before 20 years ago a demon power attacked to the mata village some ninjas die and from that day everyone who was ninja or who was have ninja or demon powers the people from the village they kill him ....But 20 years after one group of mothers they born ninja kids byt they never tell it to the village




Tsixiro : hahahaha u cant do it zero hahahahaha

Zero: oh yeah check this out -take a pen and start to whrite-

Tsixiro:hmmmmmm lets see u have all the test wrong idiot

Zero: what byt just yesterday i study for the test

Tsixiro: yea and its all wrong u cant study idiot

Zero: ohhhhhh shut up tsixiro u cant do it either

Tsixiro: ohhh yea watch this -write the test-

Zero: ohhh its correct

Tsixiro: i tell u i am super

Zero: u are annoying not super

Tsixiro:take this back or i will...

Zero: u will hit me with ur pen ohhhh now i really scared mammy mammy hahahahahah

Tsixiro: hay shut up loser

Zero: mammy mammy mammy mammy hahahaha u cant hit me u are just a stupid person who reads like a nerb

Tsixiro: ohhhh katon gokonuko no jutsu -fira balls hit zero-

Zero: u-u-u u are a ninja i will tell it to all the people

Tsixiro: ok then tell and for ur self cause u are ninja too idiot

Zero: what da fuck i have ninja powers

Tsixiro: of course u have and the girl over there her name is yun she have ninja powers too and the boy over there him name is sasuke he has ninja powers too and this girl sakura and yukiro ans sasuki and hakku and inori and tara and yuki they have ninja powers

Zero : and how u know this ha ?

Tsixiro: i can feel them powers idiot

Zero: ohhhhhhh so u have like magician powers

Tsixiro: -hit him head- its ninja powers idiot not magician

Zero: ok ok ninja byt why they dont use them

Tsixiro: cause they dont want problems with the mata people -look the clock-ohhhh its time for the test

Zero: ohhhh now and i dont study nothink

Tsixiro: ohhhh come on i know u will take the answers from haku idiot

Zero: ohhhh haku yea -runs to clus-

Teacher stain: ok kids when u finish them give them to me and u can go to do that u like

Sasuke: hmph -writes and give the test-

Zero: ohhhhh i dont know nothink from all those guestions ohhhhhh -puts hands to the head-

Haku: come on u know i will give u the answers always u know this -give them the answers-

Zero:thx dude -writes the answers and gives them to stain-

(the next morning)

Stain: good and bad news kids the good news is sasuke and everyone they pass the test and the bad news is that -look zero- zero u again faild to the test this is the 100 time u do the test and u faild study more or i have to put u to a another clus

Zero: whattttttt b-but i-i -look haku-

Haku: - creppy smile -

Stain : now guys u can go to play school over


Zero: u was tell me that u will give me the correct answers

Haku: ohhhh yeah hmmmm i say lie idiot i dont want u to be with as here me and anothers we are more good with out u idiot

Zero : i will kill u stupid

(they fight)

Zero: -coughs blood- ha how was that idiot ha

Haku: hmph u hit and i dont have nothink hahahaha

Zero: look again idiot

HAKU: look what?

Zero: ur body

Haku: what da-..... u are good zero hmmmmmm welcome to the team

Zero : what team

Haku: the shokino no mata team

Zero: and what is that

Haku : a team with all the kids who have ninja powers and we protect the village from the bad ninjas

Zero: yeaaaaaaaa i am in team

Sasuke: ohhhhh come on him he is like soul they are weak those 2

Haku: look i am the leader here ok if u want then u was can beat me when we fight for that shut up and go away zero now he is with us

Sasuke : i dont beat u cause i let u to win idiot u are more weaker than me u dont have demon power i have demon power u dont have chidori or sharigan and i have chidori and sharigan u dont have nothink idiot

Haku: blah blah blah blah i see ur mouth moves byt the only i heard is blah blah blah blah shut up

Sasuke : ohhhhhh losers -walks away-