It has been quite a night for everyone. Kasey was introduced to all other good friends to Kaede and Primula. While the evening was fun and glorious, there is also a sign of trouble and conflict. The king of demons and the king of gods were having a serious conversation concerning Kasey and his powers. Something seems to be troubling them but there is no fact as to what is troubling them. It is possible that the two know something about Kasey’s powers but don’t tend to share it with anyone. The talk has gone on for hours and hours. It all ended when the two agreed that they would discuss it with Kasey tomorrow once Kaede and Primula left for school.

As the next day rises, Kaede and Primula were dressed for school. “Are you two coming home late?” Kasey asked. Kaede looked at him sadly and nodded. Kasey was a little upset but did understood. “I will be here when you guys get back.” He said while forming a little smile. Hoping it would change her reaction, it did a little. Kaede’s frown was changed into a slight smile. “I’ll make it up to you,” She suddenly spoken. “When I get home I will make you a very special dinner. For us all.” Kasey smiled a little. He really didn’t want her to go through all of the trouble into making big dinners or do anything huge. But he understood it was the only way for her to make up for what she does. It’s just her kind side. “Okay then,” He said. “I can’t wait for it.” Kaede giggled. After that, both girls left the house and said their goodbyes. When they left, Kasey suddenly felt strange vibrations in the air. “What is triggering those vibrations?” He asked to himself. At first, he wanted to go outside to see what was triggering the vibrations but realizing that he promised Kaede and Primula that he would stay here, he started trying to avoid the vibrations. Second by second, the vibrations grew larger and stronger until he couldn’t control himself anymore. Kasey managed to make his way out of the house and followed the vibrations to a large house. He was entering the home of Nerine and her father. Once he made it inside, the vibrations stopped and he was in a phase of shock and confusion. “Where am I?” He said while looking around. It was then that the sound of a door opening was heard from behind him. He quickly turned around and noticed it was Nerine’s father and Sia’s father. “I’m glade you came,” Nerine’s father said. “You must have really great senses.” Kasey was confused by what he meant. “What are you talking about?” Sia’s father started asking Nerine’s father if the time was right yet. Kasey was now on the verge of being super confused. “What is going on?” He asked. “We brought you here for an important purpose,” Sia’s father started speaking. “You might not know this kid but your powers are unspeakable to us and we feel like the time is now to discuss this with you.” Kasey’s reaction soon shifted. “My powers are an importance to you? But why? You’re not planning on stealing them from me are you?” The two men started snickering a little. Kasey was about to get annoyed, but he understood why they were laughing. “Don’t be silly. We don’t want your powers. We’ve got powers of our own and they are worth it. But we’re just saying that you’re powers are worth a fortune even to us in the demon realm.” “As the god realm as well,” Sia’s father added. “Why if it weren’t for you, no one would be crowned ruler of your powers.” Kasey suddenly grew in surprise. “How did you know I was the chosen one?”

It was then that the two started telling him the whole story in how the power of the AniMorps came in contact with the demons and gods in both of their realms. They were told by the former leader of the powers, the original Anubis ruler, to not let demons and gods enter the human world because they would create havoc. Because he was the leader and ruler of the AniMorphic powers they respected him and never picked a fight with him. For centuries, the gods and demons in both realms have feared the day when he would return and attempt to destroy both of their realms. Unfounrtally, due to the former Anubis’s illness and weakness that changed everything for both realms as gods and demons would return to live in the human world once again. And this was the whole story.

“Wow,” Kasey said. “I had no idea that he was that kind of person. That’s just…not right.” “Exactly,” Nerine’s father responded. “So now you understand why we had to talk to you about this? We’re just trying to be aware of your actions. You’re possibly the next ruler and leader of the AniMorph powers and we don’t want any conflicts to happen.” Kasey sighed while respondeing,”You don’t have to worry about anything with me. I might be the next ruler but I’m no tyrant.” Both kings were shocked by his reaction. They had no idea he would respond this way. Sia’s father laughed while attempting to pick him up with such force that he could throw him in the air. “This causes for a celebration!” He exclaimed. Kasey started getting natuious. “I think we should wait until the right moment to do that.” Nerine’s father protested while trying not to let Sia’s father harm Kasey. Te two men soon got into a little argument over when to celebrate the occasion. Kasey was passed out on the floor while swirls were on both of his eyes.
Hours flew by and school was over for Kaede, Primula and the others. Everyone walked together until they got to the streets and blocks they needed to go to. After Rin and Asa said their farewells to Kaede, Primula, Sia, and Nerine, they all looked at each other. “Are you and Primula going home as well?” Sia asked. Kaede looked at the ground a little sad and shook her head. “I have to go do a little clothes shopping for Primula. She needs more clothes.” Sia and Nerine looked at her with a little concern. Kaede eventually got over it and said, “But it’s okay.” Sia and Nerine’s reactions changed a bit. They felt a little bad for her. “Do you want us to go with you?” Nerine offered. Kaede shook her head and responded, “It’s quite alright. Primula and I will go together. We’ll be alright.” The two girls understood and said their farewells to Kaede and Primula. They did the same to Sia and Nerine. Once when Sia and Nerine turned however, they discovered something strange. A cat was standing a few yards near them. “Is that Kasey?” Sia asked. Nerine wasn’t sure, but she assumed it was him. “Let’s go check it out.” Sia said while being the first to walk. Nerine quickly reached her as well. When the two got to the cat, they asked if it was him or not. The cat responded, “Yes, it’s me.” Sia and Nerine sighed with relief. “What are you doing out here?” Nerine asked. Kasey sighed and responded, “Do you two have time to talk?” The two girls looked at each other with concern and looked back at him while nodding. The three went to the park where they had some privacy. “May I ask you two something?” Kasey asked. Sia and Nerine nodded while responding, “Yes.” This was when he tried asking them if they knew anything about the AniMorphic powers and if their fathers asked them anything about it. Both of them were in total shock but also sighed while looking really depressed. Kasey noticed their emotions and tried his hardest not to make them upset. “I can understand how you two are feeling right now,” He said. “I mean, yes I might appear dangerous and powerful but you can only imagine how much I have experienced. I’m not like anyone else you may think of.” Nerine was the first to respond. “It’s not because of you. It’s because…well, it’s really difficult to talk about.” Kasey could understand her feelings. He sighed while saying, “I guess I’m not the only one who is confused.” Sia then said something. “On the brighter side, you are at lease a normal caring person.” Kasey and Nerine looked at Sia. “I mean, it’s possible your powers might be dangerous but that wouldn’t matter anyway because you are no threat to us or the world. You say you use your powers to protect our world right? That should be all that matters. In the case of our fathers, you will have to mind them. They don’t know who you really are yet.” Kasey’s reaction shifted to a smile. “Thank you Sia. That is very inspirational of you to say.” Nerine smiled as well. “Yes, that was very generous.” Sia formed a bright and lovely smile while laughing. Kasey and Nerine joined in as well. It turned out to be a happy evening for everyone- Kasey the most anyway.

In the household of Kaede, she and Primula are busy cooking. They were preparing the big dinner Kaede promised she would make for Kasey. It was at this time that Kasey himself finally made it back. ‘I’m home.” Kasey said while transforming into a cat and entering in. Kaede and Primula watched as he entered in. “Welcome back Kasey,” Kaede said while smiling. ‘I’m making that dinner I promised.” Kasey forgot about the big dinner she planned, but smiled and chuckled a little. Primula entered in the dining room and picked him up. “Is there something I can do for you?” Kasey said while staring at Primula’s eyes. She didn’t say anything but rather hugged him. “Do you think she noticed I wasn’t at home?” He thought to himself. It didn’t matter though. “Dinner is just about ready.” Kaede said. She noticed Primula hugging Kasey and was awed by it. As a minute past, the three started eating. “This is so good.” Kasey said while gobbling it all down. Kaede giggled while responding, “Thank you. I made it all just for you.” Kasey looked at her face while saying, “That’s really kind of you. But you didn’t have to go through all of that.” Kaede looked at him with sudden confusion. “But, I wanted to make it for you. I feel bad for coming home late too often so I wanted to make it up to you by making you this dinner.” Kasey could only smile at her. “Thank you very much Kaede. You’re the sweetest person I know.” Kaede blushed while continuing eating. Primula on the other hand was rather quite. She ate her dinner but didn’t speak a word. “I bet Primula is enjoying the dinner too.” Kasey said while watching her. Kaede watched as well and giggled. When dinner was over, Kaede and Primula handled the dishes while Kasey cleaned the table.

While this is going on, Rin and Asa are having a discussion concerning over Kasey and his powers. “Do you honestly think its safe having a friend with powers like he has?” Asa asked. Rin couldn’t come with a good enough answer but took a lucky guess. “I guess so.” Asa looked at Rin with a strange reaction but giggled a little. “Oh Rin,” She said. “You’re too much. You haven’t got an answer do you?” Rin blushed a little and couldn’t have the guts to respond. Asa understood however. Her reaction soon shifted though when she thought about something else. “But you know what I have wondered? I have wondered what would happen if Kasey indeed turned against the world.” Rin looked at her with shock. “Why would you say such a thing?” Rin asked. Asa looked at him. “Well, I’m just saying what if it did happen.” Rin tried his hardest not to argue with her. “But that can’t happen. He is an ordinary human and I’m sure he uses his powers for important purposes like saving the world. There is no way that can happen.” Asa’s face was formed into surprise. “Rin! You are so defensive when it comes to friends aren’t you?” Rin’s face suddenly shifted once more. “I do care about my friends,” He responded. “I care about them deeply. Wouldn’t you do the same as well?” Asa could only giggle. ‘Rin, Rin, Rin! Of course I care about my friends too. Don’t be so defensive okay? I was only expressing my thoughts about him. But how can we be sure he isn’t dangerous?” Rin could only put the palm of his hand on his forehead. Asa giggled. She was apparently teasing him. “Calm down. I was only kidding.” Rin sighed while taking a big sip of his water. Despite Asa’s joke, she does bring a very good point- can she, Rin and the others really, really trust him while having the mystic powers of the AniMorphs? Find out next time on the next episode