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Shugo Chara Role play  greenstergirl 9 5043 over a year ago
Create your own Shugo Chara  animechalyss 0 2552 over a year ago
I'm sure all Amuto fans have something to say bout shugo party ending (Say it here)  YuukiXZero 9 2451 over a year ago
Don't call Tadase gay  Yurie-Chan 5 2264 over a year ago
shugo chara season 4 PETITION!!!  dna5 46 31736 over a year ago
Shugo Chara Cosplay  yzw2013 0 849 over a year ago
**GAME** The Shugo Chara Vending Machine!!  sailor_spade15 13 4761 over a year ago
tadamu fans and amuto fans click important NOW  hinamoridream10 32 9160 over a year ago
Ikuto and Tadase YAOI?! O.o''  Mushii 18 20699 over a year ago
Amuto vs. Tadamu  Gwiazdeczka 51 10576 over a year ago
What would your eggs be?  scotttheo 3 691 over a year ago
New trasformations  cinnominbubble 30 5080 over a year ago
shugo chara vending machine  lillymango1 17 24615 over a year ago
tadase kiss amu-chan on cheeks  ninasuenaga 0 1073 over a year ago
Info for Amuto Forever (fan series)  MissCarly2012 0 1218 over a year ago
A Way To Watch Shugo Chara Party (Chinese Subtitle)  1kuto_Tsukiyomi 2 2702 over a year ago
Time Travel in the the manga  AmuhasAsecret 0 481 over a year ago
shugo chara is the best  amu14 1 899 over a year ago
hi eaeryone!  ambergong 1 1002 over a year ago
Recommendations  Gwiazdeczka 1 1354 over a year ago
Shugo Chara Episode Pack  Kirakirayay 0 555 over a year ago
Something totally creepy O_O;  x-Keira-x 21 1671 over a year ago
?  badcats10 2 958 over a year ago
Wow! ^^  lilsweetone427 4 839 over a year ago
Who!? What!? Where!? SHUGO CHARA!? VOTE!  animefreakrose 0 475 over a year ago
shugo chara chat room  lillymango1 1 3185 over a year ago
who eles loves to do shugo chara fan art  mewmewsalioramu 4 1205 over a year ago
Help!!!???  Montinjsbbb 6 4947 over a year ago
Amuto  Teddybearnagi 1 490 over a year ago
With whom do you think that amu will finish?  Hinamorixamu 3 1185 over a year ago
Why?!  houserocks1532 7 813 over a year ago
how tadase broke amu heart  cristina195 0 1776 over a year ago
what transform do you thinck is the real amulet cross  hinamoridream10 3 1945 over a year ago
Shugo Chara! chapter 46  TwiChara 2 1269 over a year ago
shugo chara & vampire knight  starfirey232 2 712 over a year ago
shugo chara is a rockin show  starfirey232 1 558 over a year ago
How 7 things goes with Amuto  hinamoridream10 1 343 over a year ago
join my club  hinamoridream10 3 416 over a year ago
some songs that go so well with amuto  hinamoridream10 0 3340 over a year ago
Ikuto and Yoru  martemora15 3 555 over a year ago
International Saimoe League  Gwiazdeczka 1 405 over a year ago
DUDES!!!!!!!!CHAP. #38 .....(hope this works)  XxANIME_FREAKxX 0 642 over a year ago
Holy Cow! Over 100 fans!  lilsweetone427 0 461 over a year ago
More Shugo Chara Fans  lilsweetone427 2 1332 over a year ago
Get more people to join!!!  AnimeFanXIII 4 821 over a year ago
More People!  ShugoCharaluver 0 281 over a year ago