Adjusting to a new world can be hard for some people. While this statement is true, very few people don’t think of it like that. Kasey happens to be one of them. From becoming a family pet to Kaede and Primula, to meeting new friends, knowing that he is a true powerhouse, and currently dealing with a terrible situation. Despite everything that has happened, he takes no concern over it. This is because of Kaede and his new friends who made the biggest promise ever- to protect his identity, powers, and everything. Something was troubling Kasey though. Because of everything they have done for him, he wanted to repay them. He kept on pondering and pondering, trying to come up with some way to show them that he appreciated everything they have done. He spent half of the night thinking but couldn’t think of anything. “Might as well take a break.” He said in his mind while making his way up stairs. Slowly, he opened the door to Primula’s room and quietly walked in. He found a nice spot on the floor and started to doze off.

It was morning and Kaede was in the kitchen. She appeared to be wearing a Hawaiian-style shirt. This meant something, but it’s not known yet. It wouldn’t be until Primula and Kasey made their way downstairs. They stared at Kaede’s shirt. “What’s with the shirt?” Kasey asked. Kaede turned and formed a bright smile. “I have decided to arrange a day trip for us,” She responded. “We are going to the beach.” Primula and Kasey’s eyes were widen with surprise. Kaede giggled knowing that their expressions were a little funny. “We are going to leave as soon as we eat okay?” Agreeing, they all ate. After that, Primula was in her room changing into her summer-style clothes. Kaede knocked on the door. “Rimu, make sure you bring your swimsuit.” Primula responded and packed her swimsuit. She was putting all of her things in a little traveling bag. While she was packing, Kaede was downstairs packing snacks. “Do we really need this much?” Kasey asked. “Don’t be silly,” Kaede responded. “Of course we do. We are going to need lots of snacks. Especially if we are going to be having fun.” Kasey agreed. After packing the snacks, Kaede tried to carry the basket but it was too heavy. “Do you want me to help you?” Kasey asked. Kaede shook her head and said that she would try again. After about four times of trying, Kaede started to get tired. “I seriously think you should let me do it,” Kasey said. “If you keep this up, you’re going to pop something and I don’t want that happening.” Kaede agreed and allowed him to carry the basket. He had all the strength to carry it. This impressed Kaede a lot. Suddenly, Primula came downstairs. Kaede and Kasey turned and were amazed by what they saw. Primula was wearing a very beautiful summer dress and was wearing a straw-made hat with a sunflower petal on top of it. “That’s cute Rimu!” Kaede exclaimed. “Thank you.” Primula said. After a while, they left the house and were on their way to the beach. It was a long walk, but the sun was so bright and the skies were crystal clear that walking was better. “What a beautiful day.” Kaede said while covering her face with her arms and looking at the sky. Kasey agreed as well as Primula. When they made it through town, the streets were busy. People were out and about doing stuff. They knew though they were going to expect crowds and moved on. After making it out from the crowded city they finally made it to the beach which the waters were so clear, sparkles twinkled on top of the water. “Wow,” Kasey said while staring at the water. “Look at all the glitter!” Kaede giggled. “We better get going if we’re going to beat the crowd.” With that said they made their way down the hill and made it to the sandy terrain.

After finding a perfect place, Kaede and Primula started setting everything. They got out a large blanket, a huge beach-themed umbrella, and opened the traveling bag which had sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. Once things were settled, Kaede decided to go ahead and change into her swimsuit. “Stay here with Primula okay?” Kasey nodded. Once she went to one of the changing booths, Kasey turned and stared at Primula who was watching the waves. “Are you, happy Primula?” He asked with concern. She slowly turned to him and nodded. Despite her response, Kasey had the feeling that she wasn’t happy somehow but knowing it’s her, he didn’t say anything else. A second later, Kaede walked to them wearing her swimsuit. “You can go get changed now Rimu.” She said. Primula stood up and turned. She slowly made her way to the changing booth. Kaede sat on the exact spot that Primula sat in and started to put on sunscreen. “Are you excited Kasey?” She asked. Kasey nodded. It was indeed a gorgeous day to be out and about and the beach was the perfect place to hangout. The water was crystal clear, the currant was smooth and easy, and the sky was clear with bright blue colors that it was in fact the most perfect day to come. As soon as Kaede finished putting sunscreen, Primula finally came out from the booth. The swimsuit she was wearing was a simple school-style swimsuit. Kasey and Kaede stared at her with shock. “Rimu, why did you bring that with you?” Kaede asked with surprised. Primula looked down at the suit and looked back up. “This is my favorite suit,” She said slowly. “Do you not like it?” Kaede knew she was in trouble so she shook her head fast while repeating “No”. Primula didn’t really understand why she kept saying no, but she thought nothing of it. “Well, let’s go have some fun.” Kasey said while wagging his dog-like tail. Kaede and Primula nodded and they started their beach day. For hours they swam, played volleyball, threw a Frisbee, and played tons of fun games. Every second they had the fun, the hours would go by fast. It was already 1:00 PM when they decided to take a break. “Let’s have a snack now.” Kaede said while opening the snack basket. Kasey and Primula agreed and grabbed some snacks. As they were about to eat, a familiar voice was heard behind them. “Hi!” The voice said. They turned around and were surprised to see Asa and Rin standing next to each other almost a few feet away from them. Kaede smiled while waving to them. “What are you guys doing?” Asa asked while bending down to Kaede’s face. “We’re having a snack,” Kaede said while blushing a tad. “Want to join us?” Rin opposed the idea because he didn’t want to intrude. Asa however convinced him to change his mind and they joined in on the picnic. For a while, it seemed as if everyone was having a great time. After everyone was full, they decided to go and have more fun. While they were having fun, Kasey decided to take a little walk down the boardwalk that was near the beach. Rin also decided to join him.

“So Kaede and Primula dragged you to the beach?” Rin asked. Kasey looked up at him with a little confusion. “I wouldn’t say they “dragged” me,” He responded. “They just wanted to take me. I guess it’s something they wanted to do for me after yesterday.” Rin’s expression changed a little as he did in fact remember yesterday. What happened were the snapshots of Kasey that Mayumi took and showed to the whole school. If it weren’t for Kaede and the others, his secrets would’ve been revealed to the whole world and everyone would want to pressure into knowing everything about him. “They must really care for you,” Rin said while sighing. “The girls I mean.” Kasey looked at the trees while forming a little grin. “Yeah, they seem to care for me a lot. But, I hope this doesn’t bother you. I mean, I don’t want to make things uncomfortable for you.” Rin chuckled a tad. “Don’t worry Kasey. You’re not a bother at all. In fact, I think it’s nice to say that you really keep them company. Especially Kaede and Primula.” “They are such great people,” Kasey said with ease. “Kaede makes sure I eat no matter what and that I am taken care of. Primula really thinks of me as her best friend, pet, and companion. I just think it’s…all special.” Rin formed a slight grin. He did understand how wonderful they were. It was like the times when he was the one whom Kaede cared for the most as well as Primula. But knowing that times have changed, he knew things just had to be different and move on. Besides, while Rin doesn’t live with them, he does know how much they love him. His thoughts suddenly were gone as he stared at Kasey who was still looking at the trees. “Is there something about those trees that interest you?” He asked. Kasey shook his head slowly. “It’s nothing. I’m just thinking about a lot of things.” Despite his response, Rin couldn’t help but wonder that something was in fact troubling him. He just wished he could know. They continued walking for about half an hour until they decided to return to the beach and check on the girls. As they made their way, Asa suddenly grabbed Rin by the left arm. “Rin! We need you for something! Come quick!” She pulled Rin with enough force to drag him through the sand. Kasey chuckled while watching them. Before he could catch up with them, he suddenly froze. He was frozen for quite a while. It felt as if something was scaring him but it wasn’t known what or whom was out there. He suddenly snapped out of his thoughts. “What was that about?” He asked in his mind. “It was probably just the wind.” Thinking no more of it, he ran to catch up with Rin and Asa.

The whole afternoon went by like a speeding jet. As the sun started to set down, the entire beach was practically astonishing. For a while, the whole crew watched as the sun slowly sank down. After sun sight-seeing, they left the beach and were on their way to their own homes. Rin and Asa left first after saying their farewells to Kaede, Primula, and Kasey. After they left, Kaede and Primula were busy packing everything up. While they were doing that, Kasey was busy exploring the beach side. He was sniffing around the whole area for quite a while until he had a funny feeling. It was the same kind of feeling he felt earlier- only this time it was a lot worse. “There it is again! That…feeling.” He finally spoke to himself. Looking around, he couldn’t see anything. He started having suspicions as to where the forces were coming from. He wanted to leave and find out what was causing them but he suddenly remembered Kaede and Primula. “Wait, I can’t do this. Not with them knowing I am gone. I’ll have to exploring tomorrow or some other time.” With that said, he turned and ran to return to Kaede and Primula who finished packing everything up. “Are you ready to go Kasey?” Kaede asked. Kasey nodded and led the way. But upon reaching the street, Kasey turned his head to the beach and gave a little smile. He had a fantastic time and he figured out why they took him. “They are such wonderful people,” Kasey said in his mind. “I’ll definitely have to repay them for everything they have done for me.” Just then, Kaede’s voice was heard which shouted his name. He quickly turned and made his way to them. After a while, everyone was already asleep. Kaede and Primula were snoozing away. Kasey on the other hand couldn’t sleep at all. He was wide awake and was pondering with thoughts and questions. He began wondering about the mysterious forces he felt inside his head. “What could it be?” He kept on asking in his thoughts. All night, his brain was filled with so much thought that he felt as if his brain was about to explode. Before long he finally had a solution. “I think I should talk to the kings about this. Maybe they can give me some closure or something.” With that said, Kasey finally felt relaxed and was able to close his eyes.

The next morning finally arrived and the house grew really quite. It wasn’t until Primula awoke that the trouble suddenly dawned over. She quietly entered Kaede’s bedroom and tapped her who was still sleeping. The tapping awoke her. “What’s wrong Rimu?” She asked while rubbing her eye. It was then that Primula said it. “Kasey’s gone.” Kaede’s eyes suddenly widen with panic. “What???” It was then that Kaede quickly changed and existed out of the house, dragging Primula with her. They went to Rin and Asa’s apartment in hopes of him being there. “No, he hasn’t been here,” Asa said with concern. “Is he really missing?” Kaede nodded. “He wouldn’t just go away like that,” Rin said. “He’s probably somewhere to get a rest from everything or something.” The girls looked at him as if he was crazy. “Rin, how could you think of something like that?” Asa scowled. Rin calmed her down and explained what he meant by taking a rest from everything- knowing that Mayumi took pics of him did worry and pressure him too much. Plus, even though they didn’t know it, something big was going down but it’s not known what it is yet. To them at lease. “Well, we need to at lease do something,” Kaede said. “We can’t just let this go and assume for the best. Something bad could happen to him. We need to at lease look for him.” Agreeing with that, Rin and Asa decided to join in the search. They started off by exploring midtown and found no sign of him. They took trips on the beach and the park but didn’t find him at all. They continued doing the best they could to search. While all of this was going on, the place where Kasey ended up was actually the home of Nerine and her father. He was in a large room having a little conversation with the two kings. “What brings you buy here?” The king of gods asked. Kasey started explaining his situation from yesterday. This did puzzle the two kings as they never heard of anything like this before. “You said you felt vibrations,” The king of demons responded while pondering. “I don’t know any of us who have that kind of power. It must be from the type of powers you have which is very impressive I must say.” Despite his response, Kasey still wanted answers. “What more can you tell me? I need to know?” The two kings could only look at each other. They had no idea what else to explain. “I’m afraid we don’t know anything else,” The king of demons responded. “I’m sorry but I think this is something you’re going to have to solve yourself. Don’t forget: you’re the most powerful being on Earth and we as demons and gods know it. You can probably handle it.” Though everything he said was encouraging, it didn’t help Kasey at all- he still wanted answers. He did the best he could to try to get them to explain anything they were hiding. The king of gods couldn’t take anymore of it. “Kasey!” He shouted. “I am afraid to say this, but there is “nothing” we can to do to help you through this. Like the demon king said, you are a very powerful warrior and even you should take that seriously. We can help you, but there is nothing we can do to help you right now. All what we can say is let you solve this. Is that clear?” Despite his shouting, Kasey didn’t take any effect by it. He wasn’t even scared which in fact did prove that he was tougher than they expected. He wanted to roar or at lease do something to get them to talk, but he knew it was a foolish thing to do. He turned around and ran away. “Was that really necessary?” The king of demons asked. “It was,” The king of gods responded. “I had to get it through his ears that there was nothing more we could do. But now, I feel kind of sad right now..” The king of demons grew a little concerned over him and asked what made him sad. He responded with, “He…didn’t even flinch after I scowled at him.” The king of demons did a face palm and shook his head. Just then, both kings began to feel strange. “I am getting some strange vibrations,” The king of demons said while his right hand was being pressed against his forehead. “What do you make of this?” He turned to the king of gods and noticed he was still weeping over Kasey not being scared of him. He then turned to the window and looked outside. What he saw gave him a little shock. On the far left, darkness started to form the sky. “Kasey might be right after all,” He said in his mind. “Something is going to happen but I cannot imagine what it is.” He quickly turned and got the king of gods to snap. “Listen, I think we better go find Kasey.” He said. “What for? We cannot do anything for him.” “Yes, but I have a feeling something might happen and he may the toughest one in this world, but he cannot do this alone. Let’s go.”

Kasey was a mile away from Nerine’s house when he suddenly felt the strong vibrations. “Holy mackerel!” He shouted. Quickly, he transformed into a Pteranodon and flew quickly to the direction where the vibrations were located. He flown through half of the city as well as downtown park where Sia and Nerine were actually hanging out. The sight of the giant flyer made them realize that something was up. “Kasey might be in trouble,” Sia said with worry. “We better follow him.” Nerine on the other hand was skeptic- she didn’t know what was going to happen. Never the less, she didn’t want to get into trouble. “My father would be angry.” She said with a sad expression. Sia on the other hand didn’t care. She wanted to see what was going on. “Come on,” She scowled while pulling Nerine’s arm. “We have to go find out what he is up to.” The two girls eventually left the park and took a right. Meanwhile, Kasey was at the right location. The vibrations were at a large, grassy hill that looked over the town. After landing, he transformed into a Velociraptor, being ready for whatever comes. Then, the form of a girl was shown. The figure was colored black due to all of the smoke that was coming from the ground. “Who is that?” He thought in his mind. When the smoke cleared, the girl’s form was then revealed. The girl was wearing Goth-like clothing, had a bleeding scar on the right side of her cheek, had long claws on each of her fingers, and her eyes were in shades of two different colors- one was dark red and the other was light red. Also when she smiled, giant fangs were visible. This gave Kasey a huge fright. “Who are you?” He asked. The evil girl laughed. “I am Vicky, from the Demon Realm. I have come all the way here for a reason, but you will not live long to know anyway.” Kasey could only stare at her with panic, but also with anger. “Listen, I don’t want to fight you but I will if you make any sudden moves. Do you understand me?” The girl scoffed and then chuckled. “A thing like you won’t stand a chance against me.” Kasey’s anger was beginning to get the best of him as his teeth were shown, the giant claws on his feet were sharpening the ground, and he was in a position where he was about to attack. “What exactly is it about you that I must know?” The girl explained her entire past and her background. According to what she explained, she is half vampire and half demon and became a secrete member of the Demon Realm for thousands of years. She also doesn’t age because of her vampirism abilities, so even though she looks ten she is actually two hundred years old in her vampire form. Kasey was amazed by her background. “Your history is interesting, but I seriously want to know what brings you here? You’re not thinking of terrorzing people are you?” The girl was angered by the words he was using. “Terriozing?? Please! That’s old school stuff! I am not here to do stupid stuff like that. I am here because…I want to use the blood of only one person to cure me.” Kasey could only gasp with shock. “Say what,” He asked with shock. “Why do you need the blood of only one person?” “Because it cannot be the blood of just any person,” She responded. “There is one person in this world who has blood that us so rich and pure. If I get my hands on it, than I will be able to cure the virus that is within me. And you may never guess who’s blood I am after..” He wanted to know, but didn’t want to take the chance. “Listen, I do indeed feel terrible by the fact that you’re going through issues right now but I will not let you attack anyone just for their blood. I will tell you that right now. So go back to the Demon Realm and nobody gets hurt okay?” The girl didn’t respond or move. Things grew too quite. Kasey was hoping that she would turn and leave, but to his surprise she didn’t. Her teeth were shown and out of her pocket she got out a sharp weapon, which was a giant sword with a sharp scythe-like structure at the tip. Despite her weapon being powerful, Kasey didn’t back down or budge- he knew he had to be the hero and was taking his chances. At this time, the clouds started to get darker and a thunderstorm was coming their way. At this time as well, Kaede, Asa, Rin, Primula, Sia, Nerine, and the two kings made their way almost to the top of hill when they stopped. All of them were frozen with shock at what they saw. “I knew it,” The kind of demons said in his mind. “Something is going down. But, that girl- she looks awfully familiar.” Within a spilt second, the girl started to charge at Kasey. “YOU’RE BLOOD IS WHAT I WANT!!!” She screamed. Kasey as well as everyone else gasped with horror after what she said.

An ultimate battle is about to commence. The outcome and results of this battle will depend on who is the best- or who suffers the most.