One day at Utau's Concert.
"Hey Utau! Time to sing!"says Il.Utau takes a deep breath..."I'm Ready!"shouts Utau with high spirit! "That's the utau i know!"says El.

And the concert starts,The Guardians (Tadase,Rima,Nagihiko,Yaya,Amu,Kairi,and Kukai) watch Utau's concert."Yay UTAU!"shouts Yaya.Amu smiles.Then Utau sings the heartful song.

After the concert... Utau goes to her private room.Then Kukai comes in."That is a great show you got there!"says Kukai."Thanks *blushing*"says Utau."So you what to hang out?"ask Kukai."Don't know... but maybe"says Utau."Ok meet me at the ramen restaurant tommorow at 7!"says Kukai and he leaves Utau."Hey Utau! so ur planning a date?"says Il."YOU SHUT UP IL!"says Utau."Yo!" suddenly yuro appears."Yoru?"says utau."Utau-chan! long time no see-nya"says Yuro."Where's Ikuto?"ask Utau."I'm searching for him-nya"says Yuro,"I've gotta go see u later-nya!" and yuro leaves.

At Amu's House."I'm back home!"says Amu."Sister! Did u meet Utau?!"ask Ami."Ummm...yes?"said Amu."Wow! Utau! I want to meet her!"says Ami."ugh..."says Amu."so Sweet!"says su."Sisterhood!"saya Ran."Thats good!"says Miki."Wow Dolly! i wanna play!"says Ami chasing Su,Miki,and Ran."HELP ME!"shouts Ran."Hahahaha you will handle it!"says Amu.

Amu went up to her room.Her phone rings."Hello?"says Amu."Hinamori! it's me Kukai!"said Kukai(On the phone)."Kukai! so whats up?"ask Amu."I'm going on a date and i'm not sure what to do..."says Kukai."Ugh... with who?"ask Amu."Utau.."says Kukai."U-u-UTAU?!"amu suprised."Whats the matter is there a problem?"ask Kukai.
"Nothing! I gotta go see ya!"says amu.She hangs up the phone.She looked out the window and she sees ikuto."*suprised*IKUTO?"'shouts Amu.
"What's up?"says Ikuto."What are you doing here?"ask Amu."Just passing by and can i stay here for 1 month?"ask Ikuto."Are You Crazy?! oooo sure..."says Amu."Thx!"says Ikuto.

At night when amu sleeps.. ikuto hugs amu while sleeping.Amu was suprised."Stop Huging me will you?!"shouts amu.Ikuto ignores."Whatever"says amu,"Eventhough he is my enemy but he is kinda nice... and the way he sleeps is so gentle!'.And Amu continues her sleep.

Let's go to Rimahiko shall we? at the morning Nagihiko pay a visit to Rima's house."Rima! it's me Nagihiko!"said agihiko."Hi nagi!"said Rima."What are you doing?"ask Nagi."Watching"says Rima."And Blushing"says Kusu-kusu."Kusukusu!"says Rima."Let's Bala balance"says Kusu2 as she panics.And thay bala balance.Nagi is confused."Rima?"said Nagi."Kusu2 stop it!"says Rima."I'm sorry" says Kusu2."what?'said Rima. "i sense u have a problem tell me about it!"says Nagi."Who cares?"said Rima."Rima?"says Nagi."Alright! My mom wants me to learn how to do japanese dance but i dont know how!"says Rima."I can teach after all i was a traditional japanse dancer!"says Nagi. And they dance

Yaya was spying Kukai and utau,Amu and ikuto,and Rima and Nagi.She was sad that she didint have true love."Why me? why i cannot have a boyfriend like them?"said Yaya to herself."You still has me!"said Kairi from behind."K-kairi!"says Yaya *blushing*."Yup! U don't have to worry i will be always on ur side! No matter what!"said Kairi.Yaya Smiles.

Now Rikka is spying them."Hmm...... what is this love? why can't i have one!"siad Rikka as she walks,"I have a crush on Hikaru but i'm afraid he don't like me!".Then Su showed up! "Su?"said Rikka as she sees su."Rikka! what you are doing here?"ask su."Nothing oh no! there is hikaru!'she was panic."What is the matter with that?"ask su,"anyway Amu is calling me see ya!".Su leaves."Rikka!"said Hikaru."H-Hikaru...*Blushing*"said Rikka."What are you doing here?"ask Hikaru."Ummm...nothing!"says Rikka."Anyway my mom is picking me up u want a ride?"ask Hikaru."Sure!"and she smiles.

"Where is she?"Said kukai as she search for Utau."Sorry i'm late!'said Utau."Don't worry i know you're busy"said Kukai.Utau smiles."Oooo Utau is smiling!"said El."Ur Totally dating!"said Il."You both SHUT UP!"shouts Utau."It's okay!"said Kukai.Utau look to kukai."I kinda like it!"said Kukai as he put his thumbs up.Utau blushes.

Back to amu's house."*yawns* good moring What?!*suprised* he haven't wake up yet?"said Amu.Amu's phone rings."Who could that be?"said amu.She picked up her phone."Hello?"said Amu."Hy Hinamori-Amu!"said tadase."Tadase-Kun!"said Amu."Hahaha what about a meeting later ok?"said Tadase."Sure"said Amu.She hungs up the phone.And amu smiles.

Rima looked out the window and she thinks about Nagihiko."Why did i do that to him? i like him! but i act so bad to him..."said Rima in her heart.She thinks of the bad things she did to Nagi."Come on! Cheer up Rima!"says Kusu2.Rima take a deep breath."Ok!"says Rima and she smiles.

While in Nagi's house.He look at the mirror."Rima...I love you!but i'am afraid to tell u that....cause u act bad to me.."said Nagi in her heart."Nagi! Time to dance"said Nagi's mom.She got up and dance.He dressed as Nadeshiko in case someone sees him dancing.

Rima planned to say sorry to Nagi at the meeting.

While Yaya is doing a ballet.At kairi was watching her.And she looks at her and his heart races.Yaya dances beutifully.Kairi Smiles.

At the meeting Rima comes first to the meeting.Then Nagihiko shows up!"Nagihiko!"called Rima to Nagi."Rima-Chan!"Says Nagi."I'm sorry about yersterday"says Rima."Don't worry about it! I ignore that anyway!"says Nagi.Then Amu comes."Hi Amu-Chan!"says Rima and Nagi."Hi"says Amu,"Where's Tadase-Kun?"."Why u are asking me?"said Rima.Then Yaya comes."Howdy! Rima,Nagi,Amu!"said Yaya."Hey!"said Three of them."Is not hey is HOWDY!"said Yaya to Rima,amu,And Nagi."Howdy!"said three of them.Then tadase comes."what are u guys Doing?"ask Tadase."TADASE-KUN?!"said Amu shocked."We r getting ready for the meeting!"said Nagihiko.Tadase smiles."Hey! Guys!"said Kukai suddenly.He touch Yaya's head and mess it up."Kukai! Stop it!"says yaya."Ahhhh! Yaya!"said Kukai."What are u doing here Souma-kun?"ask Tadase."Just passing by!"says Kukai."More like dating with Utau!"Says rima"Ummm.....welll...yes...anyway how did u know?"ask kukai.Rima looks to Utau at kukai's back."Hehe!"says kukai."Anyway i got this letter from nadeshiko! shes coming back!"."Ooo really*looks at nagihiko*"says Rima."! but she will stay only for 1 day!"says Nagihiko.Kukai then remembers that nadeshiko was nagihiko."Oooo! *comes closer to nagihiko* *whisper*did u write this because it says she will stay 1 month!"says kukai as he whispers."WHAT?!"shouts Nagi,"sorry...,Rhythm!"
"Whats up?"says Rhythm."Did u write this?"ask nagi to rhythm."Well...yes!"says Rhythm."Why You!"says Nagi with his angry face (kinda like nadeshiko character transformation)."Sory...."says Rhythm.

The next day... at nagi's house.
"Can't believe im doing this!"says Nagihiko."Temari!switch off!"says rhythm."Ok!"says temari.Nagi changed clothes and turned to nadeshiko."Mom im going to the royal garden!"says Nagihiko(Nadeshiko)."Hun.. why are u dress as a girl?"ask his mom."My friend just miss Nadeshiko so i dress as a girl"says nadeshiko.Lets call nagihiko nadeshiko ok?

At the royal garden...."hi guys!"say Nadeshiko.Amu's eyes sparkle."Nadeshiko!"Amu says.They hugged."I miss u so MUCH!"amu says.Nadeshiko Smiles."Fujisaki-san!"Tadase Says."Hi tadase!"Nadeshiko says."Ah Fujisaki-kun!Kukai says."Fujisaki-kun?"ask Amu."Uhhh.....He means fujisaki-san!"Nadeshiko says,"Nice to meet u again Mashiro-san".Rima ignores."Rima?"Amu says."*suprised* oooo hi Fujisaki-san"Rima says with a angry face."Nadeshiko!"shouts yaya."Yaya!"Nadeshiko says.They hugged. The bell rings."Uh oh! lets go Yaya!"says amu.They left."Thx for keeping this a secret guys!"Nadeshiko says."No problem! Nagihiko!"Kukai says.Nadeshiko smiles.

She was all alone in the royal garden."Temari... Do i have to tell this to amu?"ask Nadeshiko."Its ur choice!"Temari says."Yeah...but i think it would be better to not tell her!'Nadeshiko says.He is confused.

After school Nadeshiko goes to amu's house."Amu-chan!"Nadeshiko calls amu's name."Nadeshiko!What r u doing her?"ask amu."Just passing by!"Nadeshiko says with a smile."Lets go to my room!"amu says.They goes upstairs."Amu there is something i need to tell you...."Nadeshiko says."What?"ask amu."I wanted to tell u that.."

To be Continued....
On the next chapter Nadeshiko has a concert along with utau! But they perform at the same day and time...Amu wants to watch both of the concert.What will amu do? and another story Rima finds out that ikuto is dating a girl.She tells to all the guardians! and of course! amu was shocked and heart broken.Tadase tried to cheers her up by shopping.But that didin't help her at all! Nadeshiko tries to cheer her up by telling her stories while leaving from japan.Amu was intrested and she tries to forget about ikuto! but... she thinks him more and more! What will she do?