for me to be with. We have a lot of the same likings and he's a science nerd like me! :D *laughs* Even though we didn't know it at first, we actually met in high school. Poor boy was bullied all the time by his goon of a brother. He was always a sweet guy, just wish his dad and brother were like him... :\

Oh well. In other words, I love that man to death. Just hope we'll still be together when...no...not yet.



Donni's POV

Bro, I love ya, man! :) And lemme say this before you start thinking anything. NO. It's NOT just because of the bike ya got me...but it IS pretty awesome of you, dude. It's also 'cause you're so great with not only Julizza, but the kids, too. I know I've messed up a lot...just wish I could've been the better man in all that. Naw...you're the better man, bro.
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 9 - Shadow and Silver Get Lyncanthropy

*At a woods*

Shadow: How pathetic.. Shock turning into a weredog and I had to get beaten by him.
*Shadow bumps into Silver*
Silver: Watch where you going.
Shadow: Sorry.. *Stops* Haven't I see you before?
Silver: *Stops* I believe so..
Shadow: Silver, I thought you were supposed to be dead.
Silver: Not in this country, Shadow.
Ferrari: Oh really?
Silver: *Uses his powers to trap Ferrari* Show yourself!!
Ferrari: Hey!! Stop!!
Silver: *Hears noises* What was that?
Shadow: I don't know.
Shock: *Bites Silver's arm, giving him lyncanthropy*
Silver: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Drops Ferrari and falls to the ground in pain*
Shadow: Silver?
Silver: *See's blood dripping down on his arm*
Ferrari: *Uses a cloth to wipe it off*
Shock: *Bites Shadow's leg, also giving him lyncanthropy*
Shadow: AHHHHHH!!!! *Hits Shock*
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 7 - Shock Goes to Jail

*Shock and Sonic are waiting in a room and three police officers come in*

Police Officer #1: Well...we check at the crime scene and it appears that Shock killed Amy Rose.
Shock: O_O That's impossible.
Police Officer #3: It isn't. There was your fingerprints on that sledge hammer.
Shock: NO!! *Shoot's fire at a police officer*
Police Officer #2: *Is screaming in pain*
Shock: O_O I am so sorry!!
Police Officer #1: *Shoots a tranquilizer at Shock*
Shock: *Get's hit by the tranquilizer and passes out*
Sonic: What are you gonna do with him?
Police Officer #1: He will have to stay here for 10 years.
Sonic: O_O You don't understand, officer. He has lyncanthropy and he did killed Amy, he just can't control it.
Police Officer #3: I think you're loosing your mind.
Sonic: I'm serious! I saw him killed her!
Police Officer #2: Yeah, you saw him killed Amy, and that's why he needs to stay here.
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 6 - Shadow's Mistake and Aqua and the Beast

*At Shock's house*

*Shock see's Shadow out the window*
Shock: What the? I thought he was dead.

Ferrari: *See's Shadow* What the fuck?
Shadow: Get out of my way.
Ferrari: *Blocks Shadow* No.. you're not getting in.


Malice: *Evil chuckels* Death can be a surprise, but sometimes it get's old.
Shock: *Tries using his electricity powers at Malice, but then shoots out fire (Ferrari's powers* What the? I'm using Ferrari's powers?
Malice: *Evil chuckels* Yes Shock. The old switcheroo.
Shock: What have you done to my powers?!
Malice: There's no need to get mad about it, your powers are perfectly safe with Ferrari. He will learn how to use it once he realises he has it. *Evil smirks* And as for Aqua, I'm giving her a little visit. Let's just see if she can die alone while I'm there. *Evil grins*
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 4 - A Son To Rescue

*Ferrari is at his house and there was a loud thump*
Ferrari: Hello? *Goes downstairs* Is someone there?
Malice: *Is behind Ferrari*
Ferrari: *Shrugs and see's Malice when he turns around* O_O What are you doing in my house?!
Malice: Oh nothing. Do you know who I am?
Ferrari: I've seen you before. You're Shock's pissed off archenemy, Malice the Wicked.
Malice: That's funny because I thought you would know me. How would you like to join me?
Ferrari: -_- Fuck you.
Malice: *Laughs* Why?
Ferrari: I would rather die than join forces with you.
Malice: Alright, but would Davis will? *Turns on Ferrari's TV, showing Davis is in a closet in an abandoned house*
Ferrari: O_O What the hell are you going to do with him?!?
Davis: Help me!!
Malice: Just to play a little game with him. *Evil chuckles* Oh yes, it will be fun.
Ferrari: Tell me where he is.
Malice: He's in a safe place. *Disappears*
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 3 - Shock And Malice Reunite, The Best Within, Chicken Wing Party Gone Wrong

Shock: *Hears a loud thump, waking him up* Hm?*Goes downstairs to check* Hello? Is anyone there?
Malice: Shock...
Shock: Who is out there?
Malice: Shock...
Shock: I can hear you.
Malice: *Is behind Shock*
Shock: *Shrugs and see's Malice* M-m-m-malice? O_O Y-y-y-you can't be. I-i-i-i just defeated you!
Malice: *Hits Shock with a tranquilizer with something black and purple inside* You failed.
Shock: I...feel....dizzy... *Passes out*
Malice: Soon...you will be mine. *Evil laughs*


Shock: *Wakes up in his bed* Oh...it was just a nightmare.
Ferrari: *Knocks on the door*
Shock: Come in.
Ferrari: I'm having a chicken wing party tonight.
Shock: Chicken wing party?
Ferrari: Yep! I got 50 buckets!
Sonic: Yeah, we're talking hot, spicy, and delicious!
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 2 - Ferrari's Swimming Pool Birthday Party

*At Shock's house*

Shock: *Looks at the photo of his mother and father and begins to cry*
Shane: *Knocks on door*
Shock: Come in..
Shane: *Opens the door* Are you coming to the swimming pool party?
Shock: For who?
Shane: Ferrari's birthday party. Did you forget?
Shock: O_O Oh no I didn't!
Shane: Good. Be sure to be there at 7:00 P.M.*Leaves Shock's room*
Shock: You forgot to close the door.
Shane: *Closes the door*
Shock: Well at least Ferrari's birthday party will make me happy.
*At Ferrari's swimming pool birthday party*
Ferrari: *See's Sonic just doing nothing at all* Hey Sonic, how come you're not in the pool?
Sonic: You know I hate the water.
Ferrari: Oh please..the only thing that fears you is water.
Sonic: Oh yeah? Well you have a fear for ghosts.
Ferrari: *Fake laughs* Not funny Sonic.
Fan fiction by Sonicfan67 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 1 - Malice Lives

"One hero. One kid. Shock the Dog, a hero who has the power to use electricity. He had fought many foes until he world battle his arch enemy, Malice the Wicked. Malice murdered Shock's mother and father and Shock had to live with Gra's family. But a new threat has already began."
*At Ferrari's house*
Ferrari: Man, life is being an actor. *Smiles*
"This is Ferrari, a Red hedgehog who is a movie actor. His mother (Juiliet), father (Thomas), sister (Lucy), and brother (Alex) were murdered and there was no one to take care of him. He took care of himself and continued being a movie actor. He is best friends with Shock ever since they met when Shock was getting beaten by gang members at a park."

3 months later...

Ferrari: *Is in Shock's room and sees a scrapbook* Hmm? *Picks it up and looks through it*
Shock: What are you doing, Ferrari?
Ferrari: Just looking through your scrapbook. Is there something wrong about it?
Opinion by Agent-004 posted over a year ago
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Julizza's POV-

Shock...probably one of the greatest kids of all time. A legendary kid with legendary powers and a legendary heart. I am honored to have him as a friend, and I hope he stays a friend. Sure, he drives me nuts sometimes, but then again I drive HIM nuts back, so we're even. Through good or bad, Shock's an awesome friend to have. Hope we stay that way. :) Keep being you, Shock!


Poachie's POV-

Shock, dude! :D You're awesome! You're an awesome friend and pretty dang fun to race! We gotta race again, bet I can beat ya this time! Stay in touch with us, buddy! See ya!

Poachie :3

London's POV

Shocky! Shocky! HI SHOCKY! :D I love you! You fun! No go away! Be friend always! I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! :D Aww, go now? :C Bye bye, Shocky!
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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I was going to write this AFTER the Shock Series finale, but...I wanna do it now. It's a tad personal but I felt like sharing it. Shock the Dog is my fav character outta all off them--not saying the rest are lame, cuz they aren't. But Shock is just...special, at least I think. He's my first character and I'm like...attached to him, I guess u would say. One reason: hes not just a fictional character, he's my dog, Duji--who I love and is very close to. And as crazy as this sounds, and I know Shock (Sonic chara not the real one) himself isn't physically real...but I believe he's real, in a way. Not just in my head, but also in my heart...like he's somehow apart of me and I know I'll probably be laughed at for posting this but I just felt I had to say it. Point is: Shock is very special to me just like my real dog. And I'll miss his series when it ends. And even tho it will end, Shock the Dog will NEVER end.

Uh OK I'll just come out and say it....I love you, Shock! :)
Fan fiction by dargox posted over a year ago
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12,000 years ago called the "time of darkness" an ancient civilization called the " nova guardens " who wrouht down in stone of a 15,000 year old battle between two gods one named " kianova the nova knight of the dimestions" and the other " dragnova the nova dragon the destroyer of dimestion " and in the same stone they for tell of these two gods being reborn to rematch each other to deside the fate of 8 dimestion univers each with there own soul keepers who can control the power of the 8 chaos master.

(chaos dimenstion: at angle island)

Kunckles: ~walking around the ruins and comes up to the master emerald, see a guy touching it yells~ HEY!!!! GET WAY THE MASTER EMERALD BEFOR I POUND U!!!!

Unknown guy: ~looks over at kunckles and smiles saying~ heh, then come and stop me.


Unknown guy: HA, My name is slade the dragon and i'm a god of dimenstions!!!! ~put his right hand up and shoots off shockwave~
Fan fiction by katkat57 posted over a year ago
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It was a beautiful day in the castle.The old castle's name was the Aquellin.This was Princess Aqua Spoutfall's home of youth.This castle had been around for centeries.When Aqua was 12 years old,she stared out the window in her bedroom and sighed,"Why can't I go out on adventures like the heroes in my story books?Why do I have to be trapped inside all of the time?"She heard the door creak open,"Because you are a royal like all of us,now come down and eat your breakfast dear."Aqua heard her mother say."Okay mother,"Aqua said in a dreadful voice.Just before getting out of bed,she looked out the window one more time at the sunny,blue sky,"One day I can leave on my own as a hero,one day."
As Aqua ran down the stairs of the castle all dressed in one of her best dresses,she tripped on the hem of her dress,and fell."HA HA HA!"Aqua's older brothers laughed."Oww" Aqua said."Looks like you hit your head,"Aqua's father,the king said."Send her a nurse!"A moment later,a small woman with a big smile that seemed soft and sweet said"Oh dear!You seem hurt!Let me get you a bandage.And by the way,my name's Honey,Honey Conack.Nice to meet...
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Yeah that's RIGHT! Soon, Shock will have a brand new saga, the Legendary Saga. It will be set in 2015, where Shock is 15 years old and faces off against the 7 Legendary Villain's--a group of the 7 most evil and powerful evil beings in the universe. In this NEW saga, you will see how Shock and Charity met. Plus some OTHER epic stuff which I can't say or I'll spoil it. Lets just say: It's gonna be his best saga yet. I am currently in process of completing his CURRENT saga, so if u are hyped up about the NEW saga--you'll have to wait a while. And did I mention Shock's gonna wear CLOTHES? And Shock's new red and white hummer? The hummer that he will unfortunately CRASH lol Well, that's all I'm gonna say about the 2nd saga. I HOPE it ends up being epic....
Fan fiction by ShockTheDog posted over a year ago
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1 fan
Name: Gra the Hedgehog (short for "gravity")
Age: 21
DOB: 8/13/1990
Siblings: Shock
Eye color: Blue
Fur color: Red
Wears: White gloves, and red shoes with a vertical stripe
Powers: Gravity
Height: 5ft 10in
Abilities: He can turn gravity off in a certain spot. And flip the direction of gravity where ever he wants

Gra (pronounced like "grey") is Shock's "older brother." He and Shock are best friends. His family was very close to Shock's family. In Shock's prequel story "Shock & Kyle," Shock's parents died, and Shock had to live with Gra and his family.

Sadly, Gra witnessed Shock turn evil a week after his parents death. Him and Kyle the Hedgehog (an experimental life-form created 200 years in the future) set off to rescue Shock from Malice, the one killed Shock's parents.

He is also very protective of Shock mostly because they were good friends. And when Shock's parents died, Shock was no longer just his friend--he became his little brother. But Gra did have a little brother: Jeremy, who was the same age as Shock. But he died because of Malice, and when he and Shock became brothers, he...
Fan fiction by ShockTheDog posted over a year ago
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I originally meant for Shock to be an only child--with no biological siblings. But that changed on July 1st 2011. I guess since I had a twin, I subconsciously wanted Shock to have one. I made her a girl instead of a boy because I wanted Shock to have a sister to be close to like I am with my sister. I gave her ice powers because: Electricity is another form of fire, and ice is another form of water. So I basically gave Shock a rival--his own twin sister! Her original name was gonna be "Crystal" but I didn't like it that much. So I went for something better: Kori. The name "Kori" means "Ice" in Japanese--I liked how it sounded so I went with it. Her real name is "Danyel" because I wanted her name to start with the same latter as Shock's real name. Plus, mine and Jeremy's names start with the same letter.
Fan fiction by ShockTheDog posted over a year ago
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Name: Kori the Dog
Birth name: Danyel
Age: 11
DOB: 9/12/2000
Siblings: Shock the Dog, Gra the Hedgehog
Parents: Dead
Eyes: Green
Fur color: Black & white
Wears: Blue and white gloves & shoes
Power: Ice
Height: 3ft
Abilities: She can form ice around her as armor. She can turn parts of her body into ice. She can shoot ice, and make anything freeze--even people.
Weakness: Fire

Kori is the twin sister of Shock the Dog. Just like Shock, she was born with her power. Her name means "ice" in Japanese. She is kind, and helps anyone who needs it. But when ever she thinks someone has wronged her--she won't stop til she makes it right again. Her and Shock are mentally linked, which means they can sense where the other one is at all times.

Malice kidnapped Kori by mistake on the day they were born. He was after Shock, but took her thinking she was the Legendary Hero, Jiyu. When Malice realized she wasn't him, he told her that she had a twin brother, and that he was the one who killed their parents. Malice raised her to believe that Shock hated her and their parents. Kori remained hidden...
Fan fiction by ShockTheDog posted over a year ago
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(Shock and his dad, Shane have been fighting a LOT lately and here is his blog about it)

Hello, Fanpop....

I'm SOO mad right now! My stupid dad is being uh...I'm not the cussing type so, he's being a JERK. That tyrant doesn't give a CRAP about me. He's been trying to control me and LIMIT my chocolate milk. In fact, when I went hyper once....he tried to lock me in my room. He SAYS he loves me but I don't buy it. He tricked me into giving up my chocolate milk by SCARING the crap outta me. We even went to a therapist and we're STILL fighting. He even had the nerve to tell me he didn't love me when I'm hyper--THAT really hurt. I swear if he orders me around like a slave ONE more time I'll....IDK but I'm just really mad now. *sighs* OK I'm good now bye!
Fan fiction by thetacoman posted over a year ago
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1 fan
None of the conventional options had suceeded.
He stabbed it with a knife. It didn't go away.
He threw a rock at it. It didn't go away.
Still, the thing remained there, looking at him.
With wild glee.
"WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT?" Diabo screamed, throwing the only thing he had left, a glass of tea.
Needless to say, it was ineffective.
The bunny hopped up on his lap, setting him ablaze with anger.
"IT'S GOING TO EEAAT MEEE!" he screamed, running down the hall in vain, because the thing kept chasing him.
But a boy appeared behind him.
A boy with a bandanna.
And he did the bravest thing Diabo could have asked him to do.
He grabbed the bunny and pet it.
With his hand.
Diabo turned 'round, staring with awe at the boy with that demon-spawn rabbit.
"You can touch it," Diabo said, staring Shock up and down. "Why?"
Shock shrugged. "It's just a bunny," he said, stroking it. "And a kyoote one, too. Why are you so afraid of it?"
Guide by aly001 posted over a year ago
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Last name:Cuba(my best friend's last name)
Full name:Alex Star Fred Cuba
Family:Her brother Jake(who died), her uncle John, her unamed mom&dad
She lives with her uncle and his gf AJ,(witch is a living hell). She later met & befriended Emily the hedgcat, and even later she met everybody else! But after getting losted one time she met Shock the dog and became friends with him.She also some how got blind.
Friends:She is friends with Shock the dog, Emily the hedgcat, and much much more!
Eye color:Blue
Concacs:It's pink…
Looks up to:She looks up to Shadow the hedgehog…
Height:Her height is 1"2 yep, that's how small she is.
Loveintrist:She dose it got one…
Other:Her fav movie is Scary movie(all 4 of them but likes scary movie 2)One time she got mad at Shock.Will that's all folks!!!
Fan fiction by aly001 posted over a year ago
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Star the hegehog
Shock:will let's get going now!
Shock:Now were should we start?
Star:Start what?
Shock:Looking for your uncle or your brother.
shock:Is some thing wrong?
Star:oh is just that if they find me, will I'm in BIG trouble!
Shock:Yeah I gess your right.
Star:Can I stay with you?
And I will stop there!

Sorry for making it short!
I need more ideas!
Will bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fan fiction by aly001 posted over a year ago
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The next day!
Star:(wakes up) good morning Shock!
Shock:(is still sleeping)
Star:Never mind!
Shock:(wakes up)
Shock:What! How! Who?!
Star:It's only me star!
Shock:Oh. My bad.
Star:it's ok!
Star:umm.... Shock?
Star:I'm hungry.
Shock:Where do you want to go and eat?
Star:I don't know, where ever you want?
Shock:ok. What about Denny's?
One super Silver min later!
Shock:That was good food!
And I will stop there! Will that's all folks!
Fan fiction by aly001 posted over a year ago
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Star:is some thing wong?
Shock:nothing it's only that I'm tired!
Star:ok let's rest then!
One super Emily min later!
Shock:ok so how do we get to Angel island?
Star:how should I know I'm only 6 years-old!
Shock:wow! I'm 11 years old.(or is he 10?)
Star:I think my uncle John lives here?
Shock:-_- omg!
Star:you do no that I can fight 2!
Shock:OK OK! Now let's go find your uncle!
And I will stop there! JK!
One super Sonic min later!
Shock:it's getting late let's go and (yawns) sleep!
Star:(yawns too) ok.
So they left and whent to sleep some where. And I well stop there! Well that's all folks!
Fan fiction by aly001 posted over a year ago
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Star:(wakes up) um.... Where am I? (starts to walk around)
Shock:WOW this mexicin food is great!
Star:Um hi my name is Star.
Shock:(turns around and sees her all wet) omg what to you happen?!
Star:I.. I don't know?(eyes get watery)
Shock:don't cry! Please don't cry!
Shock:ok let's just go and find some one who knows you ok!
One super shadow minit later!
Shock:do you know some one who lives here?
Star:um no I live with my brother Jason.
Shock:ok where dose he live?
Star:On Angel Island!
Well I'm going to stop there see ya later!
Fan fiction by thetacoman posted over a year ago
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Shane Boltum (or, as he preffered, Shock) walked slowy, dreading Dr. Sebb's lecture on how he was a big boy now, and needed to turn in his homework more. "What does he expect from me?" mumbled Shock. " I'm just 10...."
"Hey Shane!" yelled his best friend, Markus from across the hall.
"Do your homework?" he asked, rummaging through his backpack and retreiving a stained paper.
"No," said Shock grumpily, wishing to return to yesterday and spend another afternoon with Aqua.
"Me neither!" said Markus, grinning with a slight glint of idiocy in his eyes.
Shock pushed the steel door aside and entered Dr. Sebb's science class.
"Mr. Boltus, a word please," asked Sebb, motioning Shock toward the storeroom.
"Hold still," he said, attaching wires to Shock's hair.
A bell went off next to Sebb, which apparently pleased him.
Sebb threw a pale pebble down on the floor, opening a rift above it which spawned two hooded figures.
"*ITALICS!* Se-hu nay 'Libre de Koy' *NU ITALICS!*" said Sebb in a awful snake-like accent.
Fan fiction by thetacoman posted over a year ago
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Midas struggled against the chains, trying to think of a way to save his family.
But he couldn't.
The Anubians had put this helmet on him, stifiling his thoughts.
"Help, Midas..." whimpered his little brother, Baus.
"I'm trying Baus," said Midas, struggling to remove his own helmet.
A flash of light filled the room, causing a strange crackling noise to absorb the air.
A bolt of electricity shot from the area from where the light came from, shattering Midas' helmet and richoceting to destroy Baus'.
"Who are you?" asked Midas a wave of ideas flooded his brain.
"The Key to Freedom," answered the being as the room dimmed and the crackling ceased.
"That was an awesome story, Mommy!" said the little puppy with the red bandanna.
The mom laughed happily.
"Good night, Shock," she said, turning out the lights.
Review by thetacoman posted over a year ago
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The Story
It's all very nice, Shock's gonna save teh world, even a little subplot with the whole 'JUDAS MALICE' thing.
Problem is, I've seen it before....
The Problem
Shock is kinda a weird form of the Messiah.
Maybe more closely being related to Aang (it's AYNG, ban you M. Night Shamalan. YOU SCREWED UP THE SERIES AND I WILL FOREVER HATE YOU.)
Aang has been reborn countless times and stoof, and has epic powas to save teh world from the Fire Lord.
And the whole, 'WHY, MALICE?! WHYYYY?!!!'
Ish overused -3-
Wouldn't the NAME Malice tip you off, Shock?
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Hey, bro! Listen....I'm really sorry that I wasn't there for you most of your life. Knowing that Malice did all that to you makes me feel like the worst twin sister ever. And I'm sorry I actually thought you killed our parents--that was SO dumb of me. I should have known Malice was lying to me. And I'm sorry for what you still deal with because of Malice. I wish I could help you more--I care about you. And I can't believe how alone you felt when our parents died. It hurts knowing that you went most of your life thinking you had no family left. No wonder you were glad to have me in your life. And I'm glad I finally got to know you, Shock. You're the best twin bro ever!

Love, your twin forever, Kori
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Dear, Shock

We want you to know that we love you. We know you miss us, but don't worry--we promise this won't last forever. You are our only son, and we're glad to have taken care of you and help you with your dream. Please don't give up, Shock--you can do it. We know it. We are here with you as you face enemy after enemy--and we won't leave you. Because of us, you are strong--but you don't have to act brave all the time. You are still growing up, and it's absolutely OK to cry. We are here when ever you need us--never forget that. And we are proud to have you as a son--our son, the hero.

Love, Mom and Dad.

(This is the same letter Shock will get from his parents in Shock 3)
Fan fiction by -Wednesday- posted over a year ago
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when i awoke i was laying by the shrine and the little dog boy wateva was sitting next to me he looked bout 5ish bout 3 years younger than me. "u almost died and stuff the tree was a falling on u but i saved u and u fainted and stuff" he said he saved me? "um thank u" i said "i dont think i herd yer name im Shock the dog and u r" he asked "im Princess Wednesday Shocker the hedgehog the princess of Lovana and ---" i said but he cut me off "a princess?! wow thats so cool! i have never met a princess r u rich well of course u r heeey u live in the big castle across the street from my house right? wow im neighbors with royalty that awesome!" he said excitly he sure could talk "so i saw u whipping that tree with a electric whipp right?" i asked "yea i have electrical powers they town brochure said that its the thunder gods shrine so i thought it would b cool to train here cuz like mayb my powers wud....b more powerful here" he said he does have powers like me how cool i never thought i wud me anyone like me anywhere im like so excited "well i have electric powers too" i said "realy? thats awesome too electric power pplz/animals who live right next door!!! yay!" he said wait if he has...
Fan fiction by -Wednesday- posted over a year ago
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i woke up on morning to see a moving truck in a house across the street from mine. well the castle i lived in and they were moving into a quite big house almost a mansion like one. and well from the window of my room i saw a little boy or dog watever jump out of the moving truck he had black fur with white designs on it and he had green eyes. he hopped up to the house and into the door. then one of the maids called "MISTRESS WEDNESDAY ITS TIME FOR BREAKFEST!!!" so i ran down the stairs to the dining hall.

my name is Princess Wednesday Jaxee Shocker III the hedgehog. im the princess of Lovana the island i live on its bout not far from australia or something. im 8 years old and i have gold yellow quills or fur and purple eyes. my mommy and daddy r the king and queen of lovana and i have a twin bro Prince Tuesday Alco Shcoker te hedgehog. We live in a big shiney castle in the capital of Astare. i have magical electric powers and i dont have many friends. i like playing in the garden not far from the castle and i like playing by the shrine of the thunder gods.
Article by katkat57 posted over a year ago
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name:Calvin Jared Bladow
gf/bf:Best friend:Scourge the hedgehog/Shock the dog. girlfriend:Gilda Night the bat
Bio:being the youngest of 3(kinda)
siblings,Clyde has maneged
to do a few things in his life.
he calls his older sister Connie
"Fart face"and almost gets
away with EVERYTHING.the Bladow
family lives on the small islands of Flaracosta in cluding,Flaracosta town,Mt.Flaracosta,Steam Roise Shore,and Firefly island.
Every person on Amy lane,(named cause Amy's house is the first thing to see there)(Clyde's home street)has some kind of
Bieber-phobia(means they're scared of jb)
but Clyde's is the biggest!
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Shock the Dog (not my art)
Full name: Duji Chandler Thomas
Full birth name: Duji Chandler Thomas
Nickname: Shock
Age: 11
Height: 3ft
DOB: 9/12/2000
Hometown: Freedom City
Siblings: Kori the Dog, Gra the Hedgehog, Andrea, Justin
Parents: Dead
Eyes: Green
Fur color: Black & white
Wears: red bandanna, white gloves with red designs on them. And red and white shoes.
Loves: Pizza, swimming, being a hero, his gf Aqua
Hates: Evil, Malice and Bounty Hunters
Top flying speed: 200mph
Power: Electricity
Abilities: He can strike his enemies with several lightning bolts from the sky. He can fly using his electrical powers, create an electrical force field, channel electricity through any solid thing that doesn't break, and an electric whip. And simply zap you with electricity.
Weakness: Water & anything rubber

He was born with electrical powers--the gloves just help him control them better. The "D" on his bandanna stands for his real name. The bandanna was also given to him by his parents. Ironically, Shock is most vulnerable when he attacks. If his powers are neutral, water won't hurt him. However,...