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Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 6: The Showdown

The epic showdown between Shock and Eric seems to be around the corner now. The alarms in the police station continued to blare loudly as the cops there rushed through the halls, trying to find Shock. Kyle had just riushed into the building to see what was going on, and noticed this.
"Where is he? Where is SHOCK?" he asked the cops.
They didn't answer, they were too busy at the moment. Kyle didn't have time to wait for their answer, so he went onward down some random hallway to find Shock before the cops did.
"I gotta find him FAST..." Kyle said, while running.
But as he ran, he felt that same evil presence from before, and stopped suddenly.
"Huh? There it is again...who's there?" Kyle asked.
He looked around and didn't see anyone.
"That's weird, I could have sworn I felt someone evil nearby..." he added.
Then he noticed a door, labeled "Erice's Offcier" right across the hall, and knew that that's where Shock would be. He ran to the door and opened it quickly. He saw Shock sitting Eric's office chair, waiting on Eric.
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 5: Unfinished Buisiness

Shock was angry--he had worked very hard in trying to complete Malice's plan's, but everywhere he seemed to turn, someone would mess them up. He was fed up with them at this point. He zoomed around the room, firing massive electrical blasts everywhere. Kyle, Kendix and Jackson were all trying to dodged the brutal attacks, while Eric and his partner stood there firing off bullets, hoping to shoot him down. But of course you know by now that Shock can't be taken down so easily. Shock saw the bullets fly past him, and shot out another blast of electricity--but this time at the two cops. Thinking fast, Kendrix came rushing over to them, tackling the cops away from the attack.
"Are you guys OK?" she asked.
"We're fine! Now let's get him before...." Eric said, pausing a moment.
He looked over at Shock who was now standing up on the generator, about to suck the power from it. They all saw this and Jackson shouted, "Duji, please don't!"
Fan fiction by ShadowFan100 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 4: Shock's Fury

Looks like Shock had Kyle cornered! Shock had knocked out two cops and killed another, so Kyle is now pretty much on is own. Kyle tried to remain calm as he came closer and closer to him. Shock looked straight into his eyes as he approached him, still forming the red electricity around him.
"So...you think you can handle me? Do you know who I AM, little mortal?" asked Shock.
Kyle shook his head, still trying to hide his fear of Shock.
"No, but I know there's gotta be more to you than what these cops say...what kinda child does this sorta stuff?" he asked him.
Shock was offended by the "child" comment and growled a little in anger, and then came charging after him.
"I am not a child! I am the most powerful electrical-powered being in the universe!" he declared in anger.
Kyle's eyes widened as he ran away from him. He stopped and held his hands up.
"OK, OK! Whatever! Just calm down, OK? I just wanna talk!" Kyle shouted.