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a special christmas for alice! chapter 3

it where midnight, it were freezing outside. shun got inside a couple of houres ago. all the brawlers where laying in their bed, only shun where still up. out his window he were staring at the moon. god dammit! why i just can't saved her!? if you are there god! why don't you help me by then? shun thoughted. hey buddy still awake? dan asked with a yawh. yeah, i can't sleep.... shun almost whisperd. i know what u up to, i know you blame youreself for not saving alice, but its just the way it is and we can't change the past. dan said sleepy. well i go to bed now and you probaly should do the same! dan said. i gues so.. shun say feeling little sleepy. goodnight shun. sleep well dan. shun gor into bed and drifted away..

only a half hour later the door bell rings. shun got up and all the brawlers wanted to see who it were. shun opend the door while the others were sitting on the couch. he slowly opend the door and outside where standing.... ALICE!! shun screamed and hugged her tightly. runo were that sleepy she looked drunk. alice that c ccc cannot bbe true... haha, alice where eated by shun,, all of you know that. runo got slammed by julie and said thanx jules! OMG alice!? how did ya escaped? dan asked. I tell you tommorow, okay? alice said very tired. lets go to bed by then. shun says very very sleepy.

a couple of houres later ( still night it where about 3.00 PM. )

alice walked into shuns bedroom and shaked his shoulder soft and asked: shun, are u awake? no I'm not but now I'am. shun whisperd. but is something wrong? shun said softly. yes i can't sleep alice reply. shun got out of bed and opend his window, grabbed alice and jumped on the roof. www whhaaahaaa! alice sreamed. sshhhh shun said, its alright. wh what are we doig up here? alice asked a bit scared. we are here to talk! shun said. but what is bothering you? shun asked. well acthully, and alice began to cry, i just lie'd to all of you!! shun pulled her closer and stroke her hair and whisperd sshhh you don't have to worry, tell me whats wrong and everything will be alright. NO! I WONT! NONE OF YOU WILL EVER TRUST ME AGAIN! with that alice jumped off the roof and ran away. shun screamed: ALICE COME BACK! dont leave us again, he whisperd to himself. he where going inside and he wake'd all the brawlers up and tell them what happend and then runo said: alice why do u leave us again? are we not good enough for you? you where my sister and you, you leave me here all alone......

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alice in her bed, while she can't sleep