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Shugo Chara Fan fiction Article

Amuto Forever - Part 1

Fan fiction by MissCarly2012 posted over a year ago
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It is 11:34 in the morning, Amu yawned really and dressed up in school clothes and ate breakfast, When she got to the Royal Garden, El (Eru) showed up the newsbanner for Utau's next concert. 'Good news everybody! Utau is holding a concert next Thursday!' shouted El, 'Enough of that!' shouted Il with a kick on El (Eru). 'Im back right now.' said Nadeshiko, 'Nadeshiko! Yourve back!' said Amu. Later that night, Hoshina Utau recorded a single for her concert. On another Thursday, 9:56pm, 'The countdown to Utau's new single, Moonlight Dreams will start on 30 seconds! Please sit on your seats!' said the annoucer shoutly, 'Wow, it is my favorite.' said Amu. 'Let the countdown begin! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Now start!' said the annoucer shoutly, 'When my tears begin to cry, This time will set to fly,' sang Utau, 'Utau! Yourve the best!' said El. 10:45pm, A X-Egg appeared at the person after the concert has ended. 'Nadeshiko!' shouted Amu, Can Nadeshiko be safe? Find out in part 2. To be continued...
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Kattye said:
It's not the best fanfiction.. But It's good :)
Where is part 2?
posted over a year ago.