A battle is about to commence. Vicky, a half breed, is on the verge of killing Kasey for only one purpose. “YOU’RE BLOOD IS WHAT I WANT!” She screamed while charging at him full speed. Kaede and the others were on the other side watching with horror. “Get out of there!” Kaede shouted. Rin told her to remain quite as this was something he would have to deal with on his own. Although she believed that it was the wrong thing to do, she agreed with him and just stood quite. Vicky was close enough to slice him, but missed him in a mere second. It turned out that Kasey was using a special ability called “Warp Speed”. It’s a power that makes him move at the highest speed and allows him to move in a zigzag way. “Do us all a favor and be careful where you point that thing.” He said in a mocking tone. This angered the girl completely as she quickly turned and tried to attack again. Once more, she missed him and sliced a tree in half. Everyone who was standing out of the way gulped in which they didn’t want to imagine what it would be like if it sliced them. This routine continued at lease several minutes before Vicky grew tired and more enraged. “Ok,” She shouted in an evil tone. “I’ve had enough being the easy one! Now it’s time to turn the tables!” With that said, she started glowing. Everyone including Kasey watched with amazement as the glowing continued. It turned out she was transforming into her true form which once after the glowing stopped, she was now a lot taller and wore a completely different outfit. Kaede and the other girls all blushed with humiliation by the sight. They agreed that her outfit was disturbing to look at. Rin too felt uncomfortable by the sight, but couldn’t say anything. The King of Gods however was different. He was wowed which caused Sia to kick him hard. “Stop being a pervert!” She shouted out loud. Her bickering caused Vicky to stare for a while, but she quickly turned back to Kasey who was still a Velociraptor. “Give me your blood now.” She said while giving him a look of anger. The dinosaur however showed his teeth, sharpened the claws on his feet, and gave a little hiss. “Eat my dust!” He shouted.

Within a splitting second, Vicky and Kasey were charging at each other like two monster trucks. Vicky quickly drew her sword to him, but missed after the dinosaur took a giant leap. Landing safely on the ground, he quickly turned to her. “Stop this right now,” He said. “I don’t want to harm you, so let’s stop this nonsense.” The girl refused to listen. She slowly lifted her body and showed her face which was now filled with a look of pure evil. It sent chills down his spine. “No way will I stop! I came this far to get what I deserve and now that I have found it, I will retrieve it- one way or another.” Everyone who was standing aside just watched with anticipation. They didn’t know what to expect. Out of everyone, Kaede was worried the most. All what was on her mind was the fact that Kasey would either live the light of day, or face a tragic death. She didn’t want to think the outcome and just stuck with what she felt. After a moment of silence, Kasey had the strength to speak again. “Why must it be me though? Isn’t there something else that can cure this curse of yours?” The questions were enough to cause the girl to scream. Without a trace, Vicky charged at him and her sword went through Kasey’s stomach. Everyone gasped with shock as the weapon quickly went through him. He gave a painful roar as blood started to splatter in most places. After the weapon went through his body, she quickly removed it which caused the dinosaur to drop quickly to the ground. Her face wasn’t visible, but it became clear how she felt. Her eyes were filled with evil as a little grin formed on her face. She looked at the tip of her sword which was covered in blood. “This is pure blood,” She said while staring at her blade. “It’s what makes you special you see. Anyone who has a curse would be lucky enough to witness you and steal these samples.” She then drew her attention to Kasey, who was lying motionless on the ground while his eyes were staring at her with horror. “By killing you, I will be able to have the power to not only break this curse but to live much longer.” Slowly, she positioned her weapon close to his neck. “And now…you’re time to die is now.” Kasey quickly closed his eyes as he didn’t want to see the outcome. Kaede cried as loudly as she could. Before Vicky could make her move, she quickly came to a halt after realizing that Rin was standing between her and the dinosaur. “What do you think you’re doing?! Get out of the way! I want his blood now!” He refused to move. No matter how many times she tried and no matter how dangerous it was, he didn’t move at all. Kasey looked at him with a reaction of shock. He didn’t understand why Rin would want to risk his life just to protect him. It then became clear- it was all for Kaede and Primula. It seemed that the more Vicky tried, the angrier she got. She eventually decided that enough was enough. “If you refuse to move, then I will have to kill you too!” While Rin was scared, he couldn’t show it. Before the girl could continue drawing her sword, something shocking happened. Asa walked up to her and gave her a hard slap on the face. This sent a shock to everyone including Kasey. The slap was so hard that it caused the girl to cry. “You’re really ticking me off,” Asa shouted. “If you kill him too, you’re going to hear from me understand?!” Vicky was still sobbing, but stared at her with anger. “Y-Y-You’ll pay for this,” She said while still crying. “All of you. And I will get what I want. This is not over!” With that, she quickly vanished. Asa was still mad but eventually relaxed. Everyone quickly ran to Kasey, who was badly wounded and was bleeding terribly. Poor Kaede could just cry. Later that evening, he was placed in Kaede’s room and was given special care by Kaede and Primula. They worked as hard as they could to make sure he was being taken care. Although it was hard work, they knew they had to do it because not only was he their friend, but he became a big impact in their family circle.

For the next few days, Kasey was under terrific care. His wounds were healing a lot quicker and he was allowed to leave Kaede’s room from time to time. Although he was recovered, he still had to be supervised and both Kaede and Primula were on the job of supervising him. Despite the care he was given, he didn’t seem quite the same as he had a hard time eating and wouldn’t talk at all. He didn’t even talk to Primula which caused her to feel a little depressed. Kaede did what she could to get him to speak, but nothing seemed to work. Instead of responding, he turned around and walked up the stairs to her room. The two girls could just watch with sadness as they didn’t know what more to do. It was by this time that the doorbell rang and Primula went to answer. To their surprise, Rin and Asa came in. Their reason for being here was to check on Kasey, but Kaede told them what his deal was. This sent a little concern for them as they wondered why he would behave this way. “He probably isn’t over that event.” Rin said. Everyone stared at him with a puzzled expression. “What do you mean?” Asa asked. He explained that it was possible that Kasey wasn’t over the event that occurred between him and Vicky and that maybe it was causing him to act strangely. Out of everyone, Kaede was scared for life. “There has got to be a way to get him over this.” She said with a little worry. Although she wanted to help, Rin said that there was nothing that could be done. “Even if we tried to entertain him, there is no way he can get over something like that easily. It’s better that we just wait for a while and then we will see how things turn.” Kaede wasn’t sure she could just leave him feeling sad and upset, but she had no other choice. She, Primula, and Asa all agreed not to pressure him and to just wait until the time is right. They were also able to gather Sia and Nerine and explained the outcome and the agreement in which they all agreed to. Later in the afternoon, Nerine and her father were sitting in the large room drinking tea. “So, how was school today?” Her father asked. Nerine responded that it went alright. The peaceful moment soon changed a little when Nerine asked her father about what was to be done if the half breed girl showed up again. “This is not a subject we should talk about,” He responded with a serious tone. “You’re too young to know about this and I will not explain it to you.” Nerine felt a little upset inside, but she knew that arguing with her father wasn’t going to help. She returned to drinking her cup of tea and just sighed. She slowly turned her head to the window and stared at the sun which was setting down. She was wondering if Sia would have any luck with discussing the situation to her father. Much to her dismay however, they weren’t talking. Her father was bathing outside in the hot spring while she was in her bedroom reading a novel. Although she was trying to read, she couldn’t get over what happened to Kasey. “Why would anyone want to kill him for just his blood?” She asked out loud to herself. She knew that something had to be done, but it wasn’t a delicate subject to just throw. In order to help however she knew she had to do her part. For the next few hours, she was leaning on the wall in the main room waiting for her father to come in. As he finally came in, he was surprised to see her. “Hey,” He said while forming a little smile. “Is there something you want?” “Yes, there is father,” She responded while approaching him. “I would like to discuss about that Vicky girl.” After she said that, her father was frozen with shock. He didn’t move, his eyes and lips didn’t move, and he didn’t make a single sound. This quickly annoyed Sia as she took a dining chair and slammed it on the back of his head. “DAD! QUIT MESSING AROUND AND EXPLAIN EVERYTHING TO ME!”

As the night quickly turned to morning, Kasey was still staying in Kaede’s room. He was curled on her bed and was still sleeping. Even though he used her room, Kaede didn’t mind at all. Like she did with Rin, she would do anything to make sure Kasey was comfortable and alright. Primula was the first one to wake up. She quietly ventured out of her room, crept down the stairs, and was in the living room searching for Kaede. After a short time of searching around, she found her sleeping on the sofa. Primula gently poked her on the forehead which got her to wake up. “Oh, morning Rimu,” She quietly said while stretching and rubbing her right eye. “Is it time for me to make breakfast?” Primula nodded in response and after waking up, Kaede slowly made her way to the kitchen. She received help from Primula which made her happy. After a while, they had finished making breakfast and were ready to eat but they had to go wake Kasey. They went up stairs together and gently knocked the door to Kaede’s room. After a couple of seconds, Kasey didn’t respond or came out. “Maybe we better save some for him in case he gets hungry.” Kaede said while looking at Primula. She looked at Kaede and nodded slowly. Their breakfast was alright, but it wasn’t the same without Kasey. After cleaning the table and washing the dishes, Kaede and Primula decided to watch a little TV in the living room. They ended up watching TV for about an hour and fell asleep. A moment later, the doorbell rang which awoke them. “I’ll get it.” Kaede said while racing out. When she opened the front door, she was surprised to realize that Sia was standing. She had a look of sadness on her face which puzzled Kaede. After inviting her in, they sat down in the dining area while Sia explained what was wrong. “My father managed to explain to me about that strange girl,” She explained. “Apparently, she is related to Nerine, Primula, and I. But her background is very, very disturbing as it is tragic.” Kaede was indeed shocked. “Did he ever explain to you about Kasey and what can be done to protect him?” Sia responded that he wasn’t able to explain anything about that. The only thing he could explain was about Vicky and who she was. “It’s possible you could ask Nerine’s father,” She added. “But I don’t think he will sense he is the king of demons.” Although it was a consequence worth risking, Kaede wanted to go through it. She wanted to at lease do something to help protect Kasey. After socializing for a little while longer, Sia left. Kaede slowly turned and received a surprise after realizing that Primula overheard everything by hiding around the corner from the main room. “How much did you hear?” She asked. “I only heard a little,” Primula responded quietly. “Are you going next door to discuss this with my dad?” Kaede was filled with suspicions. She wasn’t quite sure how to respond to her question. All what she could do was pat Primula on the head and responded, “Maybe.”

After eating lunch, Kaede and Primula quietly walked out of the house as they didn’t want to wake Kasey. They made their way next door to Nerine’s home and knocked the front door in which Nerine answered. “Oh hey,” She said while forming a little smile. “Come on in.” After they came in, Nerine’s expression quickly shifted. “What’s wrong?” Kaede asked with worry. She whispered into her ear that her father wasn’t able to spill the beans about the girl. She also said to go easy for her father was very armed and dangerous. This was enough to send chills down Kaede’s spine but she thanked Nerine for the advice and warning. As her and Primula made their way up the stairs, Nerine stood still as she sighed with depression. “I at lease hope they will get him to explain everything.” She said to herself quietly. After making it to the second floor and walking through the hallway, Kaede and Primula were able to determine where the King of Demons was. Kaede gently knocked on the room door in which the voice of the king was heard. With ease, she opened the door and was briefly blinded by the brightness of the sun. “Welcome,” The King of Demons said while sipping on his cup of tea. “I am well aware why you two are here so let’s get down to business.” Their reactions were surprising. They had no idea that he would be so calm. But instead of worrying, they took a deep breath and slowly walked to the sofa and sat. “Where should we begin with this decision?” He asked while approaching them. The first question that came into Kaede’s mind was that she wanted to know if there was any way to protect Kasey from the insights of Vicky. The demon king just sat with silence as a look of wonder was seen on his face. It became obvious that he wasn’t sure how to respond to that short of question. Kaede and Primula could tell that he wasn’t sure what to respond and decided to pass that question along. Although the answer wasn’t clear, the king did manage to explain the origin and history of what led Vicky to who she was today. According to the story, Vicky had a family. Her father was a vampire and her mom was a demon. The family wasn’t big enough as it became complicating for two different breeds of people to make families. It wasn’t until the night of October when for the first time in their lives, they had a child who was a little girl named Vicky. When she turned seven, Vicky began having difficult times dealing with stress and the consequences that went with life. There were times at night when she would cry to sleep, she would often suffer from eternal bleeding, and she would go as far as cutting her own wrists just to for her to feel the pleasure of being happy. This worried her parents as they decided it was time to let their daughter become a full demon. They took her to the lair of the King of Demons himself to praise their daughter in hopes of becoming a real demon. The king did take Vicky, but the sessions didn’t last very long as she didn’t improve at all. Her parents were showered with shame as little Vicky refused to improve as well as continuing to do the things she did that made her happy. Several years later, after her twelfth birthday, Vicky’s stress started to become even larger and powerful. Without hesitation, she killed both her parents and their bodies drained of blood. The girl was never seen again in the realm of demons until recently when she tried to kill Kasey for the sake of his own blood. The story was dramatic as it was horrifying. Even Primula couldn’t stand to hear more of it and Kaede covered her ears. Once the story ended, she told Primula that it was alright. “So, what is this curse that she is talking about?” Kaede asked. The King of Demons was aware that Vicky did in fact mention that she was put on some kind of spell but he wasn’t sure what type. “Spells and curses come in many forms,” He responded. “I really have no clue as to what kind of curse she has. It’s possible that the curse has to be super powerful for her wanting to use Kasey’s blood.” Kaede was shocked by this. Not only was the girl put under a serious curse, but Kasey’s life was also at risk. If nothing can be done to protect him, it could be the end of him and his super hero career. “I will not let her take his blood,” She said while both of her hands were formed into fists. “I won’t. Even if I have to risk my own life, I will not have anyone take his life just for the purpose of something that no one can control. I will do whatever I can to protect him and that’s that. Even if I have to fight her, I don’t care.” Primula and the king were both surprised and shocked by her speech. While no one has ever dared challenged gods or demons before, it certainly was the very first for the demon king. “That is very noble of you to say that, but I must warn you that taking a god or a demon is no easy task. They are not like you in so many ways and the chances of surviving are slim. Just think about what you’re doing first before you go off fighting her.” Even though his advice was important, it didn’t matter for Kaede. She was going to do everything in her heart to protect him even if it meant sacrificing herself and her life. Primula also added that she too would do the same. On the other side of the giant door, Nerine was listening the entire time and couldn’t’ help but feel frightened. She disagreed with what Kaede was doing and she knew she had to take a stand somehow. The time wasn’t now though.

With consequences now going on in the real world, trouble brews in the realm of the demons. Vicky returns, turning back into her physical form, still sobbing from the abuse caused by Asa. She had a slap mark on her left cheek and every time she touched it, it would sting. The sobbing went on for sometime until a figure emerged from the darkness. “I see you have failed to get his blood.” The stranger said. With tears still pouring down her face, Vicky looked up and nodded. “T-Those stupid humans,” She sobbed. “They-They distracted me! The green haired one slapped me!” The stranger’s identity was finally revealed after stepping out from the darkness. It was a young girl who was wearing a white colored gown-like dress and had an eye patch made of thorns in her right eye. Her left eye was colored purple and she had very long white hair. “If the humans are that tough, then we better come up with a new plan and quick.” With that said, Vicky and the girl were now in the process of planning their next move to get to Kasey and do what they can to get his blood.