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hinamoridream10 posted on Aug 08, 2009 at 03:44AM
hey peoples especialy shugo fans
Amuto people(if you are 1), stop tellin bad thing about tadamu,even if i am an amuto fan, but i fell sorry for them i was a tadamu fan before(but then i change because i kept watching shugo.Heres some things aout amuto and tadamu the bad things and the good things

Good things aboout tadamu:
1.Kairi was not the first one to confest, it was Tadase wen he said he love Amulet Heart, and he also confest before Ikuto.And Amulet Heart IS Hinamori Amu

2.Does Ikuto have a double power noooo, Platinium Royal and Amulet Heart make a power named Platinium Heart,Ikuto only have a transform with her but he does not united.

3.He one day on episode I dont know he almost confest inront of everyone on the mic. on Shugo Chara Doki

4.Amu has shown that she loves Tadase more than she loves Ikuto.Some may argue but it seems that she thinks of him more.

5.Tadase gets very jealous when he sees Ikuto with Amu and prepares to fight him every time.

Bad things of Tadamu:
1.He refuse her wen she said she love him.

2.Some fans claim that Tadase is weak and afraid or and too shy(Amu is shy too).

3.They say he is immature.(And I know Amuto are the ones who say that)

4.I have no more ideas on why Tadase shouldn't end up with Amu.

Good things about Amuto:
1.He kissed her close to the mouth on the manga.

2.He's always there for her, her cares for her, and he's a decent guy.

3.She can act like herself around him and tell him things and he will listen.

4.The only reason he acts perverted around Amu is too tease her and to make Tadase feel bad.

5.The two have shared many romantic moments including the amusement park and while he sleeps over.

Bad things about Amuto:
ok maybe i dont have anything but still dont talk that way about tadamu

pls dont talk about tadamu like if hes is gay he is not gay
reason1:the day he was with skit it was because nagehiko was mad and put him skirt, why dont you say that to nagi or kukay, he almost gonna have skirt on

reason2:the day with kukays brother and the say that tadase is so cute he can be a girl,HEY, it because hes cute and have such cute, inocent, adorable face, thats why

reason3:... i dont know anymore episode like that
so stop saying hes gay
hes a pure cute boy boy boy boy

coment nicely, ok?
hey peoples especialy shugo fans
Amuto people(if you are 1), stop tellin bad thing about tadamu,even

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over a year ago Mikki-chan55 said…
YAY! This was awesome!! I'm an Amuto fan but I love Tadase too and I get so peeved when people call him Tadagay!! So thanks for posting this! But some people hate Tadase not because he's "Ikuto's rival," but because they just don't like him as a character. And one bad side about Amuto is that he's...uh...five years older then her. Hehe...but anyway thanks for explaining it and actually putting it down in words!!
over a year ago kingdomfan28 said…
haha I'm amuto too but I do tend to diss tadamu... haha I didnt know some people take it badly oppsies....
over a year ago darkmintoutau said…
me too im an amuto fan but i do diss tadamu almost all the time but i dont know any one in life that amuto is the worst couple of all shugo chara history.(i know alot of people who watch s.c)by the way when it comes to love age does not matter ikuto loves amu n amu loves ikuto they can become a couple in anime and manga more thing i really,really(REALLY!) do think at tadamu is a bad couple for shugo chara!!!THAT IS ALL!!!.................
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over a year ago Noodlesoup said…
Thanks for this it's good to see there are nice Amuto fans too :P
But ugh... I'm Tadamu all the way but I used to like Amuto too.
But all the Amuto fans who are Tadamu haters kinda killed it for me, they made me hate Amuto.
I do think Tadase is a bit (okay a lot) gay, but I mean Ikuto is so emo...
over a year ago xChoqoari said…
big smile
Hey minna! :) I want to correct something from hiamoridream10-san's post from ''Good Things for Tadamu''
1) Tadase doesn't confessed first. He confessed to Amulet Heart,and,Amulet Heart is a part from Amu-chan. She's only a character and we cant say that Amulet Heart is true Amu,sorry.
2) Platinum Royal is an anime exclusive attack,since in manga isn't mentioned,so we can't say it's an official attack. And Seven Seas Treasure is RELATED to Amulet Fortune. Amulet Fortune is Amu's desire to be with the guy she loves (bride,thought) in this case...Ikuto,maybe she didn't realized that,since in Chapter 48 she does releases. (Oh gawd,what a bad english! sorry I'm Spanish/Japanesse) And Seven Seas Treasure means this: Seven : Ikuto,Amu,Yoru,Dia,Ran,Miki and Su. Seas: He knows that his father is alive and helps people's heart across the seas. Treasure: She found Amu's love and care
That's all..and yep! I don't agree people that nicknames Tadase. God! Tadase's a 12 years old boy! He has no idea about that! He's just a kid! Anyways he looks girly,yep,but not gay . So people who names Tadase : gay,Tadagay,Tadagirl...must shut up.
Byes ~ and sorry again for my lame english *nervious laught*
over a year ago OneFoggyNight said…
I agree, but I'm still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more of an amuto fan e.e; I don't know why, but Tadase gives me bad vibes o.o;
over a year ago AnimeGirl56 said…
big smile
ikuto is united with amu his character transformation (or cara-nari) is called "SEVEN seas treasure" the "SEVEN" in "SEVEN Seas Treasure" stands for: ikuto, yoru, AMU, dia, ran, miki, suu (AMUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! UNITED!!!!!!!!!!) ssee? :D
over a year ago FauzzyLynne said…
..have you read the latest SC manga? that makes everything clear ^^ can't wait for encore!! :3
over a year ago Teddybearnagi said…
There is proof that Tadase doesn't end up with Amu.
Proof~~~ In the last chapter of the manga in reveals Tsukasa is Tadase. and he saids He was glad to see Kiseki and "that girl from back then"
over a year ago Cutiechick47 said…
Yeah teddybearnagi is right and boo who to all those tadamu fans suck it up!!!! if you lose you lose!!!
over a year ago Yurie-Chan said…
I agree with xChoqoari,the things you said about Seven Seas Treasure and Amulet Fortune was very very logic! I think everything's is correct ^^
I'm a BIG Amuto fan,and I really hates Tadase ._. he makes me sick. I don't think he's gay,but I think he's feminine! And he's a little wannabe...I'm glad he's Tsukasa in the manga,though it's weird to think about xD But I'm not going to give a long speech about why and how much I hate Tadase,I just hate him. Oh,one thing, I'M SO GLAD AMU REALISES SHE LOVES IKUTO IN THE MANGA! ^^ Too bad she doesen't in the anime :'(
over a year ago ambergong said…
I'm amuto too. i think they are the best!
over a year ago ChrZhang said…
agree with Yurie-chan,sorry for tadamu fans but i'm a amuto fan and i hate tadase
over a year ago TwiChara said…
@ChrZhang I second that! XD
over a year ago x-Keira-x said…
I don't really "hate" Tadase, it's more like a strong disliking. But if people hate or like him, I'm fine with them expressing it. That's why I disagree with this post. Dissing is fine by me. He IS just a fictional character, after all. If people want to hate Tadase and say he's gay, let them do it. If people want to dis Tadamu and hate it, let them do it. If people want to ship Tadamu, let them do it. Same with anything Amuto related. We all have opinions, and if we want people to be okay with our opinions we have to be okay with theirs.
(Dude, I sound like I'm twenty or something O_O Well, I almost am... I'm seventeen... and I still like shugo chara when it's a kid's anime XD LMAO!)
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over a year ago almira98 said…
same.but i want ask.why you and you hate tadase?
over a year ago dna5 said…
Ok Tadase is definitly not gay it's just his kira-kira sparkle power i mean Kairi or nagi dosent have that kind of power.
over a year ago NomyCake said…
Ugh... You want to know what really bothers me? When people say "AMUTO FANS QUIT BASHING TADASE!". Want to know why? Because I'm an Amuto fan, but I have NEVER bashed Tadase. Not ONCE. He's one of my favorite characters, so why would I bash him? Just because a wide majority of Amuto fans bash Tadase doesn't mean we all do, and I know several other people who feel the same. So please, everyone reading this, be more specific in your posts. Why don't we group them under "Tadase bashers" rather than "Amuto fans"? Wouldn't that be a LOT less stereotypical?
over a year ago N-chan said…
I know one bad thing about "Amuto." IKUTO MADE TADASE AND AMU SAD! >:U
Pfft. I love Tadase x Amu AND Tadase. His sparkle attack is WIN.
But clearly not as WIN as Amu's.
I don't think Tadase seems gay in the least. He's just shota. :3
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over a year ago crazy_princess said…
i'm also an amuto fan..simply bcoz they have a great chemistry but tadase is also cute..i really don't bash or hate him..he's actually one of my favorite characters but when it comes to pairings..i supeeeeer think amuto is better!♥
--i agree that tadase is not a gay:D
AMUTO daisuki!♥
over a year ago phiah33 said…
haha im an amuto fan but my best friend is a tadamu fan so i dont rlly tlk bad about the tadamu fans. the reason y im an amuto fan iz cuz ikuto reminds me of someone^^

Anyway this waz great cuz i used to be a tadamu fan until i met someone
over a year ago crooly said…
Haha, I'm actually not a Tadamu or Amuto fan. I think I can kinda see both perspectives-Tadamu as a school crush/first love, and amuto as a bit more serious, but also a bit weirder. Theres goods and bads for them both. (even if you don't have them all written)
over a year ago Kittylexy said…
I kinda agree. Tadase is not gay. But i think of badstuff whrenver i hear his name
over a year ago AyaFaustNiccals said…
It's cool! I'm a Tadamu fan before, and now I'm an Amuto fan because TADASE IS MINE
over a year ago Tara_FunnyBunny said…
big smile
I love Tadase! (not in that way!) he is NOT gay!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago Emo-Manga13 said…
I think Tadase is alright but Ikuto is my favorite.
over a year ago fantasyluver33 said…
I dont have anything against Tadamu but I think what he did was cruel. He first turned Amu down in front of the whole school. Then he hold her he only liked PART of her. That got me mad cause I thought that was totally unfair. I have nothing against Tadamu or Tadase, Im just saying what Im thinking.
over a year ago moonfire12024 said…
i agree with crooly,but i'm a Amuto fan.
over a year ago Aquarius18 said…
I'm gonna end up shipping and I just finished the first issue XD!!!!
over a year ago Okami46 said…
I love your speech! I'll be more respectful of Tadamu now! :D
over a year ago ponyboyjohnny said…
i can think of negative thing about amuto(i'm not a tasamu fan but i don't have problems with people who do ship tadamu)

1. ikuto's 17/18, and while is a 6th grader. this ship is kond of pedo-ish in a way because of that

over a year ago ayabrea709 said…
im a AMUTO fan becaus ein 1 episode amu said she only lolves tadase for his outer charater and she said ikuto has made his way into her heart and i think amu likes ikuto teasing her she just wont admit it lol